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I had followed these birds for some loaded barrels were generally all I time, and was about to give them up, found use for at a time. Now, howI happened to cast my eye forward

ever, I thought I might as well put a across the hollow of the Brack River

few spare balls in my pocket, and take which now lay before me, and I saw over the powder flask from Hassan. in the distance a long black line of I can scarcely venture to describe my natives coming in our direction. I feelings as I stood on that little knoll could see at a glance that they were in the midst of my comparatively not an ordinary caravan by the absence unarmed little army, except that I of the usual wbite bundles of up had no inclination to follow the

What could they be? I example of the two Washensi and bent my course towards the path, still bolt. But afterwards when the supwatching them and wondering what posed danger was past, and we exthey could be. Then I looked round changed jambos (good morning) with to see whether my own men were the long line of swarthy, naked, observing the black line in front of us.

savage-looking fellows, each one of At that moment they halted, and the whom was armed to the teeth with next thing I saw was the two men I ugly bows and arrows and spears,

I had just hired putting their loads remember distinctly feeling pardown and bolting as hard as they could ticularly brave and jocose. . They back along the road. I then went up were the veritable Wakamba Masai. to the caravan and found the men in But as they drew nearer, the practised a state of considerable consternation.

eye of Zaidi, the carrier of my That black line coming towards us medicine chest, and an old caravan were the Masai, and no mistake about

goer, discovered that they were all it. What was to be done? We decided

laden with meat.

So to do away to cross the ravine and halt on a bit of

with the appearance of our having a knoll on the other side until they

been frightened, he shouted out nyama, should get nearer, for they were still

nyama (meat, meat-or they are a good way off. The loads were put carrying meat). Haia (go a-head), down and the animals driven into the

and all said haia; and so like brave midst of us, and there we stood to see

men we moved on to meet our phantom what was to come next. That they

of a foo. The Wakamba crossed the were not ordinary caravan natives was

ravine, and followed its course down becoming more and more evident as

to join their friends who had visited they approached. But what else

us at breakfast time. They were all should bring such a large number of heavily laden with the meat and skins them about seventy) to that place ?

of game which they had killed with I breathed a prayer that all danger their bows and arrows. might be averted, and that there

“Thus peacefully ended the battle might not be the necessity for us to

of Brack River Port.

And possibly act even on the defensive. I thought,

many an East African battle, which however, it would be prudent to follow

ends in cruel bloodshed, might end still further the spirit of the advice equally peacefully, if people would which it is said Cromwell;was wont to but have the patience and humanity give to his soldiers. I had not hitherto to wait and see whether the supposed been in the habit of carrying the foe carried meat or not.powder-flask and balls, as the two

IV.-Evangelical Alliance.

The following topics are suggested as suitable for exhortation and inter

cession on the successive days of meeting :

SUNDAY, JANUARY 7th. Sermons : Christian fellowship. 1 John i. 7.

Thanksgiving and Confession,-in the review of the past year.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 9th. Prayer :-For the Holy Spirit on the Universal Church, Joel ii. 28:--for its deliverance from error and corruption and its increase of faith, activity, holiness, and Christian charity.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th. Prayer : -For Families : for the unconverted; for sons and daughters at school and college, and for those abroad; for any in sickness, trouble, or temptation; and for those who have been recently “added to the Church.”

THURSDAY, JANUARY 11th. Prayer :-For Nations :—for rulers, magistrates, and statesmen; for philanthropic and benevolent institutions ; for a pure literature, the spread of sound education among the people, and the maintenance of peace.


FRIDAY, JANUARY 12th. Prayer: -For Christian Missions to the Jews and Gentiles, Luke xxiv. 47; for Sunday-schools; and for the conversion of the World to Christ.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13tb. Prayer :-For the observance of the Christian Sabbath ; for the promotion of temperance ; and for the safety of those “who go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters."

SUNDAY, JANUARY 14th. Sermons :-One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, and Father of all. Ephes. iv. 5, 6.

V.–Notes of the Month, and Extracts.

1. DEPARTURE OF MISSIONARIES. The Rev. W. WYATT GILL, B.A., Mrs. Gill, and three children, returning to the HERVEY ISLANDS, South Pacific, embarked for Melbourne, per Sobraon, October 4th.

Mrs. HUTTON, wife of the Rev. D. HUTTON, returning to BENARES, North India; and Miss RONALD, embarked for Calcutta, per steamer Viceroy, October 16th.

The Rev. J. DALGLIESH and Mrs. Dalgliesh, returning to New AMSTERDAM, Berbico; and the Rev. JOHN CURRIE, proceeding as Pastor to the Church at GEORGE TOWN, Demerara, with Mrs. Currie and two sons, embarked at Southampton, per steamer Tasmania, October 17th.

2. ARRIVAL IN ENGLAND. The Rev. E. R. BARRETT, B.A., from SooCHOW, China, per French Packet, October 10th.

3. ORDINATION OF A MISSIONARY TO INDIA. At Great Yarmouth, on Tuesday, the 12th September, Mr. H. J. GOFFIN, late student of New College, London, received ordination on his appointment as a missionary to the Society's station at VIZAGAPATAM, South India. The Rev. H. de Vero Gookey, missionary from Vizagapatam, described the field of labour. The questions were asked by the Rev. W. Griffiths, M.A.; the Rev. W. Tritton offered the ordination prayer; and the charge was delivered by the Rev. A. Redford, M.A., LL.B., Professor of Theology at New College.

4. SOUTH SEAS._VALUE ATTACHED TO THE BIBLE. The Rev. G. A. HARRIS, of the island of MANGAIA, South Pacific, in his last report writes as follows:-“Respecting the sale of Bibles and hymn-books the year has been a very successful one. I have just sent off four hundred and seventy gallons of cocoa-nut oil, which will realize two hundred and thirty-five dollars. I have also in hand two or three hundred dollars in cash awaiting an opportunity to be remitted to the Bible Society. I have sold in all eight

Mangaia is now a land of Bibles. I think I am right in saying that not only the heads of every household are in possession of a copy but nearly every child upon the land has one. During the sale of these Bibles I met with very many pleasing things. My own heart was often made happy by those who came and bought them. In nearly every instance there was an expression given utterance to, of the merits and glory of the good old book. It was food, raiment, a treasure, and everything that was good and glorious. It was very interesting also to learn the means they employed to obtain a copy or two without debt. Good old Sadaraka, with whose name you are all familiar, although being in relation to the land a poor man, was indefatigable in his endeavours to secure a copy for each member of his household. He first brought me all the money he had, then he tried to make up with cocoa-nut oil, and lastly, rather than fall short, he sold the only young cow he had to pay for them. He went on his way rejoicing with thirteen Bibles, three of which alone cost him 36s."


From 16th September to 16th October, 1876.




Bredford. Auxilinry ......100 OOl Stourbridge .... Ti'm. Blomfield, Esq., for

Joseph Craven, Esq., Divi. Ljiji Mission ............100 0 0 dend on Bond (half yr.) 20 19 8 Sunderland. Pethel Chapel 16 10 9

Fawcett Street, Ebenezer G. A. Western, Esq., Short


45 18 6 Bristol. Auxiliary ........1645 7 3 52 0 0

Mr and Mrs Bowcher, for

A. Coinmon, Esq,
Ujiji Mission ......

$ @ @ 5 0 0

Ujiji Mission
L. F. D. P. ......

50 0 0
Buckley, near Chester ......

28 9 3 Teignmonth

15 1 3 James Tyrie, Esq..

7 10 0

5 Do., for Widows' Fund 0 0

27 13 0 Burslem. Queen St. Chapel 4


2 M. Matthews, Esq., for Ujiji Burton


718 3 ission...... 5 5 0

0911 Carersham, Mrs Currie ....

Tirerton. A. z. Weber ....

G. H. Frean, Esq , for Ujiji

5 0 0

5 5 0 Torquay. Auxiliary ......141 61 R Forsaith, Esq., for Ujiji

11 2 → Corfe Castle

Tunbridge Wells.........

0 10 0 Mission.....

3 3 O
Cumberland. Auxiliary ....109 16 1

Mrs Dennis, for Mrs S. Jones'
School, Nagercoil

3 0 0

15 7 2

Tymemouth A. B. 0 0 Dorchester. Collections.... 6 18 5

Walsall Colleeted by Mr

Armfield, in memory of
A. S. Hobson, Esq. ....

1 1 0

27 14 3

the late John Angel James, Do., for Madagascar... 1 1 0

for China
Exmouth. Glenorchy Chapel 2 12 0
Thomas Reid, Esq.
1 1 0

Wolverhampton. Queen
strcet Ch.

199 111 Frome. Legacy of late Mrs A Minor

0 7 6
Aun Holloway

450 00

Yonlgrade and Middleton.... 50 $ Blockheath, Rev W. Gill,


15 2 0 for Ujiji Visssion ........ 5 60

Jarrow-on-Tyne .......... 6 40 Campbeltoren. U. P. Church,
Buckhurst Hill, Collection 8 6 ]

Rev. Mr Thomson, for
Leeds. Auxiliary... 620 0 0 Native Teacher,


Eccleston Square, C. E. Smith,
Esq., for Ujiji Mission . 2500

Letoes. Tabernacle ........ 10 18
W.8. Smith, Esq., for do. 20 0 0

Dundee. Auxiliary, for Tji
Louth. Auxiliary.......... 93 194 Mission, per Geo. Rough,


70 100 Holloway. Cong. Church .. 12 16 0

Maidenhead. Auxiliary.... 11 5 0
Leyton. May Collection 9 15 0

Edinbergh. Legacy of the
Nencton Abbot

11 00 late Miss J. A. llobson .. 45 0 0 Berton. Miss Kawkes 1 0 North Shields. St. Andrew's

Ellershields. Lochmaben,
Churcb .......

13 13 9 near Lockerbie, Robert Paddington Chapel. Auxiliary.

Johnson, Esq......... Montague Holmes, Esq. 2 2 0

North Tarcton..

1 12 0 Iv., for Ujiji Mission 10 10 0

Falkirk. A Falkirk Friend 2 JO Paignton

1 16 3
Richmond, Auxiliary...... 11 6

Glasgore. B.G., for Ujiji
Mission .......

1000 Shenherd's Bush. Mr Wil

Pickering .........

8 0 3
Tiki Ball
0 10 0

Inverurie. Cong. Church
Plutooth. Miss Windwatt. 5

0 0 Sirpury Mecting. Collected

Do., for China......

6 0 0

St. Menance. Mr John hy Ar Thacker, for Mrs

Do., for India...

5 0 0

Miller... Bacon's School, Cuddapah 2 6 11 Do., for Ujiji Mission .... 5 00

Do., for Native Teacher,

Stromkoss, A Friend, for

Wm. Rooker

10 00

Madagascar....... Alcick, Sion Church

Puddletown ................

2 119

Wishare. Mr G. Maxwell .. 0.6 Burnsley. Regent Street

Ransbottom. Park Ch..... 11 0 0 Church 35 96

Per Rev. E. A. Warehamn.


2 7 0 Bark. Argyle Chapel 49 100

Peter head porey Cong. Church...... 89 8 11 Ryde. George Street ...... 60 7 9

Stuar tfield ........
mbe Down..
7 4 0

Di Bell, for Ujiji Mission. 30 0
Ryton. Cong. Church...... 9 16 6

Beeralston................. 20 4 3 Saddlesoorth District.

Armagh. T. Thompson,

1 14 7 Dirmingham. Auxiliary ..820 17 0 Dobcross .............

• 17 3 Londonderry. “Fint Fruits
Upper Mill ..............

10 9 0
of the Earth TM

1 Bishop's Stortford. James

Harvey, Esq..... 150 00 St. Albans. Spioer Street.. 14 2 0 Do., for Percy, Native

COLONIAL SOCIETIES AND l'eacher at Salem (2 Scarborough. Auxiliary.

MISSION STATIONS. years) 20 10 0 Collections

...104 18 0 Montreal. Zion Church.... 10 5 6 Boredon. Mrs Jesse Haworth, Southampton. Legacy of

Tahiti. Per Rev. J. L. for Female Missions...... 13 0 0 late Mr James Hutt......145 00 Green.....

1200 @

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.... 26 13 0



It is requested that all remittances of Contributions be made to the Rev. ROBERT Robinson, Home Secretary, Mission House, Blomfield Street, London, E.C.; and that if nny portion of these gifts is designed for a specific object, full particulars of the place and purpose may be given. Cheques should be crossed Bank of England, and Post-affia Orders made payable at the General Post-office.

YATES & ALEXANDER, Printers, Chancery Buildings, Chancery Lane, London,

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