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each student wrote impromptu outlines. Revs. Dr. Parker, E. P. Hood, G. Martin, Dr. Legge, S. McAll, and D. M. Jenkins, were the speakers on the occasion.

ates. A resolution was passed, heartily acknowledging the valuable and efficient services of the principal, extending over a quarter of a century. Towards the cost of the new premises about £13,000 will be realised. The old building has been sold for £3,000; and it is antici. pated that there will be a deficiency of about £6,000, to be supplied by the liberality of the Christian public. Alderman Habershon, Mr. Bromley, Mr. Askham, and others, took part in the proceedings.

New COLLEGE,—The annual meeting was held on Friday, June 23rd; Mr. G. F. White, the treasurer, in the chair. After singing and prayer, Mr. R. W. Dale addressed the students. The Rev. W. Farrer read the report. The Rev. Dr. Kennedy, who has resigned the chair of Apologetical Theology, and the Rev. Dr. Raleigh, who for a time kindly held the Homilitical chair, were appointed honorary professors. The first of these chairs has been accepted by the Rev. R. A. Redford, LL.B. There are 51 students on the books. In the course of the year three students have matriculated at the London University, and seven have obtained the degree of B.A. One has obtained the degree of D.Sc., Edinburgh, one the Pye-Smith Scholarship of 1875, as well as Dr. Williams' Scholarship, and one the Pye-Smith prize of £20. Certificates and prizes were distributed. Receipts for the year , £3,935 3s. 4d. The Revs. R. D. Wilson, H. Batchelor, R. Harley, J. G. Rogers, J. Graham, and others, took part in the proceedings.

AIREDALE COLLEGE. The annual meeting was held on Wednesday, June 21st. The Mayor of Bradford presided. After the usual devotions, the senior student read a paper on

“ The Pro. vince of Reason in Regard to Revelation.” Professor Shearer gave the address to the students. A resolution, expressing deep regret at the resignation of Dr. Fraser, and gratitude for his services, was passed. A memorial from students, past and present, was presented to him, for which a suitable acknowledgment was made. The Rev. S. Dyson read the report. The report of the Examining Committee was very satisfactory. The receipts for the year were £1,086 178. 9d. The cost of the new college was estimated at £28,679, but nearly £6,000 is to be deducted for land re-sold. Hope was expressed that the new college will be attended with greater prosperity than the institution whose history is now drawing to a close.

ROTHERHAM COLLEGE.-On the 28th June, the annual meeting and the final meeting in the old building—was held. After the vacation the students will take up their quarters in the new college, in Moorgate, which will be opened on the 17th September. Dr. Falding, the principal, gave an address, reviewing the history of the institution from its opening, about 81 years ago, to the present time. Jas. Yates, Esq., J.P., presided at the business meeting.

Mr. PyeSmith, the hon. sec., read the minutes. Dr. Falding read the annual report, and reports of the examiners, Two students have been admitted, and three have left the college to enter on pastor

SPRING HILL COLLEGE, BIRMINGHAM. — The annual meeting was held on Tuesday, June 20th. Mr. J. Bickerton Williams presided. The Rev. F. Stephens read the report. Mr. F. Keep read the treasurer's account, and said that the item of £700 from subscribers was the largest received in any one year since the ormation of the College. Total receipts, £2,688 11s. 1d. In the evening an address to the students was

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delivered by the Rev. Dr. Pulsford, of Glasgow, on “ The Importance of certainty of faith in the Gospel to those who are engaged in the work of Chris. tian ministry, to meet the tendencies of the present age to scepticism on the one hand, and to superstition on the other." The Revs. R. V. Price, Dr. Simon, R. W. Dale, and others, took part in the meeting.

June 27th, at the Memorial Hall. E. Grimwade, Esq., in the chair. After prayer by the Rev. J. Fleming, the Rev. D. M. Jenkins read the report. A bazaar at Halifax produced for the funds the net sum of £2,327. There was hearty recognition of the generosity of many friends, and of the great servicerendered to the institution by Mrs. Joseph Crossley, not only by originating the plan of the bazaar, but by her scheme for the endowment of the office of Lady Principal, for which, by her own effori, she has secured more than £3,000. A member of the Board has generously fitted the building for 24 additional pupils. The College is full, the num. ber of pupils amounting to 150. The debt is £7,000, towards which £4,318 4s. has been promised to be paid in three years.


CHESHUNT COLLEGE.—The 108th Anniversary was celebrated on Thursday, June 29th. At eleven o'clock the usual service was held in the chapel. The order for morning prayer was read by the Rev. T. Dodd. The annual sermon preached by the Rev. Jas. Parsons. Mr. Jas. Spicer presided at the dinuer, and said the College was full; they had excellent professors, and had been free from debt; but this year they were short by about £500. He hoped the debt would be removed that day, and he would give the last £50. Dr. Allon stated the total ex. penditure was £2,60). The Rev. Dr. Reynolds read the report, showing that the studies of the session had been successfully pursued; and the examinations very satisfactory. The Revs. J. C. Harrison, F. W. Wilcocks, T. Dodd, J. Gilbert, Esq., and others, were among the speakers.


The thirty-second anniversary was celebrated on Tuesday, June 27th. The Rev. Dr. Moffat presided, supported by the Rev. Dr. Aveling, the Hon. G. W. Bourke, Revs. C. Winter, T. Stephenson, and others. Mr. J. C. Curtis, B.A., conducted the public examination,

and the company listened to some interesting vocal performances by the children. After a cold collation the prizes were distributed, and the proceedings closed by a vote of thanks to Dr. Moffat.

MILTON MOUNT COLLEGE. The annual meeting was held on Tuesday,

News of Our Churches.



Rev. A. G. NICHOLLS, of New College, has accepted the pastorate of Latimer Chapel, Hull.

Rev. A. HOLLING, of Nottingham Institute, has settled over the church at Sedgeley.

Rev. DORRALL Lee, late of Peuzley Cross, has accepted the oversight of the church at Uttoxeter.

Rev. STEPHEN HARTLEY, of Ripponden, Yorkshire, is purposing to leave England shortly for Australia.

Rev. G. BLINKHORN, late of Kingston. on-Thames, has accepted the pastorate of the church at Newnham.

Rev. D. Tatton, who recently seceded from the Primitive Methodists, has set. tled at Dalton-in-Furness.

Rev. HERBERT Dewey has resigned the charge of the church at Harleston.

Rev. S. Hinds is exchanging his pastorate at Donaghy, near Dungannon, for that of Limerick Congregational Church.

Rev. EBENEZER Evans, late of Dedham, has been publicly recognised pastor of City-road Chapel.

Rev. N. T, LANGRIDGE has intimated his intention of resigning his office at Belgrave Church, Torquay, the climate not suiting the health either of himself or family.

Rev. G. WADE ROBINSON, from increased failure of health, has been compelled to resign his charge at Union. street, Brighton.

united, and will worship in the chapel at the latter place, which has been considerably altered and improved. Reopening sermons were preached on June 25th by the Revs. J. Knaggs, W. Marshall, and F. Tarras.

New schoolrooms in connection with the church at Hythe were opened on June 28th. A thanksgiving service was held at half-past six in the morning, when an address was delivered by the pastor, the Rev. V. Ward. The opening sermon was preached by Rev. J. Morlais Jones.

The foundation-stone of a new chapel at Nazing, Essex, for the Countess of Huntingdon's connection, was laid by the Rev. Dr. Reynolds, on June 30th.

A new chapel was opened at Tingewick, near Buckingham, on July 4th, by the Rev. T. Bayley. It has cost £400, and the outlay has been met by W. H. French, Esq., J.P.

Christ's CHURCH, Westminster, the perpetuation of Surrey Chapel, was opened on July 4th by the Rev. Newman Hall, and the opening services were continued and conducted by ministers of different denominations through the month. The Lincoln Tower, which has heen erected jointly by Americans and Englishmen, to signalise the abolition of slavery in America, was formally dedi. cated July 4th.

The foundation-stone of a new day and Sunday School at Belthorn was laid July 8th, by Miss Unwin, of Blackburn.

THE foundation of a new church at Elloughton was laid on July 6th. The new building is to be of brick, with stone dressings, and to seat over 220 persons. It is to cost £700.

ORDINATIONS. Rev. J. Lee was ordained pastor of the united churches of Weldon and Corby on June 13th. The Rev. T. Arnold delivered an address on congregational principles, and the Rev. T. Toller gave a charge to the minister.

Rev. J. B. FRENCH was ordained at Stourport on June 13th. The Rev. R. V. Price gave the charge, and the Rev. G. Hunsworth, M.A., preached to the people.

Rev. WALTER SEARLE was, on the 8th of June, ordained to the pastorate of Union Congregational Church, Plymouth. The Rev. Prof. Anthony, M.A., asked the questions ; the Rev. C. Wilson, M.A., offered the prayer; and the Rev. LI. Bevan, LL.B., delivered the charge.



THE Henry Wight Memorial Chapel, Edinburgh, was opened for public worship June 15th, by the Rev. Professor Cairns, D.D., of Berwick. The pastor of the church is the Rev. Mr. Wemyss.

THE churches at Park Chapel, Bethnal (reen, and Pownall-road, Dalston, have

Rev. W. KixusLaNb, of Bradford, died on the 29th of June, at the age of 50, in the 24th yenr of his ministry.

Rev. W. CAMPBELL, M.A., of Penge, died July 8th, after a ininistry of 44 ytars, in 1910 68th year of his age.



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Meeting of Managers. The half-yearly Meeting of the Managers of the EVANGELICAL Magazine was held at the Guildhall Coffee House, Gresham Street, on Tuesday, July the 11th, 1876.

The Rev. J. Viney, the Treasurer, presided. Prayer was offered by the Rev. A. McMillan, after which the usual business was transacted.

The application-papers for renewed grants were examined, and the following
table shows the number of each widow on the list of grantees as entered on the
Treasurer's book, with her age, and the sum voted :-

Amount. No.


Amount. 22 75 £8 204


£8 24

8 206

83 32 56 8 211


10 35 75 10 212

84 36 64 8 213

66 55 75 10 214

62 56 54 6 235


8 57 71 10 250

69 65

6 260

10 265



6 86 69 6 272


10 87 49 6 284


8 112 56 4 | 291


8 138 75 10 309

59 143 67 6 311

50 148 68 6 331

56 149 44

6 332 151 63 6 333


6 152 66 8 334

66 153 71 10 337

66 154 57 6 311

67 165 71 8 358


10 168 83 10 371

63 173 75 10 373

-88 174 70 8 413


6 178 86 10 415


8 181 50 6 | 417

64 The Secretary reported the gratifying amount of Sacramental Collections already received in aid of the Magazine Fund, in response to the appeal recently issued; and the hope was expressed that this source of income might be considerably increased, so that many more cases, whose names are still waiting on the list, might be speedily adopted.

The importance of sustaining the Magazine, and of increasing its circulation, was strongly urged, not only for its intrinsic excellence, but on account of the benevolent object to which the profits are devoted.

The Managers acknowledge, with thanks, the following Sacramental Collections in aid of the Widows' Fund:-Highgate, by Rev. J. Viney, £1078. 9d.; Bootle, by Mr. W. Rogers, £5 ; Stoke Newington, by Mr. J. T. Fife, £3 138.; Southport, by Mr. P. Rimmer, £3 33. ; Newton Abbott, by Mr. J. Alsop, £2 5s. ; Rochester, by Mr. B. Bentham, £2; Banbury, by Mr. T. Watts, £1 18s. 101. ; Chertsey, by Mr. W. Clears, £1 10s.; Middlesbrough, by Mr. J. F. Wilson, £1 108.; Atherstone, by Rev. W. S. Shearyn, £1 6s. 4d.; Winchester, by Mr. J. H. Valentine, £l 53.; South Norwood, by Mr. G. C. Collins, £1 ls. ; Oakham, by Mr. G. Royce, £1; Halesowen, by Mr. H. Parish, 168.; West Hartlepool, by Mr. J. C. Warwick, 118. Cd. ; Mr. G. Robinson, Donation, 10s.


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London Missionary Society.


1.-3 Surbey of Fifty Years' Mission Work.

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INDER this heading the “Foreign Missionary," of the Presbyterian

Board, for January last, published a very interesting and valuable article of twenty-four pages, since issued as a pamphlet. The paper brings to view, first, the condition of the missionary work fifty years ago, and then the great advance exhibited by its present condition. The extracts given here are from this second portion of the Survey.

AFRICA. Beginning in our survey of the present condition of missions with Africa, we find that the northern portion is still untouched by the missionary, being wholly Mohammedan. The western coast, from Morocco to Senegal, is inhabited by Moorish tribes. At Senegal missions begin, and along the coast, down to Liberia, we have a portion of country mainly under British protection. In Gambia and at Sierra Leone, the Wesleyan and Church Missionary Societies, and the native church have established strong missions, and here are found some 14,000 members, 7,500 scholars, and 52 ministers, native and foreign.

South of Sierra Leone we reach Liberia, where some 18,000 of AmericoLiberians are found, and a very large number of natives who are heathens, amounting to at least 300,000. In the colony there are about 4,000 communicants. Along the Gold Coast, and taking in the whole of northern Guinea, are interesting missions of our own Church, of the United Presbyterians of Scotland, the Wesleyans, the Church Missionary Society, the Basle, and the Baptist Societies. One of the missions is wholly composed of native preachers under the superintendence of a native bishop. There are over 7,000 communicants connected with the different churches, and in the schools are 4,000 children. The Bible has been translated, in whole or in part, into fifteen different languages.

* From the (American) Missionary Herald.

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