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of Neufchatel, M. de Pressense, the Rev. P. Chase, the hereditary chief of the Ojibbeway Indians, and others.

annum, The asylums at Camberwell and Hornsey Rise are prospering, the latter having been recently enlarged by the addition of 40 rooms. The Revs. J. Viney, R. C. Billing, W. Alderson, S. K. Bland, Colonel Sandwith, and others, took part in the proceedings.

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The EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE. – A meeting of the friends of the Alliance was held in the rooms of the National Club, Whitehall, under the presidency of the Right Hon. the Earl of Chichester. The first speaker was the Rev. Dr. Aveling, who assured the Alliance of the sympathy of the Congregational ministers generally. Pastor Buscarlet, Geneva, spoke of the service rendered in Switzerland by the Alliance in the promotion of revival services in the Swiss churches. The meeting was also addressed by Professor Humbert,

THE PEACE SOCIETY.-The friends of this Society assembled in good force at Finsbury Chapel, on the 23rd of May, when the chair was taken by Mr. Henry Pease, M.P. The report was read by Mr. H. Richard, M.P., which showed that the Society had been actively engaged during the year in disseminating its principles, by the platform and the press. The Ladies' Peace Society, the Wcrkmen's Peace Society, and the French and Dutch Peace Societies were referred to with cordial acknowledgment. Messrs. J. J. Coleman, M.P., S. Watson, J. Bright, M.P., the Chevalier Carl de Scherze, of the Austrian Embassy, Don Marcoartu, advocated the claims of the Society.

News of Our Churches.


SETTLEMENTS, &c. Rev.J. SILIN Jones, of Llangenech, has accepted an invitation to the pastorate at Llanidloes.

Rev. J. C. McMICHAEL has resigned the charge of the church at Gawler, South Australia, with a view of settling in England.

Rev. D. MEADOWCROFT, late of Perth, Western Australia, has commenced his ministry at Balmain, Sydney.

Rev. E. DAVENPORT, of Emsworth, has accepted an invitation to Hungerford.

Rev. W. MURRAY, for fourteen years pastor of the church at Braughing, Herts, has received a call to Fairford.

Rev. P. RATHBONE BERRY has resigned his charge of the church at Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Rev. J. M. Fox, B.A., has accepted the pastorate of the church at King Street, Dudley.

Rev. J. S. BEAMISH, who has been for some time ministering to the Clemens' Street Church, Leamington, has now become its pastor.

Rev. W. FIELD, M.A., has resigned his pastorate at Duxford, to become Hond Master of the Northern Congregational School, Silcoates.

Rev. W. RIDING has resigned the pastorate of the church at Greasborough.

Rev. J. HOLROYD, of Mickleby, has become pastor of the church at Sedbergh,

Rev. E. HINCHCLIFFE HIGGINS, of Lancashire College, has accepted the pastorate at Kettering.

Rev. G. W. Joyce, of Tavistock, has undertaken the charge of the church at Farnham,

Rev. M. C. Dixon has resigned the pastorate of Desborough Church.

Rev. M. Lewis, of Middleton-byYoulgreave, shortly leaves his present charge for Tideswell.


Rev. J. CUNNINGHAM GEIKIE, D.D. has left the Congregational ministry, and has been ordained a Deacon in the Established Church.



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Rev. F. W. CLARKE, B.A., was ordained at Zion Chapel, Frome, on April 26th. The Rev. Dr. Newth delivered the charge, the Revs. D. Anthony and A. Rowland, LL.B., took part in the service, and the Rev. Dr. Raleigh delivered the charge.

Rev. C. T. PLANK was recognised Minister of Tipping Street Church, Ardwick, Manchester, on May 25th. A public meeting was held, presided over by Reuben Spencer, Esq. Addresses were delivered by the Revs. T. Willis, A. J. Bray, W. H. Drewett, C. A. Davies, H. L. Overbury.

Rev. J. G. DEAVILLE was ordained at New Road Chapel, Bury, May 25th. The Rev. S. Pearson, M.A., gave an exposition of principles, and the Rev. Dr. Fielding gave the charge. The Rev. James Parsons preached on the following Sunday.

Rev. C. M. BARHAM was ordained to the work of the ministry at Flanshaw on May 30th. The Rev. W. Thomas gave the charge to the pastor, and the Rev. J.R. Wolstenholmeaddressed the church and congregation. The Revs. J. Brown, H. Sturt, J. S. Eastmead, J. P. Perkins, G. Hind, W. T. Moreton, and W. Daniell took part in the services.

The foundation-stone of a new chapel in Union Street, Leigh, was laid May 19th,

The new church, Derby Street, Bolton was opened May 18th, by the Revs. S. Pearson, M.A., and G. S. Reaney

The foundation-stone of a new chapel at Wheathampstead was laid on the 16th of May by Mr. E. S. Wells.

MIDDLEGATE Church, Yarmouth, was re-opened by a sermon from the Rev. Dr. Raleigh on May 23rd, after being closed for alterations, costing £130.

WYCLIFFE Chapel, Stockport, after being considerably enlarged, at an ex. pense of £2,600, has been re-opened. The Revs. E. Herber Evans, John White, J. Baldwin Brown, B.A., and J. T. Woodhouse conducted the services.

The corner-stones of a new church and schools were laid at Leyland on May 29th. J. G. McMinnies, Esq., laid the stone of the church, and G. Teale, Esq., that of the school. The cost of the new premises will be £4,000.

A new mission school chapel, costing £650, and capable of accommodating between 200 and 300 people, has been opened at Crossley Hall in connection with the church at Allerton, near Bradford, of which the Rev. W. Houghton is minister.

The church at Castleford, after being enlarged and beautified, was re-opened June 1st by Rev. J. R. Campbell, D.D.

AFTER extensive alterations, Hamilton Square Church, Birkenhead, was reopened May 28th, by sermons from Rev. E. Hassan and Rev. R. Wardlaw Thompson, and on the following weeknights from Rev. David Thomas, D.D., and Rev. S. Pearson, M.A.

A NEW Welsh chapel was opened at Hizael, the poorest locality of Bangor, on Sunday, June 4th, by sermons from the Reys. J. Rowlands, D. Roberts, E. James, &c.

WANDSWORTH Congregational Church was re-opened June 7, after extensive


The foundation-stone of Emmanuel Church, Montreal, was laid on April 15th. It will seat 800 persons; the basement will be used as a lecture room, and will contain separate rooms for the Bible class, library, church parlour, infant classes, &c.

the foundation. Dr. Allon read an address on the origin, doctrines, and practices of the church at Union Chapel, Dr. Raleigh concluded with prayer and benediction. A collation was spread at Myddelton Hall, at which Henry Lee, Esq., J.P., Manchester, presided. Among the speakers were the Revs. Gordon Calthrop, M.A., R. W. Dale, M.A., Newman Hall, LL.B., J. G. Rogers, B.A., Henry Richard, Esq., M.P., and M. Ed. de Pressengé, of Paris.


alterations, which bave doubled the former number of sittings. The entire cost of the enlargement, including the additional ground required, has been £4,000. Sermons were preached by the Revs, Dr. Parker and J. Morlais Jones.

A new church has been opened for the congregation under the care of the Rev. Cadvan Jones, Carmarthen. The style is Byzantine Gothic, and the cost about £2,000.

A new church at Tillicoultry, Scotland, was opened June 11 by the Rev. Dr. Pulsford ; the Rev. E. D. Solomon, the pastor, preaching in the afternoon.

The foundation-stone of a new chapel at Fulwell, Sunderland, was laid June 6th by Johnson Harle, Esq.

The foundation-stone of a new chapel was laid in Congleton on June 1st by E. F. Bodley, Esq., J.P., and a memorial-stone was also laid by Alderman Radley, J.P. The building is to accommodate 600, and to cost £5,500.

THE New Union CHAPEL, ISLINGTON. -The memorial stone of this noble edifice was laid on Saturday, May 13th, by Henry Spicer, Esq., the senior deacon. The ceremony was witnessed by a large assembly of spectators. Prayer was cffered by Rev. R. W. Dale, M.A. The Scriptures were read by Rev. Dr. Aveling. Mr. Spicer gave a brief historical statement on laying

Rev. D. Price, Howey, Llandrin. dod, was recently called to his rest.

Rev. Robert KIRKUS, of Hull, died on the 27th of May, in the 77th year of his age.

Rev. JOSEPH FLETCHER, of Christ. church, died at Bournemouth on the 2nd of June, in his 61st year.

Rev. J. T. WESLEY, of the London Missionary Society, died at Antananarivo, Madagascar, on Dec. 19th, 1875, after a few days' acute illness.

Rev. JOHN KELLY, of Liverpool, died on June 12th, in the 75th year of his age, and the 47th of his ministry.

Rev. CLEMENT DUKES, M.A., died June 17th, in the 67th year of his age. His ministry began in 1839.

The Managers acknowledge, with thanks, the following Sacramental Collections in aid of the Widows' Fund :

£ 8. d. Clapton Park Chapel, by Mr. E. Carter

10 0 0 Blackheath, by Rev. H. Batchelor

10 00 Liverpool, by Rev. 8. Pearson

8 10 0 Ipswich, Tacket Street, by Mr. E. Goddard

5 0 0 Bayswater, Craven Hill, by Mr. E. Hewitt

5 0 0 West Hartlepool, by Mr. F. English

2 90 Newmarket, by Rev. G. Avery

2 3 6 Ringwood, by Mr. Gubbins

1 1 0 Summertown, Oxford, by Rev. G. Higgins

0 14 0 Upwey, by Rev. T. 8. Butcher

0 12 0 Marple Bridge, by Rov. J. Hall...

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Missionary Society.

1.—Proposed Mission on Lake Tanganika.

FOR several months the Directors have devoted careful attention to a

proposal which has been made to them by R. ARTHINGTOX, Esq., of Leeds, to commence a mission in CENTRAL AFRICA. It was one result of the visit recently paid by distinguished travellers to that country, of the information which they have published, and of the deep interest aroused in the minds of Christian Englishmen on behalf of its down-trodden people. It was known that the Free Church of Scotland had already prepared to found the LIVINGSTONIA Mission, on Lake Nyassa, and that the Church Missionary Society had been invited to occupy the districts of Karague and Uganda, on the Victoria Lake. The proposal was laid before them by Mr. Arthington in the following way

“ It is much in my heart to take with you a courageous and faithful step in the moral conquest of Africa; whilst we shall, if God be with us, be instrumental in His hand in gathering out to Christ's glory and our joy many of His elect people in that continent.

“You know that the Presbyterians of Scotland have taken in hand the Ngassa ; and that the Church Missionary Society is likely to take in hand the Victoria Nyanza; that is, the inhabitants of their shores, for evangelisation. I propose we should take in hand Lake Tanganika.

“I have the joy, therefore, of offering five thousand pounds towards tha purchase of a suitable steamer, and the establishment of a missionary station at some eligible place on one of the shores of that lake. I learn on good authority that the way is quite open in a direct line (which is very direct), from Zanzibar to Ujiji on Tanganika; that the Sultan's pass is available and valid all the way, and is recognised and held in respect at Ujiji. Ujiji belongs to the Arabs, and the Saltan's influence there is considerable and great. He would doubtless give his countenance, and we should have the sheltering wing of Great Britain. Ere long, in all probability, a British Consul would be appointed to Ujiji. I have no doubt that the Christian Church, in sufficient strength of its membərs every way, would at once support the mission, and that it would grow and prosper.”

With the special purpose which all these missions have in view, the Directors are in fullest sympathy. In common with their fellow countrymen, they have been roused to indignation by the atrocities of the Arab slave-traders ; they are anxious that the English Government shall not only free itself from all complications with the slavery question, but that, by the visits of their cruisers and the exercise of their legitimate influence, they should continue to do their part in putting the system down. To contribute in any way to the redemption of these deserted tribes, to aid in bringing to them the light of the Gospel and all other blessings which attend it, could not but approve itself to their mind and heart. They have, therefore, devoted their most careful attention to the project; they have worked in perfect harmony with their brethren in the Church Missionary Society and the Free Church; they have received from both

l valuable information; and after full consideration at a General Meeting, specially summoned for the purpose, on Wednesday, March 15th, the Directors unanimously passed the following resolution :

“That this Board gratefully accept the generous offer made by Mr. Robert Arthington to join them in a new effort for the evangelisation of Central Africa, and to contributo five thousand pounds for that purpose ; and, gladly and with devout thankfulness to God for the opportunity He has given them, they resolve to establish the proposed mission on LAKE TANGANIKA.”

Aware of many special difficulties involved in the project, they have weighed all details, with the most serious care; and, with a view to obtain very exact information on all points, the Board have despatched the Rev. ROGER PRICE, himself an experienced African missionary, to Zanzibar, to make preliminary inquiries. They now warmly commend the proposed mission to the friends of the Society, and ask them to aid the enterprise by their contributions and their prayers. They think it desirable to raise at least an additional five thousand pounds before it is commenced, and they earnestly appeal to their friends throughout the country to aid them, by favouring them as early as possible with contributions for this object: all sums, large or small, will be duly and thankfully acknowledged from the Mission House, by the Home Secretary of the Society.

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J. KEMP WELCH, J.P., Treasurer.


Mission House, Blomfield-street, London, E.C.

June 24th, 1876.

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