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It is again pointed : to whose breast is known only to him for whose permission he delays to strike. Let us set our houses in order. Let us work the work of him who sent us. Let us be diligent in season and out of season, that, by our labours in word and doctrine, we may save our own souls, and the souls of them who hear us.

Believing also, that there is a superintending Providence who governs the world by just and equal laws, and who, by every affliction, intends to punish or to try us, it behoves us to consider whether there may not be found in ourselves sufficient reason why the “Lord's an“ ger burns so fierce against us,”

Have we not, one and all of us, been remiss in the discharge of our duty ? Have we not sought our own glory and interests, rather than the glory of God and the interest of religion ? Have not envyings and jealousies and divisions arisen among us to the injury of religion and the scandal of good and moderate men ? Let us be induced by the affecting and humiliating example before us to set about a reformation of these evils. Let us show that we are brethren not in name, but in deed and in truth. Let us reflect that we are all servants of the same

master. Let us no longer severally say, “I “ am of Paul, and I of Apollos, and I of Ce. phas :" are we not all of Christ? Let us, therefore, as becometh those who are his followers, co-operate harmoniously in spreading the Redeemer's kingdom through the earth, in counteracting the fatal effects of that disorder which sin has introduced into the moral sys

em, in striving to make men wise, virtuous and happy.

With you, my brethern of the infant but flourishing congregation over which our deceased brother presided! I condole, on account of the severe blow which your society has sustained by the loss of your beloved and respected pastor. For a short time only have you enjoyed the benefit of his instructions and labours. But, short as it has been, it will leave lasting memorials behind it : your conscience will bear witness that, during this time he has addressed to you many arguments in behalf of a religious and virtuous life, that he has given you many earnest invitations to repentance and many solemn warnings to flee from the wrath to come, which, if neglected and unimproved, will leave you wholly without excuse in the day of the Lord. Let the melancholy reflection that


will see his face and hear his voice no more, quicken your recollection, and incline you more readily to comply with the advices which he

gave you while he was yet with


Let your respect for the meniory of the deceased induce you to regard the dying injunction which he delivered to some of you. Though the shepherd has been smitten, let not the sheep be scattered abroad. Abate not in your zeal for the glory of God, and the success of the Redeemer's kingdom; forsake not the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of too many among us is. And beseech the great Shepherd to send you another pastor after his own heart, who will declare unto you the word of life, and who will build you up in faith, in charity and in good works.

But who shall describe the situation of the afflicted widow and her four helpless orphans ? Who shall undertake to administer consolation to them? If, to a good man, tried and approved of God, and duly prepared for a future state, there can be a bitter pang in death, it is this, to leave behind him an unprotected widow, and helpless orphans, exposed to the stormsand tempests of this rude and boisterous

world, having no anxious father to watch over their early years, to instil into them the principles of piety and virtue, and to protect the tender buds from the noxious blasts of vice. But this is a wound too tender now to be

probed. Over this scene my feelings compel me to draw a veil. Let us commend them to the almighty protection of our compassionate High-Priest, who has a fellow-feeling with all our infirmities ; who, in all our afflictions, is afflicted; who knoweth our frame and remembereth that we are dust ; who is the father of the fatherless, the judge of the widow, the stranger's shield and the orphan's stay ; who hath expressly promised, leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve them; and let thy widows trust in me. And under what more infallible and certain protection can we place them than under the protection of the everlasting God, who fainteth not, neither is weary, who giveth power to the faint, and to them who have no might increaseth strength.

While we yet stand in the presence of God, with this affecting spectacle before our eyes, and surrounded with the numerous mansions of the dead, let me call upon all who hear me, whatever


be their interest in this dispenVOL, I,


sation of Providence, to attend to, and to improve the important lessons so forcibly taught by the present scene. See here, my brethren, a faithful representation of the vanity of all earthly pursuits, of all human glory! Youth, health, beauty, fortune, talents, honours, serve for a short time to distinguish one worm of the earth from another. The grave opens and reduces all to a perfect equality. Look into the house appointed for all living : What a sad spectacle do we there behold! Ye fathers and mothers of families ! who are still so wedded to the world, whose affections, with a sinful excess are placed on the creature more than on the Creator, see here the ghastly remains of that amiable and beloved daughter, once so

whose memory still wrings your heart and moistens your eyes of that promising boy who was the idol of your soul and the hope of your declining years, but who was stopt short in the midst of his career, and cut off in the flower of his age ! Disconsolate husband ! Behold the mangled form of that youthful spouse to whose accents of affection you surrendered the soul, on whose beauteous face you gazed with rapture. Afflicted widow ! see here the husband of your youth,

fair and so gay,

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