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Directory of Orange Lodges The Loyal Orange Institution is a fraternal, religious and social organization, 'having branch lodges in all the principal towns and cities of the United States and Canada. The benefits are a weekly payment in case of sickness, a death benefit on the decease of a member or his wife. In most lodges the dues are 50 cents a month. Full particulars will be forwarded by the secretary of any lodge on request. Joshua, L. O. L., No. 11.

Gideon No. 10. Meets in Grand Opera House Hall, 23rd Street and 8th Meets in Grand Opera House Hall, 23rd St. and Sth Avenue, New York, fourth Friday of each month, at 8 PM Ave., New York, New York, first Thursday in each month, James Beattie, W. M., 128 West 33d St.

John McMullen, W. M., 305 W. 146 St. New York. John McMullan, Secy.,

T. Askin, Secty., 719 8th Ave., New York. 314 Herman Ave., Guttenberg, N. J.

Old country Orangemen and members of the Order in good standing are always welcome.

Grant True Blue, No. 7.

Meets in Merritt Hall, 19th St, and 8th Ave. New York, Derry Wall, L. O. L., No. 2.

second Wednesday in each month. Meets in Grand Opera House House Hall, 23rd Stree Henry Stewart, W. M., 1268 Amsterdam and 8th Ave., New York, third Friday of each month.

Ave., N. Y. R. G. Wilson, W. M.

Jacob Klaiber, Jr., Secty., 494 9th Ave. R. W. Dailey, Secy., 351 W. 47th St., N. Y.

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Professor John Stuart Blackie, of Edinburgh, being suddenly called away by an important summons one day, posted this notice on his class-room door for his students:

“ Professor Blackie will be unable to meet his classes to-day.” Some waggish student came along and rubbed out the "c" from the word classes. The Professor, reaching home that evening, saw the erasure, chuckled, and promptly erased the letter “l.” His students ever afterward had great respect for their teacher!

Joseph Chamberlain was the guest of honor at a dinner in an important city. The Mayer presided, and when coffee was being served the Mayor leaned over and touched Mr. Chamberlain, saying, “ Shall we let the people enjoy themselves a little longer, or had we better have your speech now?"

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IN SEARCH OF A COLLAR. Among the prominent men of New Eng. land there was none, perhaps, who wore a larger collar than Tom Reed. One hot day in the summer of 1901 Reed was in Portsmouth and having to wait over for a train, he decided to make an impromptu toilette, chang: ing his collar, etc. So he hied himself to the nearest haberdasher's and began a general survey of the collar display in the store.

“Waited on, sir?” queried one of the clerks.

“ Not yet,” responded Reed, and then added, "I would like a collar." ,“ What size?" piped the clerk.

“ Size 20," answered Reed.

"We don't keep collars so large, but I think you may be accommodated above."

Reed went, and found the third stores above. It was a hainess shop.

A young man who is blessed with a Scotch kinsman need never fear that he will be allowed to hold too high an opinion of himself.

" What do you think of my project to study law?" ask young Witherby of his great uncle, Robert Donaldson, a person whom he was desi us to propitiate. I should call it a very harmless amusement, said Mr. Lacnaldson- after a comprehensive survey of the young man's fatuous face and gay attire, “if not carried too far."

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It seems as though our Lord intended the parable of the wise and foolish virgins particulary for young girls. The maidens condemned are not wicked, only carelesss, neglectful of duty. Jesus, the gentle, calls them foolish-which, of course, means that to neglect present duty, thoughtlessly trusting to luck for the rewards that come only to those who work for them, is to act like fools.

And it is something to ponder that these young girls missed all the pleasure they were anticipating in the wedding festivities. They were shut out.

Umbrellas and Canes

1376=1378 BROADWAY,


Established 1889.

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