Ancient Records of Egypt: The first to the seventeenth dynasties

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James Henry Breasted
University of Chicago Press, 1906

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Page 295 - This book was copied in the year 33, in the fourth month of the inundation season, under the majesty of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, A-user-Re', endowed with life, in likeness to writings of old made in the time of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Ne-ma'et-Re'.
Page 129 - I spake and told that which was good. Never was there one fearing because of one stronger than he, so that he complained because of it to the god.
Page 233 - That thou mayest increase good. Harden thyself against all subordinates. The people give heed to him who terrorizes them; Approach them not alone. Fill not thy heart with a brother, Know not a friend, Nor make for thyself intimates, Wherein there is no end. When thou sleepest, guard for thyself thine own heart; For a man has no people In the day of evil.
Page 255 - Oryx nome, as far as its southern and northern boundary, preserving its people alive and furnishing its food, so that there was none hungry therein. I gave to the widow as (to) her who had a husband; I did not exalt the great above the small in all that I gave. Then came great Niles, possessors of grain and all things, (but) I did not collect the arrears of the field.
Page 144 - His majesty sent me at the head of this army while the counts, while the wearers of the royal seal, while the sole companions of the palace, while the nomarchs and commanders of strongholds belonging to the South and the Northland; the companions, the caravan-conductors...
Page 156 - Wawat saw how strong and numerous was the troop of Yam, which descended with me to the court, and the soldiers who had been sent with me, (then) 'this [chief] brought and gave to me bulls and small cattle,' and conducted me to the roads of the highlands of Irthet, because I was more excellent, vigilant, and 8than any count, companion or caravan-conductor, who had been sent to Yam before.
Page 162 - I have noted the matter of this thy letter, which thou hast sent to the king, to the palace, in order that one might know that thou hast descended in safety from Yam with the army which was with thee. Thou hast said in this thy letter, that thou hast brought all great and beautiful gifts, which Hathor, mistress of Imu...
Page 128 - He hath reconciled the god to him by his love ; he hath given bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothing to the naked...
Page 146 - ... this army returned in safety, (after) it had slain troops therein, in many ten thousands; this army returned in safety (after) it had carried away, therefrom a great multitude as living captives. His majesty praised me on account of it above everything.
Page 174 - I requested as an honour from the majesty of my lord, the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Neferkere (Pepi II), who lives forever, that there be taken a coffin, clothing, and festival perfume for this Zau.

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