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"Not I," said the sheep; "oh, no,

I would not treat a poor bird so;


gave wool the nest to line,

But the nest was none of mine.
Baa! Baa!" said the sheep; "oh no;
I wouldn't treat a poor bird so."

"Caw! Caw!" cried the crow, "I should like to know

What thief took away

A bird's nest to-day.”

"Cluck! Cluck!" said the hen,

"Don't ask me again;

Why, I haven't a chick

Would do such a trick.

We all gave her a feather,
And she wove them together.
I'd scorn to intrude

On her and her brood.

Cluck! Cluck!" said the hen, "Don't ask me again."


Chirr-a-whirr! Chirr-a-whirr !

All the birds make a stir.
Let us find out his name,
And all cry, For shame!""

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How sad the bird would feel."

A little boy hung down his head,
And went and hid behind the bed :
For he stole that pretty nest.
From little Yellow-Breast;

And he felt so full of shame

He did not like to tell his name.

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Two little hands so soft and white,
This is the left-this is the right.
Five little fingers stand on each,
So I can hold a plum or a peach.
But if I should grow as old as you
Lots of little things these hands can do.



O dandelion yellow as gold,
What do you do all day?

I just wait here in the tall green grass
Till the children come to play.
O dandelion yellow as gold,

What do you do all night?

I wait and wait till the cool dews fall
And my hair grows long and white.

And what do you do when your hair is white
And the children come to play?

They take me up in their dimpled hands
And blow my hair away.



A million little diamonds

Twinkled on the trees;

And all the little maidens said,

"A jewel, if you please!"

But while they held their hands outstretched
To catch the diamonds gay,

A million little sunbeams came
And stole them all away.

-M. T. Butts.


The daisies white are nursery maids with frills upon their caps;

And daisy buds are little babes they tend upon their laps.

Sing "Heigh-ho!" while the winds sweep low, Both nurses and babies are nodding JUST SO.

The daisy babies never cry, the nurses never scold;

They never crush the dainty frills about their cheeks of gold;

But pure and white, in gay sunlight

They're nid-nodding — pretty sight.

The daisies love the golden sun, upon the

clear blue sky,

He gazes kindly down on them and winks his jolly eye;

While soft and low, all in a row,

Both nurses and babies are nodding JUST SO.



There surely is a gold mine somewhere underneath the grass,

For dandelions are popping out in every place you pass.

But if you want to gather some you'd better not delay,

For the gold will turn to silver soon and all will blow away.



There are three green eggs in a small brown pocket,

And the breeze will swing and the gale will rock it,

Till three little birds on the thin edge teeter, And our God be glad and our world be


- Edwin Markham.

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