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TY of the EVANGELICAL Divines in Germany believes that ALL MEN, and fallen spirits, will finally be saved." This declaration has been stoutly denied by many of the orthodox in the United States, and is still denied. But Professor Sears, after his return, reiterated in the strongest terms, the assertion that Tholuck was a believe in the salvation of all men. He declared that this was not a matter of “hearsay” with him, ; but he knew it to be a fact. He had conversed personally with Tholuck on the subject, and had heard him repeatedly declare his belief in that doctrine, without evasion or reservation. Professor Sears had a private discussion with Tholuck, at his residence, on Universal Salvation. The latter advocating the salvation of all, and the former objecting to it. Professor Sears frequently attended the Lectures Tholuck delivered to his Theological students. "In one of these Lectures," says Professor S., " he took up, at great length, the subject of Universal Salvation in the American sense of the term, and declared his belief in the doctrine in the most unequivocal manner!!!" Moreover, Professor Sears gives the testimony of Hengstenberg, Oucken, and Professor Balentine, all eminent theologians in Germany, and well acquainted with Tholuck, who unite in declaring that he was a believer in the salvation of all the world.

It will be recollected Professor Sears declared that not only Tholuck, but the “great majority of the Evangelical Divines in Germany,” were believers in the salvation of all men. To the same effect is the testimony of Professor Stuart, of Andover Theological Seminary, the great orthodox institution of New England. In an article from his pen, on Universalism, published in the Biblical Repository, in 1840, he says---" This doctrine (the final salvation of all men) has become so wide-spread in Germany, that it PERVADES even the ranks of those who are regarded as serious and evangelical men, in respect to most or all, of what is called orthodox doctrine, saving the point before us!” What effect has their Universalism on the hearts and lives of the German christians? Does it injure them? Listen to the testimony of Professor Dwight. He says_“ I have never seen any christians who seemed to me to have a deeper sense of the odiousness of sin in the sight of God, or whose hearts beat with more ardent gratitude toward our Savior, for the great redemption he has made for fallen man. We must look in vain for brighter examples of piety than they exhibit.

In their charity and love, the Protestant inhan itants of most countries would do well to imitate them."--(Dwig Travels, p. 423.)

In regard to England, I have already stated that many of most eminent divines, Doctors of Divinity and Bishops, for ceni ries past, were believers in the ultimate salvation of all men. We have the best evidence for believing that this sentiment prevails extensively among all sects--even the most orthodox in that coun

try, at the present day. Rev. Johx Foster, recently deceased, was one of the most eminent theologians of Great Britain. He stood at the head of the Baptist denomination throughout the world; and was confessedly the “ pattern man” of their sect. A late writer in the New York Observer, [Preshyterian) says of Foster—"He was in some respects the pride of the English Dissenters; and as a writer, he has had, and will continue to have, a commanding influence, not indeed directly over the mass of the religious public, but over those minds, that influence and guide the masses !!" John Foster was a UNIVERSALIST!!! He was a clear, settled, decided believer in the salvation of all men ! In his conversation and his writings, he advocated that doctrine. The English editor of Foster's works, says he must “ be permitted in justice to his memory, to remark that in Mr. Foster's mind, as is evident from his other writings, this belief (in Universal Salvation, ] was associated with the holiest views of the Divine Being, and with a most elevated standard of moral excellence.”

Foster was not alone in his opinion on this subject. In a letter to a young friend, giving his reasons for dissenting from the doctrine of Endless Punishment, he says, he knew a number of clergymen, of great piety and intelligence, some dead and some still living, who entertained similar views to his own; and who, though they did not like to say much on the subject in public, would freely express their opinions in relation to it, in private!

The meeting of the famous World's Convention, in London, to form an Evangelical Alliance, held a year or two since, affords good evidence of the prevalence of Universalist opinions in Great Britain and various parts of Europe. Previous to the meeting of the Convention, the British divines had united in a Doctrinal Ba. sis, on which the Alliance should be formed. And it is a remarkable fact, that in that Basis they agreed to omit the doctrine of

dless Punishment. There is great significance in this omission. 3 strong proof that the belief in that sentiment prevails but to a 11 degree in Great Britain. When, however, the American Delles appeared in the Convention, they stoutly insisted that endswoe should be adopted as one of the articles of basis. The tish and European members resisted the effort to introduce this ctrine! We are told that a “most striking, animated and lumiJus discussion” ensued, which continued three days !!

The principal grounds taken against the introduction and adoption of Eternal Misery, by the British and European members of the Convention, according to a writer in the New York Observer, were as follows: "1. The belief of the doctrine was not essential to salvation.” The evangelical christians in Great Britain and Europe, do not consider a belief in endless woe as “essentiul to salva. tion"-. e. they insist men can be saved without believing it! Where is Elder Holmes' oft repeated declaration of the danger of believing in the world's salvation? “2. There are some good

men in doubt about it!" Some good men in Europe are in doubt in regard to eternal wretchedness. And from what we have seen respecting Germany, it may be believed most good men doubt that sentiment. “3. Some (good men] entirely DISBELIEVE it !!" This word “some,” does not declare the whole truth. Multitudes of the best of men, and the most learned and sound theologians throughout Europe, entirely reject the doctrine of ceaseless agony. To satisfy the most unbelieving on this point, let them listen to the following paragraph from the New York Observer, [Presbyterian) in reference to the developments of Universalism at the World's Convention :

“ The recent Convention in London, for the formation of the Evangelical Alliance, has had one incidental effect, which was not contemplated by those who were active in getting up that movement. It has unveiled the FACT before the world, and especially it has fixed the attention of the American churches upon the fact, that the so called evangelical religion of England, and of Europe, is infected to an alarming extent with a tendency to UNIVERSALISM !!!

In the United States, it is well known there have been many believers in Universal Salvation, aside from the Universalist denomination. Some of the most eminent men in the days of our Revolution, adopted that sentiment. Among them may be enumerated Gen. Green, who appointed Rev. John Murray, the first preacher of Universalism in America, as Chaplain of the Rhode Island Brigade. Some of the orthodox clergymen remonstrated against this appointment. But Gen. Washington confirmed it, and in General Orders, directed that Mr. Murray “ be respected accordingly !" Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, was a warm and open Universalist; as was also his friend, the eminent Dr. Redman, of Philadelphia. Of the celebrated Dr. Franklin, his daughter, Mrs. Black, writes as follows: “In his opinion, no system of faith in the christian world, was so well calculated to promote the interests of society, as the doctrine which showed “a God reconciling a lapsed world to himself.” Belonging to the orthodox clergy, of about the same period, were Dr. Charles Chauncey, of Boston, Dr. John Tyler, of Norwich, Conn., and Dr. Joseph Huntington, of Coventry, Conn., who were all believers and defenders of Universal Salvation.

That Universalism is spreading at the present day, to a greater or less degree, throughout the ranks of all the partialist sects of our country, both among clergymen and Jaymen, is evident from the language of Professor Stuart, of Andover Theological Seminary. Speaking of a class of orthodox christians who believe in the final salvation of all men, he says-“ Not a few persons in our community, (i. e. among the evangelical sects,] secretly belong to this class. Among them,” continues the Professor, “are not a few of the professed preachers of the gospel !!!"-(Biblical Repos

ilory, July, 1840.). Not a few, signifies a large number. "Hence we are authorized by the best authority to declare, that a large number of laymen and clergymen, in the orthodox sects, are in secret, believers in the salvation of all men !!*

I call upon the audience to compare the evidence I have given of the existence of the doctrine of Universal Salvation, in the Church of Christ, at different ages, from the days of the Apostles, and the

ng array of the eminent believers and defenders of that sentiment in past generations, with the declaration of Elder Holmes, that “not the slightest traces of Universalism can be found in the Ilisiory of the Christian Church in past ages,” and that “for 1700 years, not one man can be named who knew any thing about it!!'' I ask what dependence can be placed on the statements of a controversialist, who will deliberately make such an assertion?

Time almonishes me that my labors in this branch of our dis. cussion, must be brought to a termination. The evidence on the ailirmative of this question, is now concluded. I close, not for the want of other testimony yet remaining, equally as cogent and weighty, as that already introduced, but because the time allotted to the question, has expired. Every well instructed Universalist is aware that I have not brought forth a tithe of the evidence abounding in behalf of the doctrine we believe and love. In fact, one of the greatest dilliculties encountered in preparing for this discussion, was to select from the Vast Store house of Arguments to which I hail access, such as would be most fitted to bring forward on this occasion. But enough have been introduced, I trust, to satisfy all intelligent and unprejudiced minds, that “there is sufficient evilence for believing that all men will be finally holy and happy.”

I would respectfully request the audience to review considerate; in their thoughtful moments, the evidence I have adduced in apport of this most desirable doctrine. Let them recall the arguents I have drawn, from the Attributes of God-from his Love, s Mercy-his Justice-his Wisdom--his Will-his Foreknowledge--the arguments from the Desire of God; from his Intention, his Government, his Parental characier, his Commandments, his Promises, his Pleasure, his Presence in all men, when he shall be

All in all,"-—the arguments from the great fact that God is the Owner of all men-from the fulfillment of the Law of Love, the Mission of Christ, the Desires and Prayers of the Righteous--from Antithetical Passages of Scripture, and from the direct and positive declarations of God's Holy Word.

These are the Pillars, firm, inajestic, beautiful in their strength and proportions, of the glorious Temple of God's Universal Grace ! Behold, admire, and trust them! Has my friend removed one of


A member of one of the largest orthodox churches in Auburn, has recently declared, that he does not believe in Endless Punishment, and he knows not of a member of that church who does

them from its solid base, or weakened it in the slightest degree? Julge ye who have inteligence, discrimination and candor!

I be the audience to reinember, Jehovah is infinitely PERFECT in ali his attribuies. He will not deny his own nature--he will not contra liet the pronjtings of his great moral characteristics he will not violate the dictates of his Love, his Goodness, his Justice, his derey-he will not forever perpetuate sin and wretchedness, which are the direct opposites of his own nature--the antipo. des of his holiness and his Benevolence. It is the first prompting of reason, that in a creation formed, governed, and sustaineil, by an infinitely perfect Deity, however temporary evil may be al. Jowet, for wise reasons to exist for a season, yet nothing can be perpetuate I FOREVER, but that which fully agrees with all the characterisiies of that Deity. This proposition is so self-evident, that no man will hazarl his reputation for common sense, so far as to deny it. In agreement and support of this proposition, all my Arguments have been framel; while every Argument of my opponent, so far as it has had any bearing on the question, has aimed directly to overthrow it. Indeed, he could hope for success only on the destruction of the self-evident statement I have just laid down. He can erect the superstructure of his faith alone on the ruins of God's Moral Government, and the imperfection of his Altributes! The question is his, only as he has succeeded in showing that Deity will forever sustain'in existence that which is in eternal opposirion to his Desire, Intention, Will, Purpose, Wisdon, Power, Love, Benevolence, Justice, Mercy, and every attribute and perfection pertaining to the Godhead. If he has been successful in establishing this fact, then he has proved his doctrine. But in that case, how much of God would be left? How much of any quality or power that can inspire the slightest confidence or trust in the human heart, or give the least foundation for rational hope, would remain in Jehovah ?

Throughout the debate on this question, Elder Holmes has acknowledged that it was God's Desire, Intention, Will and Purpose, to bring all mankind ultimately to a state of holiness and happi. ness. His Goodness, his Benevolence, every moral perfection of his nature, prompted to this glorious and heavenly work. I have shown that to accomplish it, two qualities in Jehovah were requisite, viz : Il'islom to arrange a plan, and Power to carry it into execution. Can any believer doubt the existence of these Atiributes ? All acknowledge his Wisdom is infinite. Hence it CANNOT err in adoptin such a plan as shall be perfectly adapted to pro luce this great and desirable result! All admit that his Powet, both spiritual, moral and physical, is Omnipotent-overwhelming --irresistible!! It must necessarily be able 10 carry into complete execution, all the plans that Wisdom originates! The very fact that a plan is formed by Infinite Wisdom, is self-evident proof that it is PRACTICABLE, and CAN be accomplished. And that

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