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Short Notes.

CASE OF MR. BENNETT, OF FROME. tion. It remains to be seen which -We are told, in the “History of prayers will be successful. The Richard Baxter's Life and Times," decision, it is announced, is likely that on the landing of the Prince to be long delayed; and we may of Orange, the clergy who wished readily suppose that if the prayers well to his cause were “subject to of the Judicial Committee were acthe inconvenience of being confined cepted, it would be postponed sine to particular forms in Divine wor- die. It will tax their legal ingeship, and that, while they privately nuity beyond all example to frame prayed for the Prince's success, a judgment which shall equally they were forced in public to pray satisfy the Ritualists and the Evanaccording to the Liturgy, that God gelicals, and a decisive opinion on would be the keeper and defender either side may lead to conseof King James, and give him quences detrimental in the highest victory over all his enemies.” “But degree to the interests of the EsGod,” remarks the biographer, " to

tablished Church. It is just posthe unspeakable comfort of the na- sible, however, that, considering tion, preferred their private prayers the comprehensive character of the to those which were public." A

Establishment, they may come to similar case of antagonistic suppli- the conclusion that clergymen may cation to the throne of mercy is continue in its bosom who hold exhibited in our own time. The opposite opinions on this subject. suit against Mr. Bennett, of Frome, has long been lingering in the ROME.-Monday, the 4th of DeCourts, but has at length reached cember, will long be considered a the court of final appeal, the Ju- memorable day in the annals of dicial Committee of the Privy Italy, as that on which the Italian Council, and it is now to be decided Parliament commenced its sittings by that mixed tribunal of lay and in Monte Citorio. Italy was again in clerical judges, whether the doctrine Rome, and its representatives assemof the Real Presence, as asserted bled for the first time in the capital by the Church of Rome, is the doc- since the august Roman senate was trine of the Reformed Church of dissolved by the barbarians. The England. When the case came on, Pope, who has never ceased to deMr. Bennett declined to appear, nounce the kingdom of Italy and either in person or by counsel, and its sovereign, and its parliament, the decision will turn on the ad. was subjected to the mortification dress of Mr. Stephen. We are in- of being a witness of the universal formed that the Catholic members enthusiasm with which those who of the Established Church are pray- were once his subjects greeted the ing, with Dr. Pusey, for a decisión triumph of Victor Emmanuel. The favourable to Mr. Bennett, while flag of Italy waved from every roof; the Record is urging its readers to the cannon from the castle of St. united prayer įn an opposite direc: Angelo boomed forth a royal sa



lute; the streets resounded with these prints was then before him, acclamations miugled with martial and he did not consider it beneath music, and the great bell of Monte his dignity to point to it and “deCitorio tolled in the assembly. In nounce it as foreshadowing that rehis address to the senators, the conciliation by which God's enemies king alluded in the most concilia- hoped to overcome his noble resistory terms to the Pope : He tance, and induce him to disown

pledged himself to recognize the his most sacred rights.” It is diffifullest independence of the Pontiff's cult to withhold some tribute of respiritual authority on the principle spect for the indomitable spirit of of the separation of Church and the aged Pontiff, even while we deState, and engaged to leave un- precate his fatuity. To all present touched those religious institutions appearances his temporal power is which might be considered part of gone beyond all hope of recall. It the universal government of the

is buried in the tomb of a past age. Church.” On these conditions he Even in this period of rapid and expressed his firm faith that astounding change we can scarcely “Rome might be at the same time fancy the possibility of any new the capital of Italy and the Pacific, combination

circumstances and respected seat of the Pontifi which should induce the Conti. cate.” At the same hour the

nental powers to kindle the flame Vatican resounding with of war in order to wrest Rome utterances of a different character. from the sovereign and people of It was dramatically arranged that Italy, and restore it to the Pope. while the king was opening Parlia- Though he endeavours to atment, the Pope should be receiving tract the general sympathy of three deputations ; one from Ro- Roman Catholics by representmans of all classes, but chiefly the ing himself as the captive of the nobility, who still cling to the Pope- Vatican, it is certain that in dom, from which they sprung; one no country of Europe would he from strangers, and one from the enjoy the degree of liberty, and women. They were introduced to exercise the princely prerogatives his Holiness in the audience cham- which are still guaranteed to the ber, and delivered loyal addresses. ruler of the Vatican; and the In his reply to them, he rejected mere fact of his being able, with with indignation that reconciliation impunity, to fulminate these deof which Victor Emmanuel was then nunciations within a mile of the expressing a hope, and protested Parliamentary assembly, is an unthat none could be possible between questionable proof of the freedom “Jesus and Beliai, between light he enjoys. He still wields a and darkness; between truth and mightier

mightier sovereignty falsehood.” So deeply were the emperor, king, or president in Romans impressed with the con- Europe or America, and regulates viction that the Pope would accept the faith and the consciences of a the accommodation which the king hundred and fifty-according to and Parliament were offering him, Roman Catholic authorities, two that prints were exhibited in the hundred-millions of subjects with shop windows representing the

absolute power.

Yet the vicar, as IIoly Father with his left arm he styles himself, of Him who delinked in the king's, while his clared that His kingdom was not of night hand was extended in the act this world, is whining at Rome, beof blessing the people. One of cause he has been deprived of his

than any

temporal power over a million of The requisition has received impatient subjects.

30,000 signatures, and there can be

no doubt that under the influence EDUCATION IN IRELAND.-In a of the priesthood three times that former number we noticed the de- number may be obtained in Ireland. mands made by Cardinal Cullen But on analyzing the names apand the Roman Catholic hierarchy pended to it, it is found to be reon the subject of education in Ire- markable chiefly for the absence of land, and we have now the result the influential laity.

the influential laity. Out of thirtyof the efforts made to procure eight Roman Catholic members of signatures to a requisition for con- Parliament only eleven have signed vening a meeting to promote the it. It has not been supported by concession of these demands. The a single Roman Catholic judga, of prelates have denounced the mixed whom there are ten besides the system of education in the national Lord Chancellor. Of twenty-six schools, though it is so popular that Roman Catholic Queen's Counsel a million of children, out of a popu. only six have affixed their siguelation of five millions and a half, tures to it, and only twenty-two attend the schools. They demand appear on the list out of hun. the right to exclude from the dreds of Roman Catholic barristers. schools any chance admixture of Of the roll of householders of what Protestants, whom the Catholic may be termed the west-end of children are thus taught to consider Dublin, consisting of the wealthiest heretios and accursed. In the na- citizens and the leading merchants, tional schools, the teaching of only twenty-five have signed it, out religious doctrine is separated from of more than a hundred. That so secular instruction by a rigorous large a number of gentlemen in the time table. This is reprobated by highest and most influential stations the Cardinal, inasmuch as Catholics should thus have given their tacit. “can never sanction a system which protest against the bigoted policy withdraws for a moment from the of the hierarchy, notwithstanding eyes of the school children the

the pressure put on them by the emblems of their faith.” They must Roman Catholic system, is a most not be allowed to imagine that any significant fact. It remains to be thing can subsist in the sphere of seen how the Ministry, with their knowledge apart from the mysteries strong denominational bias, will of dogmatic belief. Where it be- deal with this question of ultracomes indispensable to admit Pro- denominationalism ;-whether they testant children into Roman Ca- will allow themselves to be intholic schools, because they are fluenced by the wishes of the not sufficient in number to justify a most enlightened laity of Ireland, separate school, they must conform or yield to the demands of an into the system of Catholic education perious hierarchy. Who knows but established there. They also demand that the fate of the Cabinet may the establishment and the endow- turn upon this question ? ment of a college, or university, where none but Catholic youths THE PRINCE OF WALES.-During shall be educated, by none but the first fortnight of the past month Catholic professors, and none but the dangerous illness of the Prince Catholic bishops shall have the of Wales absorbed the attention of control of the examinations on the nation to an extent which aswhich degrees are to be conferred. tonished Europe, not less thau England. For some time past de- of hope and fear. Through the mocratic associations have been at same magic agent the intelliwork in London and some of the gence was instantaneously diffused provincial towns, to procure the through the world, and every mornabolition of royalty and the estab- ing's telegram brought notice of lishment of a republic, and the the profound anxiety felt in India, hardihood with which republican in Canada, in China, on this subsentiments have been vociferated at ject. Sandringham became, in a the meetings have led the friends measure, the magnetic pole which of constitutional monarchy to appre

attracted to itself the sympathies of hend that the country was be

Britons from the remotest regions. ginning to be weary of it, and that This unexpected outburst of naa radical change in the constitu- tional feeling affords a gratifying tion was impending. The illness proof of the strength of the bond of the Prince of Wales has had the which still binds the people to the effect of dispelling this impression, throne, and of the vital principles and demonstrating the warm feel- of loyalty which still pervades

the ing of loyalty which pervades the commonwealth. country. Never since the accession The unity of feeling thus exof the House of Hanover has such hibited throughout the British em. intense interest been manifested pire in every quarter of the globe, regarding the welfare of any has been further demonstrated by member of the Royal Family. the prayers offered up to the throne When, for several days, the re- of the Almighty for His Royal covery of the Prince appeared be- Highness's recovery in the most yond hope, the eagerness to obtain unexpected quarters, and in the the latest intelligence through all most striking variety of forms. In ranks of society, from the highest the West of India, the Parsees, the to the humblest, was without ex- fire worshippers, the followers of ample. Wherever a bulletin was Zoroaster, performed a solemn serposted up on the walls, the spot vice on behalf of the Prince. The was immediately crowded with Jewish

synagogues London anxious inquirers. Marlborough adopted a form of prayer drawn up House was besieged hour after by the Chief Rabbi, which reminded hour. Business in the city was us of the prayer of Solomon on the languid, and even the Stock Ex- dedication of the temple, and Sir change was inanimate. The same Moses Montefiore telegraphed to the passionate feeling was exhibited synagogues at Jerusalem, and elsethroughout the country, and the where, to unite their supplications London daily journals were filled with those of their brethren in Eng. with column upon column of ex- land. Archbishop Manning directed tracts from the provincial papers prayers to be offered up in all the reflecting the profound anxiety Roman Catholic churches. The which was felt in every town for Dissenters, who are fettered by His Royal Highness's safety. The no forms, never ceased from the heart of the people was at Sand- period when the disease assumed a ringham, and, by means of the serious aspect, to pray for his reelectric telegraph, which announced covery; and at length a short and from time to time the condition of simple form of prayer, drawn up in the royal patient, the whole nation the most appropriate language by may be said to have surrounded the Archbishop of Canterbury, was his couch, watching the fluctuations ordered to be used in all churches


among the

on the 10th of December, when it may come within their reach. Four may be said that the united suppli. vessels were employed recently in cations of the whole nation arose this “rough work" from every church and synagogue in natives of New Hebrides. The men Great Britain to the God of Mercy engaged in these operations are de. for the interposition of His gracious scribed as having no scruples of Providence on behalf of the Prince conscience, and, so long as they of Wales.

make money, are dead to all laws It has pleased our Heavenly human or Divine. One instance we Father to vouchsafe a gracious select, out of many, of the mode in answer to the prayers of the nation, which the system is worked will and to restore the Prince to his suffice to give an idea of the “ imcountry and his family, and we migration,” as it is termed, in have now the grateful duty of uni- Queensland. The Jason was cruisting our thanksgiving in the same ing off Ambrym, when the captain spirit of fervency which character. came up to Mr. Mecklejohn, the ized our supplications,

Government protecting agent on

board, and said they were in luck's MURDER OF BISHOP PATTESON. way, as two canoes were coming off -The revival of the slave trade in with men for them. The ship's boats the South Sea has been repeatedly were immediately lowered, but one brought before the English public of the canoes took fright and fled. and Parliament, but without attract- The other was pursued, and a shot ing much notice. It has now cul- fired at her by the mate, and she minated in a fearful tragedy, the was at length brought alongside the murder of a bishop and his chap- vessel, when nine islanders and a lain ; and it is to be hoped that it lad of six or seven years of age will be taken up with such earnest- were forced on board, the last man ness as to ensure its extinction. being hoisted up by a rope under The trade is confined to the colony

The Government agent of Queensland, the semi-tropical sec- remonstrated, and the commander tion of Australia, which is peculiarly called him a scoundrel, and pursued adapted to the cultivation of cotton him to his cabin with a loaded reand sugar and tobacco and spices. volver. We have called it a new In soil and climate it may be said slave trade, but it is a misnomer to to correspond with the Southern give it that designation. There is States of the Union. The industries no trafficking, and no compensation and enterprises are of a kindred offered, however trifling. It is as character, and have led to a similar atrocious a kind of brigandage as that requisition for field labour, which which has made Greece a byeword. has been supplied by the same ne- A friendly intercourse was formerly sarious means which stocked the maintained between the islanders and plantations of Virginia and the Caro- Europeans, to the advantage of both, linas. The Queensland planters have but that has altogether ceased, and resorted to the Polynesian islands; it is dangerous to land on the islands, and a system has grown up, marked except in a body, and fully armed. by the same atrocious features The islanders are now animated with which drew down on the African a feeling of revenge for these inslave trade the execration of the tolerable outrages, which they wreak civilized world. Vessels are fitted upon the first white man who comes out, which prowl about the islands, within the reach of their weapons. and kidnap the simple natives who Dr. Patteson, the devoted and exem,

his arms.

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