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Printed and Published by J. Love, Bookseller and Stationer,
may be had also of Mr. SIMPson, Bookseller; and of

Mr. Newman, Clerk of the Church.


147. g. 517





All laud and praise, with heart and voice .. ..
All people that on earth do dwell .. .. .. ..
As pants the hart for cooling streams .. ..

Behold, and have regard .......
Be light and glad, in God rejoice ....

For thy most holy name ........
Fret not thyself at wicked men ....
From Sion's hill my help descends

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Happy the man whose tender care so
Have mercy on us, Lord .........
How blest are they who always keep
How great must their enjoyment he ...
How perfect is the law of God ".....
How pleasant is thy dwelling-place ....
How shall the young preserve their ways .....

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : :

It is a joyful thing to give ..........
I thank thee, Lord, who hast me taught
I lift my heart to thee .............
In innocence I wash my hands ......

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Jehovah reigns! ye nations own ....... 41 Judge and avenge my cause, O Lord



Know that the good and righteous man .. ... 6

Let all the earth in God rejoice . .
Lift up your heads, be lifted high ....
Lord, hear the voice of my complaint, ...
Lord, teach me so to count the years .. ::
Lord, when I view the heav'ns on high ....

: : : : :

: : :

My God, my rock, in whom I trust ..
My shepherd is the living Lord .....
My soul give laụd unto the Lord .....
My soul praise the Lord ::'..':,

O all ye nations of the world .. ..
Q come let us lift our voice ....
O God! my heart is fix'd, is bent :
O God, prepared is my heart ...
O how blest the man whose ear ::..
O Lord, what man exactly knows ..
O Lord of hosts incline thine ear .. ::
O Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope ..
O praise the Lord, praise God my soul
O sing new songs of sacred praise ..
O thou, to whom all creature's bow ....

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Raise your voice and thankful sing

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The Lord the just man's way doth guide ...... 29
The Lord, the only God, is great.. ico..
They who a race unblest shall rear ....
They, who o'er seas, from shore to shore ... 49.
This spacious earth is all the Lord's ...,
Thou, O my God! art my defence in..
Thou, Lord, by strictest search hath known
Thro' all the changing scenes of life ..
Thy glory, Lord, the heav'ns declare ....
Thy glory, Lord, the heav'ns declare ...
To God above, from all below :... ::
To render thanks unto the Lord .......




What pow'r could make the deep divine ..
While worldly minds impatient grow ..
Who is the happy man that may ....
With cheerful note let all the earth


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Ye boundless realms of joy. .. ..
Ye righteous tribes, to God with joy .. ..
Ye saints and servants of the Lord :: ....... 50

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