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SAN FRANCISCO. (By M. F. SWEETSER.) California-Sir Francis Drake- The Spanish Galleons--The Franciscan Missions-Indians Converted and Dying

The Russians and the Hudson's Bay Company--Conquest by the United States - Discovery of Gold- The Great Immigration-The Vigilance Committee-Building a Town Site-The Bay--The Golden Gate-- The Docks - Exports

- The Italian Fleet-Clipper-ships-Local Manufactures-- Telegraph Hill-Spanishtown-Lone Mountain-Kearney and Montgomery Streets-The Great Hotels--California Street-The Millionnaires ---Gambling - The World-CityThe Chinese-Customs, The Six Companies-Chinatown-Pagan Worship-- Asiatic Festivals - The Christian Propaganda—The “Hoodlum "-Theatres-Woodward's Gardens-Libraries - Local Authors-Newspapers-Art-The Primitive Godlessness-The Rising Churches-Mission Dolores-Charities—The Hebrews—The Climate-The Trade Winds--Flowers and Trees-A New Race-Earthquakes-Oakland - The Mountains--Golden Gate Park - The Cliff House–The Fortifications- The Dawn of Local Pride and Power


ROUEN. Origin and Progress of the City-Cotton Industry-Situation --The Old Town- Modern Improvements-Introduction

of Christianity-The Cathedral: its Historical and Legendary Associations -- Among the Tombs-Church of St. Ouen-A Tragical Story--Other Churches of Rouen-The Palais de Justice-- The Markets-A Dragon Story- The Place de la Pucelle, and Joan of Arc-The Cloche d'Argent-Fountains-Gates-Biographical ReminiscencesBridges:




The River Manzanares-Site of Madrid-Its Early History and Development--Aspect of the City-The Puerta del

Sol-The Streets and Public Places-Scenes in the Plaza Mayor-Autos de Fé-Terrors of the Inquisition, The Prado–The Churches of Madrid – The Legend of Our Lady of Atocha-The Palaces- The Museum, and its Marvellous Collection of Pictures--Pleasure-places - A Bull-fight--The Escorial .


CAIRO. The Capital of Arabdom - The Victorious City"-Fostat-Improvements by Saladin-The Mameluke Sovereignty

Modern Cairo- The Ezbekeeyeh--Palaces of the Khedive-The Citadel-The Glory of the "After-glow"-A Marvellous View-Mosques in the Citadel-The Massacre of the Mamelukes-Bazaars-Oriental Customs-Religious Festivals-Legendary Sites-The Vile-Nilometer-Island of Roda-Boulak and its Museum-Heliopolis-The Virgin's Tree - The Pyramids-The Sphinx-Education in Egypt-A School Interior-Public Schools - The Uni. versity---Population-Copts and their Worship-Fellaheen and their Cruel Bondage-Taxation .


TORONTO :-The Site-The Harbour-Governor Simcoe--The Esplanade-The Railways-The Foundation of the City-

The MacNab-Old Wine in New Bottles-The Streets--Imperial Highways-Yonge Street, The North-Osgoode
Hall-Parliament House - The Great Province- The University-Trinity College-Knox College- upper Canada
College --Queen's Park - A Group of Veterans-St. James's- The American Attack - The Canadian Cities.
QUEBEC :- Its Topography-The St. Lawrence River-Business of the Port-A Bric-à-Brac ('ity - The Citadel--
A Cry of Wonder-The New Forts-The Walls of the City-The Queen's Gift-The Rampart - Dufferin Terrace-A
View in Lower Canada-An Historic Sketch-The Name Quebec- The Discoverers--Champlain Founds the City
- Cargoes of Demoiselles--Frontenac's Defiance-The Fruitless American Siege-Lord Dufferin's Plans-The
Basilica- Champlain, Frontenac, and Laval-The Market Square-The Jesuits, The Seminary-Laval University
- The Ursuline Convent - The Hôtel Dieu, The Anglican Cathedral-A Hero and a Prince Suffer-Parliament,
House- The Lower Town-Nôtre Dame des Victoires-The Extra-mural Wards - The British Victory on the
Plains of Abraham-The Environs-Lorette-Falls of Montmorenci-Beauport-La Bonne Ste. Anne-The Isle
of Orleans

. 103

MARSEILLES. An Ancient Mariner- A Curious Wedding-Early and Later History of Marseilles-The Marseillaise Hymn Present

Aspect of the City-The Place Neure- The Streets with their Legendary and Historical Associations - The PradoThe Wonders of the Corniche Road-Commerce of the City-The Port-Churches and Church TraditionsPageants and Festivals-St. Vietor-Notre Dame de la Garde--Fortifications-Disappearance of Antiquities of Marseilles - The Tour de St. Paul - Hôtel de Ville-The Palais de Longchamps - Hospitals and other Charitable Institutions- Local Industries-- The Great Men of Marseilles

· 118


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CALCUTTA, AND THE CITIES OF THE GANGES. Approach to Calcutta-History-Drawbacks-The Maidan-Fort William-Government House–The Strand-Bazaars

Places of Worship-- Missionary Memorials-- Barrackpore--Serampore. MU'RSHIDABAD:- The Ancient Capital of Bengal - The Garden of Happiness-Commerce. PATNA. BENARES :---Its Antiquity-Buddhism-The Ghats-Sacred Bulls-Shrines - Temples and Holy Places—The Monkey Temple - The Burning Gbåt-Story of Suttee. ALLAHABAD :-During the Mutiny-Akbar's Fort- A Pilgrim Festival. AGRA :-The Capital of the Mogul Empire - The Citadel of Akbar, The Audience Hall - The Imperial Palace-The Pearl Mosque- The Taj Mahal-Akbar's Tomb at Sikundra. DELHI:--Its Long History--Its Architecture-Palace of Shah Jehan-During the Mutiny. LUCKNOW :-The British Residency-The Imambára-Recent Improvements. CAWNPORE:- The Massacre-The Memorial Garden. History of the Cities of the Ganges


MUNICH AND NUREMBERG. MUNICH :-Church Possessions - The Bridge at Vohring-Foundation of Munich-Development,Munich of To-day

- The Old and New Towns - The Theresien Wiese - Churches - The Palace - The Max-Joseph-Platz - The Butcher's Leap—The Ministry of War-Statues, Obelisks, and Fountains-The Gallery of Sculpture-Picture Galleries-Bavarian National Museum. NUREMBERG:- Early History-Cunning Craftsmen-Witty InventionsThe Spirit of Poetry and Art- The Bridge across the Pegnitz-The Königs-Strasse- Picturesque ArchitectureHouses of Celebrities- Albrecht Dürer-Hans Sachs-Statues and Fountains, The Old Rathhaus and its Memories -- The Thirty Years' War-The Castle--Church of St. Sebald - Legends of St. Sebald-Church of St. LawrenceThe Graves of Albrecht Dürer and Hans Sachs-The Seilersgasse-Relics- The Library - The City of Toys–The Venice of Germany


ST. PETERSBURG. Peter the Great and his New Capital - The Building of the City-Inundations-Streets and Street Scenes-Cathedral of

St. Isaac- The Fortress--Church of St. Peter and St. Paul-Story of Prince Alexis - Peter's Boat-Our Lady of Kazan--Churches and Monasteries-Russian Heroes and their Tombs--Royal Palaces, and Stories concerning them- The Czar Nicholas-The Police and the Actor-A ('urious Code of Etiquette-Picture-Hunting-The Hermitage-The Cottage of Peter the Great -- Monuments-Government Departments and Civic Institutions Curiosities of the Museum-Libraries-Feasting and Fasting-Scenes on the Neva-- The Future


PEKIN Early History- Situation-Cities within the City.-On the Walls- Beauty and Decay— THE TARTAR CITY- The Gates

Military Defences-General Appearance-The Observatory- Temple of Letters - Street Scenes–Tribunal of Rites - Temple of Confucius-Life and Teaching of the Philosopher_Temple of the Thousand Lamas- THE YELLOW CITY—The Bell Tower-Temple of Fa-qua-Sea of Poses-The Coal Mountain-- A Tragic Story-Buddhist Temples --THE RED, OR PROHIBITED CITY- Imperial Palace–The Grand Place-Elephant Stables-Roman Catholic Mission Stations-The Jesuits-THE CHINESE (ity-Streets and Shops, Trades and Tradesmen, Buyers and Sellers - The Place of Execution - The Altar of Heaven -- The Altar of Shinnung, Founder of Agriculture Chinese Beggars--Pekin after Dark-Marriages and Funerals-Environs of Pekin-European Cemeteries-Altars, Temples, and Palaces - The Great Wall of China-Canal System


LYONS. In Roman Times-Successes and Reverxes-The City of To-day-The Place Bellecour-Principal Districts and Streets

- The Fortress of St. John Legend of the Tour de la Belle-Allemande-Rousseau in Lyons- The Quays, The River and its Bridges - Clerical Influence--Religious History of the City - Churches, their Vicissitudes and Associations - The Cathedral - Pilgrim Church of Notre Dame de Fourvières-- View from the Terrace-Hotel de Ville-Bourse and other Public Buildings - Industries-Silk-weaving and Weavers


CHICAGO. (By M. F. SWEETSER.) The Red Men of the Prairies, The Pioneers of France - The Fur Traders --The Massacre of the Garrison - The

Anglo-Saxon Advance-A Mournful Exodus - The Rising Tide of Population-The Great Fire of 1871- The March of the Flames - Anarchy and Panic-Driven into Lake Michigan-- The Loss - The Civic Phænix-Commerce-The River and its Fleet- The Main Streets-Public Buildings - Lake Park- The Refinements of CivilisationNewspapers - The Churches-The Residence Quarters - The Schools - Douglas- The Urban Parks- The Granaries

A City of Cattle - The Trade in Timber The Water-works- Problems in Drainage - The Great Western Railway System- The Parks and Boulevards-Suburban Towns- The Prairie .


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Views in San Francisco.

The Hall of Records (North-west View).
Bank of California.
Baldwin Hotel.
Stock Exchange.
The Lotta Fountain (looking West into Geary

Union Square, San Francisco

1 Natural Bridge, Farallone Islands

ib. San Francisco and the Bay

5 Plan of San Francisco

9 Washington Alley.

13 The City Hall

16 Montgomery Street, The Palace Hotel in the Distance

17 Interior of a Chinese Joss-house .

21 The Old Church of Mission Dolores, built in 1776 25 Fisherman's Bay, Farallone Islands

31 ROUEN :The Arms of Rouen

32 Rouen, from St. Catherine's Hill.

.to face page

33 Plan of Rouen.

33 Rouen Cathedral (West Front)

36 Tomb of Louis de Brézé.

37 The Church of St. Quen.

40 The Palais de Justice The Place de la Pucelle .

45 Hótel Bourgthéroude

48 Rue de la Grosse Horloge

49 The Quai des Meules




CAIRO (continued):
The Citadel of Cairo

85 Plan of Cairo

88 Roumeyleh Place, with the Mosque of Hassan

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89 Public Drinking Fountain

89 The Nile at Old Cairo

92 The Tombs of the Caliphs

93 The Nilometer.

95 The Island of Roda.

96 The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx

100 The Second and Third Pyramids

101 Entrance to the Pyramid of Cheops

101 Obelisk of the Temple of the Sun at Heliopolis 105 TORONTO AND QUEBEC:The Arms of Toronto

109 Map of Toronto

113 King Street

116 The Colleges of Toronto :Trinity College .

117 University College

ib. Upper Canada College

ib. Knox College

ib. Normal School Buildings

ib. St. James's Church.

121 The Citadel and Ramparts of Quebec :St. John's Gate .

125 Inside Gate.

ib. Citadel from the Wharf .

ib. Old Hope Gate, Block, and Guard House ib. Kent Gate.

ib. Shell Guns.

ib. Chain Gate.

ib. Plan of Quebec.

128 Dufferin Terrace and Laval University, Quebec

Beaupré and Laurentian Mountains in the

. to face page 129
Old French House
The Esplanade.

133 Market-place

ib. Calèche, or Canadian Hansom

136 Champlain Steps

140 Views in Quebec :Laval University and Grand Battery .

141 The Spot where Montgomery Fell Beauport Church

ib. Parliament Building The Seminary

ib. Jesuit College, Fabrique Street (lately demolished).

ib. The Falls of Montmorenci

145 Martello Tower on the Plains of Abraham



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The Royal Stables.
Plan of Madrid.
Aguador on the Puerta del Sol
View of Madrid
Fountain of Neptune
Fountain of the Four Seasons, Prado
The Royal Palace
Statue of Philip IV. on the Plaza de Oriente
Nurses on the Prado
The Armoury
Velasquez .
The Escorial

to face page
Entry of the Bull-fighters into the Arena.
The Bull-fight: Leaping the Barrier .
The Plaza de Toros.

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Old Cairo, from the Isle of Roda. Sphinx from the Serapeum · Mashrebeeyeh or Lattice Window in Cairo

83 ib. 81


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