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Columbus (Christopher) Life of, by his son 1779, 2 vols. 8vo. (The name of this bistoris

Ferdinand. In Churchill's Coll. Voyages. an is in these Annals incorrectly spelt HEWEI.]
Conduite des François, par rapport a la Nou. Hopkins (Samuel) Memoirs of Housatun-
velle Ecosse. Traduit de l'Anglois, avec

nuck Indians. Boston, 1753, 4to.
des Notes d'un François &c. Londres, Hubbard (William) Narrative of the Indian
1755, 12mo.

Wars in New England, from the year
Çoxe (Tench) View of the United States. 1607 to 1677. 12mo.
Philadelphia, 1794, 8vo.

Humphreys (David) Historical Account of

the Society for Propagating the Gospel

in Foreign Parts. London, 1730, 8vo.
Diaz (Bernal) True History of Mexico. Sa- Hutchinson (Thomas) History of Massa-
lem, 1803, 2 vols. 8vo.

chusetts, from 1628 to 1750. 2 vols. Svo.
Douglass (William) Summary, Historical Collection of Papers. Boston, 1769,8vo.
and Political, of the British Settlements

of Papers.
in N.America. Boston, 1749, 2 vols. 8vo. Jefferson (Thomas) Notes on Virginia,
Drayton (John) View of South Carolina, Philadelphia, 1794, 8vo.
Charleston, 1802, 8vo.

Jefferys (Thcmas) History of the French Do-

minions in N. & S. America. Lon. 1760,fol.
Edwards (Bryant)History of the British Co Jesuites, Histoire Impartiale des. 1768,

lonies in the W.Indies. Dublin, 2 vols.8vo.
Encyclopédie Méthodique. [Those volumes (Johnson] Wonderworking Providence of

which treat on History, Commerce, Ge Sion's Saviour in New England. Lon-
ography and Chronology.) Paris, 1782 don, 1654, 4to.
to 1787, 17 vols. 4to.

Josselyn (John) New England Rarities.
English Statutes.

London, 1672, 12mo.
European Settlements in America, Account

Account of Two Voyages to
of. London, 1760, 2 vols. 8vo.

New England. London, 1647, 12mo.

Findley (William) History of the Insurrec- Keith (William) History of Virginia.

tion in the four Western Counties of London, 1738, 4to.
Pennsylvania, in 1794. Phil. 1796, 8vo.

Forster (J. Reinhold) History of the Voy. Laet (Joan. de) Novus Orbis, seu Descriptio

ages and Discoveries made in the North. India Occidentalis. Lug. Bat. 1633, fol.
Dublin, 1786, 8vo.

Laws, General, of Massachusetts. Boston,
(Franklin Benjamin) Historical Review of 1672, fol.

the Constitution and Government of of Plymouth. Boston, 1685, fol.
Pennsylvania. London, 1759, 8ve.

of several Colonies.

of the United States. 6 yols.
Gordon (William) History of the U. States

of America. N. York, 1789, 3 vols. Svo. Marshall (John) Life of George Washing-
Gorges, Description of New England. ton. Philadelphia, 4 first vols. 8vo.
London, 1659, 4to.

Martyr (Peter) De Orbe Novo. Parisiis,

1587, 12mo.
Hakluyt (Richard) Voyages, Navigations, Mather (Cotton) Magnalia Christi Ameri-

Traffiques, and Discoveries of the Eng cana, or, The Ecclesiastical History of

lish Nation. Lon. 1589—1600, 3 vols.fol. New England from 1620 to 1698. Lon-
Harris (John) Collections of Voyages and don, 1702, fol.
Travels. London, 1705, 2 vols. fol.

Increase, Indian Troubles in New
(Thaddeus Mason) Journal of a Tour England, and Historical Discourse. Bos-
and Account of the State of Ohio. Bos ton, 1677, 4to.
ton, 1803, 8vo.

Memoirs of the Principal Transactions of
Hazard (Ebenezer) Historical Collections. the War from 1744 to the Treaty of Aix

Philadelphia, 1792, 1794, 2 vols. 4to. la Chapelle. Boston, 1758, 8vo.
Herrera (Ant.) General History of Ameri- Miller(Samuel)Retrospect of the eighteenth
ca. London, 1740, 6 vols. 8vo.

Century. N. York, 1803, 2 vols. 8vo.
(Hewatt, Alexander) Historical account of Minot (George Richards) Continuation of

South Carolina and Georgia. London, the History of Massachusetts. Boston,

1789, 2 vols. 8vo.

ico. London, 1753, 2 vols. 8vo.
History of the Insarrection in Massa- Stedman (C.) History of the American
cousetts in 1785. Worcester, 1788, 8vo. War. Lond. 1794, 2 vols. 4to.
Morse (Jedidiah) American Universal Ge- Seith (William) History of Virginia. Loa-
ography. Boston, 1805, 8vo.

don, 1753, 8vo.
Morton (Nathaniel) New England's Me- Stokes' Constitution of British Colonies.
morial. Newport, 1772, 12me. Sullivan (James) History of the District of

Maine. Boston, 1795, 8vo.
Neal (Daniel) History of New England.

London, 1742, 8vo.

Tarleton (Lieut. colonel) Campaigns of
History of the Puritans. Bath, 1795, 1780 and 1781, in the Southern Prov-
s vols. 8vo.

inces of N. America. Lond. 1787, 410.

Trumbull (Benjamin) History of Connect-
Oldys' Life of Sir Walter Ralegh. Prefixed icut, from 1630 to 1713. Hartf.1797,8vo.
to Ralegh's History of the World. Lon-

don, 1736, fol.

Universal History (Modern Part). Lond.

1763, 1764, vols. xxxix, xl, xli. 8vo.
Penhallow (Samuel) History of the Indian

Wars of N. England, from 1703 to 1713. Vega (Garcellasso de la) Royal Commen-
Pratz (M. le Page du) Histoire de Louisi taries of Peru. London, 1688, fol.

ane. Paris, 1758, 3 vols. Izmo. Venegas (Miguel) History of California.,
Prince (Thoinas) Chronological History of London, 1759, 2 vols. 8vo.

New England. Boston, 1736, 1 2mo. Voyages and Travels, Collection of. Print-
Proud (Robert) History of Pennsylvania, ed for A. & J. Churchill. London, 1704,

from 1681 till after the year 1742. Phil 8 vols. fol.
adelphia, 1798, 2 vols. 8vo.

Purchas (Samuel) his Pilgrimage. London, Walker (Hovenden) Journal of Expedition.
1614, &c. 4 vols. fol.

to Canada. London, 1720, 8vo.

Washington (George) Official Letters.
Ramsay (David) History of the Revolution Boston, 1796, 2 vols. i zmo.

of S.Carolina. Trenton, 1785, 2 vols. 8vo. Whitney (Peter) History of the County of
- History of the American Revolution. Worcester. Worcester, 1793, 8vo.

Philadelphia, 1789, 2 vols. 8vo. Williams (Samuel) History of Vermont.
Remembrancer, from 1775 to 1784. Lon Walpole, 1794, 8vo.
don (Almon) 17 vols. 8vo.

(John) Redeemed Captive. Green-
Reports of heads of departments to congress. field, 1793, 12mo.
Robertson (William) History of America. Winthrop (John) Journal from 3630 to
Basil, 1790, 3 vols. 8vo.

1644. Hartford, 1790, 8vo.
Books IX & X (in continuation of the Wood (William) New England Prospect.
former). Walpole, 1800, 12mo.

Boston, 1764, 8vo.
Rymer ("Thomas) Pædera. Londini, 1727, Wynne's History of the British Empire in
&c. 20 vols. fol.

America. London, 1770, 2 vols. 8vo.
Smith (John) General History of Virginia.

Lond. 1626, fol.

Hubbard (William) History of New Eng-
Continuation of, in Churchill's Col land. fol.
lection of Voyages.

Pemberton (Thomas) Massachusetts Chro.
(Samuel) History of N. Jer sey, from nology for the XVII Century. 6 vols.4to.
its settlement to 1721. Burling.1765,8vo. Sewall (Samuel) Diary. 3 vols.

(William) His:ory of the Province of Stiles (Ezra) Literary Diary, from 1769 to
New York to A.D.1732. Lond. 1757,400. 1795. 15 vols, 4to.
Solis (Antonio de) Hist. Conquest of Mex Itinerary and other MSS.


VOL. I. Pace

47. For“ five hundred degrees," read leagues. 137, note 3. Dele the reference to vol. II. 230. Correct the article respecting the Dutch fort on Connect.river by note 2,p. 277. 281. Correct the article respecting Sudbury by note 4, p. 311. 327. The application of R. Island for admission into the Union was A. D. 1648. 340. Correct the article respecting the Quakers by note 3, P. 367.


In the title page of some copies, for 115 read 114 years. 10, note 1. Dele the reference to A. D. 1697. 18, line 4. Dele the word perpetual. 34, note 2, bottom. For “ See A. D. 1752," read See p. 407. 36. Dele the article respecting Danbury; or correct it by p. 59. 91. Compare the article respecting Ginseng with the same article p. 187, where for

« America" read New England. 114, line 5. For “ commandment” read commandant ; dele and, in the next line. 257. Correct the date of the dark day by note * p. 440. 436, 9th line from bottom. For “ Long” read Staten Island. 466. In some copies, three lines, belonging to note 3, p. 465, are inserted after note

1, p. 466, instead of before it. 509, Note 1, 6th line from end. For " incur" read occur. 510, Note IV. In some copies, in the number of inhabitants of Delaware, read 59 in

stead of 590 thousand.—To the census of A. D. 1800 (ibid.) add: District of

Columbia and Western districts, total 73,943. $17. The upper line, in the left column of the Index, should be inserted at the bottom

of the right column, in connexion with Colonies. The INDIAN NAMES of places with the corresponding English names having

been mentioned in the body of the work, the catalogue of them, originally proposed to be angexed, appeared superAuous.

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