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government to perform, than to made such by the taxes, and do demolish this Devil and his shrine ? not these stock-holders swallow I do not know, that the Ministers the taxes, or, at the very least, intend this demolition. Perhaps three-fifths of them? As to huthey do not. They say they do manity, then, that is decidedly in not; and, I am afraid, that in favour of every such measure; this instance, they are sincere. for, though I am aware, that what But, as far as the present mea-is, in this instance, taken from sure goes, it is so much in the way one class of fundholders will be of demolition; and for that so given, for the present, to another much they are entitled to, and class, and more particularly to they have, the thanks of one not the crafty and practised Jews and very much in the habit of praising Jobbers ; yet, in the end, it will their deeds.

help to overthrow the whole fabric We are told of the hardship, of fraud and baseness. which these stock-holders will ex- Besides, did not these stock perience. The poor widows and holders' know the nature of their orphans are rung in our ears. property, as they call it! Did Indeed! Do we forget, then, that they not know, that, as it had been these people are now receiving made by acts of parliament, it three bushels of wheat for one ; could be unmade by acts of parand do we forget that a very large liament. Might they not have part of what they receive comes exchanged it for money long ago! out of the food that the labourer Yes; but they felt something of and artisan ought to have and out satisfaction, of inward pride, at of the raiment that they ought to having "a mortgage” ön all the wear ?

The labouring classes lands and on the labour of every have no widows and orphans, 1 living soul that breathed the air of suppose! Look at the endless list England ! They regarded the-inof paupers; and are they not dustrious classes as their slaves;

they looked upon them as their sont establishments) even one half properly; they approved of every per cent. interest upon the Debt. severity practised against them; It is said that the revenue has when the power-of-imprisonment increased. My readers will do me bil was passed, the funds rose ! the justice to say, that I never That is enough. If, after that, said it would not, if rents went any man can feel pity for a ruined unpaid. I beg the reader, and voluntary stock-holder, that man you, the money-hoarders in paris either fool or knave.

ticular, to bear in mind, that the But, why waste our time on revenue now comes, in very great matters like these. The plaiu part, out of rentis, and out of the question is this: shall the interest capitals of farmers. The Fundof the Debt be reduced, or, shall holder, the plaeeman, the penthe whole body of the farmers be sioner, the soldier, the sailor, all robbed of their last shilling of the tax-eaters divide amongst capital, and shall the present them the sums that used to go to Landlords then lose their estates. pay rents and to add to the savings "This is the plain question now to of the farmer and his tradesmen. be decided. The bill of PEEL is The classes who now, in fact, reto be kept in force. That is receive the rents and the farm profits solved on; and indeed it ought through the hands of the taxgato be resolved on; and, if that Bill therer, spread them of course. be kept in force, it is not more pos- They lay them out in taxed artisible for me to swim across the cles in great part. Soldiers and Atlantic than it is for any rents at sailors, for instance, are brave all to be paid this day two years, fellows for taxed articles. So unless so large a part of the taxes that there can be no reason why be taken off as not to leave the the revenue should decline. The means of paying (with our pre-revenue is now, in very large part a deduction from rents and instead of farmers. Still he will from farming capital. It is cu- have no income. Now, will this go rious nonsense indeed, then, to on, until the government actually pretend, that the keeping up, of become the landlord! And yet, the revenue is a ground of hope for to this it must come, unless the the landlords. As well might it be interest of the debt be greatly repretended, that because a gentle- duced. There is not (Peel's Bill man's servants receive an addi-being enforced) the means of paytion of income from acts of theft ing the tax-eaters without taking committed on his purse, the gen- away all the rents and all the tleman himself is in no danger of tithes too. And, will it be pushed having his purse emptied. to this length? Will the land

When we look at the nature of lords and the parsons see it come a farmer's pursuits; when we con to this? sider all the inconveniences at: All attempts to raise prices will tending his removal; when we prove nugatory. They must come consider his fixed habits and the down to the prices, or nearly the innumerable objects and feelings prices, of other nations, gold and that bind him to the spot where he silver being the currency here as is ; when we thus view the matter, well as there. It is stated, in the we are not to wonder, that, in public papers, that Mr. BANKES many cases, he remains lingering has a project for buying up corn and hoping, though he clearly with taxes to put in granary. But, sees, that he is daily becoming suppose corn should get lower inpoorer and poorer. But, there stead of higher? In that case to must be an end to this; and the store up the corn, unless it be end is not far distant. The land- destroyed, will augment the evil; lord can have no rent. He 'may and, if destroyed, what a wise let and he may seize; but, in a thing, while we have a superabunshort time, he must have bailiffs dant population! But, in any

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case, unless you destroy the corn, touch, away they go, neck and it must come to market first or heels, and who will succeed them, last. And, therefore, first or last, and what will succeed the change, it must lower prices in proportion God only knows; or, it is, at least, to its quantity. Of a piece with far beyond my powers of prothis scheme is that of lending the phesy. One thing, however, I parishes money upon their pawned venture to predict; and that is, poor-rates to feed the farming la- if these things happen before a bourers! What! First take away reform of the parliament take the

money in taxes, and then lend place, England will witness scenes it to be laid out in loans on the of confusion not surpassed by any poor-rates !

thing of the kind that is recorded All these schemes tend to prove, in the history of any nation upon that the Ministers know not what earth. And this ought to point to do, and that the case is per- out to fundholders what to do ! fectly desperate. Yet, it is not to In the midst of such scenes be believed, that the landlords,“ property” like that of the funds who certainly have, as yet, the is very much like that which we power in their hands, will give up sometimes possess in a dream. their estates quietly. As I told The French Assembly set out you, my friends, so often, last with ardent vows in favour of year, there will be a struggle. national faith. They were reMr. WESTERN now says the same. solved to pay honestly to the last Indeed the struggle is now going farthing. But they soon forgot

It was begun by the attack all about the matter. There are on the malt-tax. The Ministers old people now in America, who are in a deplorable state. It is can show you sacks full of contilike scalping them to make them nental money, for which the natouch the debt; but they have tional faith was pledged; and for touchod it! Before the third which they never got a farthing and never will. The common last summer and fall, that little sense and common feeling of man- would be done this winter; yet, kind is against paying what are that a good deal would be said; called national debts, any further and that the fate of the funds than they can be paid without would be made apparent. It will resorting to a seizure of rents and be just as I predicted. The landcapitals, and withoạt robbing the lords, for fear of the Radicals, will labourer of necessary food and try another year; and then the raiment. And the state of our tug will come, unless, which is case is precisely this: we cannot possible, the landlords should, by now pay


the interest of the debt, that time, be too feeble to make without seizing on rents and capi- fight of any sort. tals, and without half starving the However, it is for you to hoard labouring classes.

away. If they really should put You see, that the main, and, out the four millions of Excheindeed, the only hope of the quer Bills, it is possible that the Ministers, is, that farm produce gold may again disappear! The will rise in price. That, upon an Bank can, you will remember, average of seasons, is impossible, stop paying in sovereigns whenunless Peel's Bill be repealed. ever it pleases, until May 1823. And yet this is the only hope. All There are persons, indeed, who their pitiful measures are founded will go and demand bars; but that on this hope. They begin to see, is not so convenient. I am of that there can, with present taxes opinion, that these four millions and without a reduction of debt, be of Exchequer Bills will, at any no rents, unless prices rise! Ifrate, produce a something that this hope fail them, then, where will make you look at your hoarded are they? And where are Gar-gold with great satisfaction. JER Goock and STUART WORT- You know, that I might now, LEY? I always said, during the without more ado, hold the feast

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