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Page 35 - Kinge himselfe was in this sortte attired, save only he had a satten cote without sleeves ; he was a man of a goodly personage, exceedinge blacke and very grimme of visage ; his Queene was a blackamoor : his companie that followed him was to the number of twenty thousand men ; he had about ten thousand camels to attend him ; in the summer time he did abide allwayes by the river Euphrates, and in the winter up in the desart.
Page 96 - ... and swords girt to them, as also hatchets under the one thigh. After the guarde were ledde by twenty men twenty goodly horses, with very rich and curious saddles, and ten more for his sonne and heire apparant, beeing a childe of twelue yeeres of age.
Page 66 - ... the King, when he came unto it, did cause Sir Anthony to ascend up into that princely throne, and standing by the chair with his viceroy, and other of his nobility, did take Sir Anthony by the hand, and willed him to sit down in his chair...
Page 19 - Zante, where Sir Anthony, and all we of his company, went ashore for victuals, in regard all our provision was spent. When we were departed forth of the ship, they sent after us those things we had left behind, and mounted their ordnance against us, swearing if we did offer to come aboard the ship any more, they would sink us. Whereupon Sir Anthony complained to the governor of the place, but could have no remedy; so we lost our passage, and were constrained to stay in Zante ten days for shipping,...
Page 18 - Persia, that he was a gallant soldier, very bountiful to strangers, and what entertainment he had at his court ; assuring Sir Anthony, that, if he would go thither, it would be greatly for his advancement ; and moreover, that he would be his guide, and attend on him thither, which Sir Anthony did consent unto, yet kept it very close, for fear it should be known in Turkey...
Page 115 - After two dayes stay in the Citie, the King made preparation for his entertainment at Court, whither he went, suiting his followers as well as the shortnesse of...
Page 63 - ... like unto a hammer. After they were divided and turned face to face, there came one into the middle, and threw a wooden ball between both the companies, and having goals made at either end of the plain, they...
Page 11 - ... yet by diligent search we found a small path where wee landed our men with exceeding much difficulty, and so were masters of the Isle the eleventh of September, where wee tooke in water, but the Isle yeelded us nothing but miserable infection. One night wee had a showre of ashes which fell so thicke into our ships from that burning hill of Fuego, that you might write your name with your finger upon the upper decke.

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