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God's Word, it will encourage stronger faith in the power of holiness and of prayer.-Made for it; or, the Wild Flower Transplanted. (London: The Book Society, Soho Bazaar.) This is a good illustration of the fact that sympathies are stronger than circumstances.--Brief Thoughts on the Things of God and the Soul. By the Rev. E. Dalton, D.D. (London : Book Society, 28, Paternosterrow.) This is a new edition of a work in which great ideas are clothed with simple words.

But strength is sometimes sacrificed to ingenuity, in using monosyllables only. Sonnets of the

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Our Chronicle.

MANAGERS' MAY MEETING. The Managers of the EvANGELICAL Magazine are requested to meet at the Guildhall Coffee House, Gresham-street, after the Missionary Sermon at Surrey Chapel, on Wednesday, May the 10th, at half-past one o'clock precisely, on special and important business. BYTTER SUNDAY SCHOOLS.

ROME AND THE BAPTISTS. - It is a ference on Sunday-school work was held singularly interesting fact that the site in the Jubilee Buildings, Old Bailey, on of the new Baptist chapel in Rome is March 23rd, at which a considerable that on which the palace of the family number of ministers and laymen were of Pudens, husband of Claudia, and present. The three following questions friend of Timothy, once stood. Claudia were ably and efficiently discussed :-1. is believed to have been & British How to call forth more fully the interest princess, and hence the pleasing and and co-operation of the Church in striking coincidence that Englishmen Sunday-school work. 2. How to secure should erect a chapel on the place where a higher standard of teaching. 3. How our countrywoman once dwelt. Time to retain young people in Sunday-schools transforms and transfigures. under Christian influence. The Rev. Ll. D. Bevan introduced the first question,

ZENANA WORK AND Miss TUCKER. Mr. Groser the second, and Dr. Edmonds

The initials “A. L. 0. E.," so well the third.

known, and meaning “A Lady of Old

England,” are those employed by Miss A CONTRAST. A statue of John Tucker as a signature, or kind of nom Wesley has been erected in our great de plume. She stands related as grandtemple of fame, Westminster Abbey; niece to Boswell, the biographer of but his followers have been involved in Johnson. She has written much; an cosis to the amount of £3,000, to establish American house is now issuing her works their claim to the use of the designation in fifty-five volumes. Her mission is “ Reverend,” which was disputed by the now to raise the women of India to the Bishop of Lincoln and his adherents. rights and privileges of Christianity,

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THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT. tary of the Evangelical Alliance, who Many meetings have recently been held recently returned from a continental throughout the country and in London, tour, states that whilst a narrow intolein connection with the Church of England rance still lingers in Austria, he met with Temperance Society. A week of meet- a cordial and encouraging reception by ings and conferences held in the East- the Emperor of Germany and Prince end of London was commenced by an Bismarck. The former, together with address by the Archbishop of Canter- the Empress, expressed a deep interest bary. A paper was read by Dr. Car- in the Alliance, and declared his readipenter, in which he advocated the estab- ness to welcome its representative again lishment of industrial reformatories for in his capital; and the latter was equally inebriates. He stated that private warm in his approval, and expressed a drinking was widely prevalent, as within hope that Protestant countries would a fortnight he had to sign the certificate unite for the defence of civil and religious of the death of four ladies who had died liberty. from drink.


TIES. — The annual meeting of deputies

was held in the Memorial Hall on March Finsbury Chapel was celebrated on 22nd March. At the public meeting, Lord

29, Mr. H. Richard,' M.P., presiding.

Resolutions Shaftesbury presided. He expressed an

were passed expressing

thanks to Mr. Morgan for his efforts to earnest desire for the prosperity of Non

secure amendment of the burial laws; conformity, since the holy rivalry between Church and Dissent stimulated

exposing defects in the University of activity and counteracted the tendency clerical fellowships ; and protesting

Oxford Bill; urging the abolition of in all institutions to decay and abuse. Alderman McArthur, M.P., Revs. J. H.

against the proposal in the Valuation

Bill to relieve the clerical holders of Wilson, Dr. MacEwen, Dr. Angus, J. De Kewer Williams, Dr. Edmonds, &c.,

tithe rent charges from their share of were among the speakers.

parochial taxes.

THE LONDON CONGREGATIONAL UNION. CHRISTIAN WORK IN BATHNAL GREEN. -The third annual meeting of the union -Among Christian workers in Bethnal was held in the Memorial Hall, April Green Mr. Lovell and his church stand

11, J. Spicer, Esq., J.P., in the chair. prominent. In the space of six years

The income for the year amounted to they have erected a beautiful sanctuary,

£1,333. It was resolved to render aid to gathered a membership of 574, and con

the chapels at Erith Grove, Notting tributed the sum of £13,000 for the

Hill, Fetter - lane, Edgware, and work of God. In addition to all this Ponder's-end. Dr. Raleigh was elected they have undertaken the erection of a

chairman for 1877, and the Rev. A. public Hall at the expense of £5,000.

Mearns secretary, in the room of the The foundation stone was laid by Mr.

Rev. J. Nunn, who retired from that Morley, and afterwards a successful and

office with the cordial thanks of the most encouraging public meeting was

meeting for his valuable services. held. A considerable amount towards the expense of the Hall was realized. THE CONGREGATIONAL BOARD.-The

one hundred and forty-ninth annual TAE EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE AND THE meeting of this Board was held at the EXPEROR OF GERMANY AND PRINCE Memorial Hall, on Tuesday, April the BISMARCK.-The Rev. J.Davis, the secre- 11th, the Rev. Dr. Stoughton presiding.


The report and balance-sheet for the year were read and adopted, and the Committee chosen. The Rev. Josiah Viney was elected Chairman, and the Rev. W. Roberts, B.A., Deputy-Chair. man, for the year ensuing. The Rev. John Nunn

elected Minute Secretary, in the room of the retiring Secretary, the Rev. Robert Ashton ; and the Rev. I. Vale Mummery, for the twentieth time,

elected Finance Secretary. The thanks of the meeting were accorded to the Rev. Dr. Stoughton and the Rev. G. Wilkins, the retiring Chairman and DeputyChairman; and to the Committee of the Memorial Hall, for the free use of the Library for the meetings of the Board.


ance of members, as well as a goodly number of influential laymen, who had contributed to the testimonial. After prayer by the Rev. J. Viney, Dr. Stough. ton, in a few kindly words, introduced the business of the evening. The Rev. I. Vale Mummery then read a statement, giving a brief review of Mr. Ashton's varied labours on behalf of the Con. gregational denomination during a ministry of fifty years. The Rev. A. Hannay read and presented to Mr. Ashton an illuminated address, expressive of the affection and esteem with which Mr. Ashton is regarded by his brethren and friends. Mr. James Spicer, after alluding to his forty years' friendship with Mr. Ashton, presented him, amidst much cordial cheer. ing, with a cheque for £701, contributed by the Congregational Board and friends from all parts of the country. When Mr. Ashton rose to reply, the whole meeting stood up as a mark of respect. His speech was marked by deep feeling, and by characteristic modesty and simplicity. All present evidently felt that this inark of honour was fitly bestowed upon one who in a quiet, unostentatious way, has pursued a long, laborious, and eminently consistent career.

THE Rev. ROBERT Ashton.--At & meeting of the Board of Congregational Ministers in London, held in the Library of the Memorial Hall on Tuesday evening, April 11th, a presentation was made to the Rev. Robert Ashton, who has lately retired from the secretaryship of that body, which he has held for twenty-nine years.

Dr. Stoughton, the Chairman of the Board, presided, and there was a large attend.

News of Our Churches.


SETTLEMENTS, &c. Rev. W. Evans HUENDALL, B.A., of St. John's College, Cambridge, has accepted the pastorate of the church at Harley Street, Bow Road, London, E.

Rev. JAMES HOWELL has resigned his charge at Coldsprings, Ontario.

Rev. C. P. Watson has relinquished his pastorale at Cowansville, Ontario.

Rev. W. HOPKINS, of Kapunda, South Australia, has beeu invited by the church at Port Pirie.

Rev. J. Alden DAVIES, of Liverpool, has accepted an invitation from the church at South Croydon.

Rev. G. Thomas has terminated his pastorate of the church at Dartmouth.

Rev. J. B. JOHNSTONE, of Inrerurie, N.B., has received an invitation to the church at Great Hamilton Street, Glasgow.

Rev. T. G. Rose has resigned the church at Clifton Down, and accepted a call to Perth, Western Australia.

Rev, . T. STEPHENSON has given, up


his pastorate at West Dulwich, to un. dertake literary work in connection with the Christian World office.

Rev. W. P. Dothie, M.A., after fourteen years' pastorate, has resigned bis charge at Redhill, Surrey.

Rev. G. S. Reaser, late of Warrington, has accepted an invitation to Trinity Church, Reading

Rev. James York, of Willesden, has left Willesden to settle at Cranbrook.

Røv. John Len, late of Over Darwen, has accepted a call to Weldon, Northamptonshire.

Rev. Thomas Porritt has resigned the charge of Bluepits Church, near Manchester.

Rev. A. ORAM, of Othery, has been invited to Puddletown, Dorsetshire.

Rev. JAMES FRAME, after eight years' ministry at Erith, has resigned his charge at that place.

Rev. W. Moody Blake, late of Bristol, has accepted an invitation to Holt, Wiltshire.

Rev. E. Evans, of Dedham, is about to become pastor of the church, City Road, London,

Rev. C. CHAPMAN, M.A., formerly pastor of Percy Chapel, Bath, and since associated with the Rev. Dr. Wilkes, Montreal, has been offered and has accepted the professorship in the Western College, Plymouth.

Rev. R. Ashton has resigned the secretaryship of the Congregational Board, London. The Rev. John Nunn has been appointed his successor.

prayer, the Rev. Dr. Allon addressed the pastor, and the Rev. LI. Bevan, LL.B., preached to the people.

A recognition service in connection with the settlement of the Rev. R. Wyatt at Harwich was held in March. The Revs. T. Batty, W. E. Nobbs, E. Miller, B.A., Eben Evans, J. Blackburn, and J. D. Kilburn took part in the service.

Rev. T. ANTHONY was publicly recognised pastor of the church at Adsett, Westbury-on-Severn, on March 14th. The Rev. J. Bennett gave an address on Congregational principles. The Rev. Dr. Brown delivered the charge to the minister. Rev. E. S. JACKSON

recognised pastor of the church at Baddow Lane, Chelmsford, on March 14th. The Revs. Dr. Aveling, Dr. Moffat, J. W. Houchin, J. Fowler, J. B. Dadd, J. G. Hughes, R. McAll, T. Batty, and J. Partington officiated on the occasion.

Rev. H. W. STRANGER was publicly recognised pastor of Duke's Alley Chapel, Bolton, on the 22nd of March. The Revs. J. Morgan, W. Roseman, C. A. Berry, and J. Clayton took part in the proceedings.

Rev. J. Scott was recognised minister of Bethel Church, Wortley, near Leeds, on March 28th. The Revs. E. R. Conder, M.A., W. Bolton, G. Hinds, J. Gregory, T. Jowett, J. Atkinson, and J. James, F.S.A., were severally engaged in the services.

Rev. D. WILBY, late of the Bristol Institute, was ordained at Shel. don, March 29th. The Rev, S. Oddie gave the charge to the minister, and the Rev. W. Thomas preached the sermon to the people.

Rev. W. LANCE was recognised pastor of Russell Town Chapel, Bristol. Mr. J. F. Somerville presided ; and amongst the speakers were the Revs. J. Adams, W. R. Thomas, J. Morris, and Dr. A. Morton Brown.

Rev. W. Jones, late of Portsmouth. was recognised pastor of the church


NITIONS. Rev. H. G. BOTTOMLEY, late assistant minister at Highbury Chapel, Bristol, was ordained pastor of Vicar Lane Chapel, Coventry, on the 14th of March. The Rev. John Sibree, who fifty-six years ago was ordained to the same pastorate, gave a cordial welcome to the new minister. The Rev. T. G. Horton delivered an address on Congregational principles, the Rev. G. B. Johnson offered


at Harrold on April 4th, when a ser

was preached by the Rev. W. Young, B.A., of London.

Rev. C. R. GARDNER, of New Col. lege, was ordained, on April 4th, to the pastorate at Falmouth. The Rev. Dr. Newth delivered the charge, and the Rev. Dr. Stoughton preached to the people, and various other ministers took part in ihe services.

Rev. WALTER Jones, of Western College, Plymouth, was ordained, April 4th, as pastor of the church at Devizes. Rev. C. Wilson, M.A., gave the charge; the Revs. T. Mann, J. Rudduck, W. Clarkson, B.A., J. Milnes, M.A., R. Ann, S. S. Pugh, J. B. West, and H. Tarrant took part in the proceedings.

The chapel at Eastwood, Notts, has been re-opened. Sermons were preached by the Rev. J. Bartlett, of Nottingham, and the Rev.J.R. Wolstenholme, M.A., of Wakefiold, former pastor of the church.

The foundation stone of a new Congre. gational church was laid at Long Eaton, Derbyshire, on April 1st, by Mr. Allport, general manager of the Midland Rail. way. The cost of the building will be about £1,100.

MR. WALTER STURGE laid the foundation stone of a new chapel and schools at Bridge Street, Barton Hill, Bristol. The chapel is to seat 300 persons.

ENGLISH services have recently been commenced in the Welsh chapel Coed-yn-Hendre, and Nannerch, near Mold.

GROVE Street Chapel, Boston, was re-opened on the 19th of March after extensive improvements at a cost, including the organ, of £1,400. The interior is modernized, and the seats, which are cushioned throughout, will be entirely free. School buildings have been provided with a fine series of class




A NEW school in connection with the chapel at Brampton was opened on March 12th by sermons by the Revs. W. Selbie, B.A., and George Snashall, B, A.

The chapel at Stanford-in-the-Vale, Berkshire, having been repainted and repaired, was re-opened on March 5th, when sermons were preached by the Revs. T. C. Udall and E. Rawlins, of Faringdon.

The church at Loughborough has undergone complete restoration, and had a front gallery built to accommodate 100 persons.

It was re-opened on March 14th by the Rev. A. Thomson, M.A., of Manchester.

A NEW Congregational church was opened at Brighton, Victoria, on December 2nd, 1875, by the Rev. S. C. Kent. The building is 70 feet long, by 38 foet wide ; the style is Early English Gothic, in ornamental brick.

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Rev. PETER BARR, of Truro, South Australia, died on the 21st December, 1875.

Rev. W. R. Noble, of Shrewsbury, died, aftera vory brief illness, on the 27th of March, in the 55th year of his age, and the 26th of his ministry.

Rev. J. BewGLASS, M.A., LL.D., died on April 3rd at Silcoates School, of which he was the principal. His age was 66.

His ministry and service extended over 33 years.

Winows' Fund.--The Managers acknowledge with thanks the following Sacra. mental Collections in aid of this Fund :

Tenby, by Rev. J. Lewis, £2 58. Od. ; Inglewhite, by Rev. J. Spencer, £1 Os. Od.; Seaton, by Rev. W. Phillips, £1 1s. Od.; Drigblington, by Rev. 8. Jenkinson, 68.

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