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PUBLICK. (VARIOUS English Translations of bestowed upon us the people of England, the Bible were extant at the close of the when first he sent your Majesty's Royal fixteenth century : In some of them the Person to rule and reign over us. Old Testament was made from the Sep- whereas it was the expectation of many, tuagint, (that is, from a Greek trandation who wished not well unto our Sion, that of the Hebrew executed by order of upon the setting of that bright Occidental Polemy Philadelphus, 284 years before Siar, Queen Elizabeth, of most happy the Christian Æra) in others, immediately memory, Tome thick and palpable clouds from the Hebrew Text, except a few of darkness would so have overshadowed paffages which were rendered from the this land, that men should have been in Septuagint--and in others, both the Old doubt which way they were to walk; and New Testament were made from the and that it ihould hardly be known who Latin of the Vulgate. These translations was to direct the unfettled State : The in several infiances differed from cach appearance of your Majesty, as of the other, which induced King James 1. to Sun in his strength, instantly difpelled select fifty four men, eminent for their pi- those supposed and surmised mitts, and ety and learning, and particularly Ikilled gave unto all that were well affected, exin the original laaguages of the Scriptures, ceeding cause of comfort; especially when to make an entire new translation of the we beheld the Government establimed in Bible-the Old Testament from the ori. your Highness, and your hopeful seed, ginal Hebrew Text, and the new from the by an undoubted title, and this also acoriginal Greek. Fortyseven of these em- companied with peace and tranquillity at incnt men commenced the important bu- home and abroad. finess in the beginning of the year 1607. “But amongil all our joys, there was They arranged themfelves into separate noone that more filled our hearts, than the classes, and to expedite the work, each blessed continuance of the Preaching of class took a separate pertion of the Bible. God's sacred Word among us; which is After three years close application, the that inestimable Treasure, whichexcelleth several classes had completed the parts all the riches of the earth ; because the - afigned them. The whole number then fruit thereof extendeth itself, not only to Qassembled in a body, and critically com- the time spent in this transitory world, but

pared the copies of each class with the directeth and disposerh men unto that ea onginal, and with other translations; and ternal happiqets which is above in heaven. no sentence was finally accepted till, in the “ Then nd to furier this to fall to the general opinion, it exprefled the sense of ground, but rather to take it up, and to che inspired original: Nearly another continue it in that state, wherein the fam. year, it is said, was spent in this business : ous predecessor of your Highnessdid leave And in the year 1611, this translation was it : Nay, to go forward with the confi. by authority first publithed. As it was dence and resolution of a man in maintain. executed by the order, and at the expense ing the Truth of Christ, and propagaring it of the crown, the copyright became the farand near, is that which hath lobound and - Deroperty of the King, whose it has ever firmly knit the hearts of all your Majesty's Lince continued.

loyal and religious people unto you, that This is Oniversally acknowledged to be your very name is precious among them; the most correct English tranflation of the iheir eye coth, behold you with comfort, Bible that has yet been published to the and they bless you in their hearts, as that world-and it is generally used in Church- fanctified person, who under God, is the s and private Families throughout Greai-jimmediate author of their true happiness. Lorain and America.

And this their contentment doth not di. With their copy the Translators pre- minish or decay; but every day increaseth Lased to King Jaines the following AD. and takerh strength when they observe ID2ESS, which has ever since been pre- that the z: al of your Majesty toward the fled to all Britih editions of the Holy house of God doth not nick or go backScriptures, viz.)

ward, but is more and more kinuled, manTorbe Most High and Migbry Prince ifesting itself abroad in the firtheit parts JAMES, by sbe Grace of God, King of of Cbriftendom, by writing in defence of Greu-Britain, France, and Ireland, the Truth, which hatligiven such a blow Defender of tbe faird, 6c.

unto that man of lin, as will not be heal. J& The TRANSLATORS of the BIBLE with ed, and every day at home, by religious

Grace, Mercy, and Peace, through Je- and learned discourle, by frequentmgehe fus Cbrift our Lord.

House of God, by hearing the Word * GREAT and manifold were the preached, by cherishing the ieachers bleilings, molt dread Sovereign.which Al- thereof, hy caring for tlie Church, as a snighty God, the Father of all mercies, most tender and loving aurfing tather.

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" There are infinite arguments of this and judicious a Prince as your Highnefa
right christian and religious affection in is, whose allowance and acceptance ofour
your Majesty; but none is more forcible labours shall more honour and encourage
to declare it to others, than the vehement us, than all the calumniations and hard
and perpetuated desire of accomplishing interpretations of other men hall dismay
and publishing of this work, which now us. So that if, on the one ide, we shall
with all humility, we present unto your be traduced by popis persons at home or
Majesty. For when your Highness had abroad, who therefore will malign us, be-
once, out of deep judgment, apprehended cause we are poor instrumenis to make
how convenient it was, that out of the God's holy truth to be yet more and more
original Sacred Tongues, togetber with known unto the people, whom they desire
comparing of the labours, both in our own till to keep in ignorance and darkness :
and other foreign languages, of many Orif, on the other side, we shall be ma-
worthy, men who went before us, there ligned by telf-conceited brethren, who
should be one more exact Translation of run their own ways, and give liking unto
the Holy Scriptures' into the E-gliß nothing, but what is framed by them-
Tongue your Majesty did never delift to selves, and hammered on their anvil, we
urge and to excite those to whom it was may rest fecure, supported within by the
commended, that the work might be hatt- truth and innocency of a good conscience,
ened, and that the busineís might be ex- having walked the ways of simplicity and
pedited in so decent a manner, as a matter integrity, as before the Lord; and fuilain.
of such importance might justly require ed without, by uic powerful protection

"And now, at laft, by the mercy of of your Majesty's grace and favour,which
God and the continuance of our labours, will ever give countenance to honest and
it being brought unto such a conclusion, christian endeavours agaiost bitter cen-
as that we have great hopes that the fures and uncharitable inputations.
Church of England all reap good fruit "The Lord of heaven and earth bless
thereby; we hold it our duty to offer it your Majesty with many and happy days,
to your Majefty, not only as to our King íhat as his heavenly hand hath enriched
and Sovereign, but as to the principal your Highness with many lingular and
mover and author of the work humbly extraordinary graces ; lo you may be the
craving of your most sacred Majesty, that wonder of the world in this latter ge, for
since things of this quality have ever been happiness and true felicity, to the honour
subject to the censures of'ill meaning and of that great GOD, and the good of his
discontented persons, it may receive ap: Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord
probation and patronage from so learnedland onlý Saviour.”

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Years from ibe Years from the

dearb of Cbrift. birib of Cbrift.
Matthew's Gospel,

Mark's Gospel,


First Epistle of 'Peter,


Paul's First Epistle to the Thessalonians and Second, 19


Paul's Epistle to the Galatians,


Do. two Epistles to the Corinthians, and that to the

Do. to the Philippians, to Philemon, Coloflians,
Ephesians, and Hebrews,

Acts of the Apostles by Luke,


Paul's two Epistles to l'imothy, and the one to. Titus,
and the 20 Epiftle general of Peter,


John in the Ife of Patmos wrote the Revelation, 61

Do. Gospel,


Do. three Epistles near the end of his life,


N. B. The times of writing the Epistle of James, and
that of Jude, not fo certainly known, but fuppofce 83



The NAMES and ORDER of all the BOOKS of the OLD and NEW TESTA.
MENT, and APOCRYPHA, with the Numbers of their Chapters, and Pages
where they may be found.

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I. Esdras hath Chapters

9 Baruch, with the Epistle of Jeremiah
II. Esdras

16 The Song of the Three Children

14 Story of Susanna

16 Bel and the Dragon
Rest of Efther

6 Prayer of Manasses

19 1. Maccabees

51111. Maccabees




Matthew hath Chapters
The Acts of the Apostles
The Epistle to the Romans
I. Coríothians
II. Corinthians
1. Thesalonians


28 739 1. Timothy hath Chapters

6 911
16 707 11. Timothy

24 786 | Titus

3 922
21 817 Philemon

1 925
28 839 To the Hebrews

13 926
16 869 The Epistle of James

5 993
16 880 1. Peter

5 936
13 892 11. Peter

$ 939
6 899 1. John

5 941
6 903 II. John

1 944
4 907 III. John

1 ib.
4 910 Jude

1 943
5 913 Revelation

22 946
5 915



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Measures of lengtb.

Measures of liquids.
A Cubit,

A $pan,
badfCub. 10944 The Homer or Cor,

175/ 51
A Hand breadth, 615

31648 The Bath,

10.5 Hom 7 4
A Finger,
2 arba 0 0912 The Hin,

A Farhom,

31.52 The Log,

172000 0 0
Ezekiei's Reed,
6 10 10 328 The Firkin (Metreses)

The measuring Line, 80 145 11040 Note, 29 folia Inches

= a pint, nearly.

Measures of ibings dry.
Sabbath day's journ.

2000 0,729

The Homer,

The Lethech, balt Home
The Eaftern Mile, 4000 14051

The Ephah,

1016 0 $3,4
Stadium or Furlong, 400 0114514,6

The Seah,

이이 1,1
Day's journey,

96000 si 1721
The Omer,

10016 이어 5,1
Note, 5 Feet 1 Pace, 1056 Paces=1 Mile. I The Cab,


ol of %,9






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| L. S. D.
A Shekel of Gold,

1.15 2,1
A Talent of Gold,

5464, 5 8,6
A Shekel,
2,6 Golden Daric or Dram,

1 1'10,5
The Maneh, 60 Sbek.

5 6 10,5
A Talent, 3000 115 10 1 10,8

S. DF.
Pieceof Silver ( Drachm)


L.S.D. Trib. Mon. ( Didracbm) ? Dracb.
A Shekel,
o 21 3,5 Piece of Silver / Sialerj 4

27 0
The Bekah, balfsbek 0 11 1,7 Pound (Mina)


66 70
The Zuza, 4:6

00 6,8 Penny i Denarius)
'The Gerah, 2016 0 0 1,4 Faithing (Alurium) 2016 Den
Maochor Mini,

501 51310 Farthing / Quadrans) 40:1
A Talent, 3003 Sinol 4,3 Mite,

801b 0 0
Note, Silver is here reckoned a: 5s. Sterling --Gold av bl. per om.


1 Nisan, or Marcb.

5 AL.
2 July.


9 Chilleu,
Abib. 3 April.


5 December
2 ljar, or April.

6 Elul.

10 Tebeth.

Zif. 3 May.


S January.
7 Tisri, or E. September,

2 January.
S Sivan.

11 Shebat.
thanim. Soirober.

$ February.
yane. 8 Marcher- Rocber.
4 Thamnuz.

12 Adar.
S July.
van, or Bul. S November.

S Murco.
13 Veadar, intercalary.
Days of the Week.
Hours of ibe Day.


The ist watch, from fun fetis
1st day of the week, Sunday. The day, reckoning from ide 3d wour of the night.
0 day,

11.ntuv. fun rife, and the nigbe, The Id or middlewatch, from

Tuesday from Jun fel, were tbed bour 10 ibe 6th.
fth day,

Weinejday eaco divided into 12 The 3d watch, or cock crow-
5th day,

Turyday qual paris, called, ing, from one oth orbe 9th.
6th day,

The 1st, 2d, 3d, ath, The Sih, or morning watch,
7th, or Sabbarb, Satuday, I &c. Hours.

Irun sve 9th bour so sun rise.

od day,





the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was 1 Tbe creation of beaven and earib, % of in itself, after his kind : and God law the ligbi, 6 of ibe firmameni, 9 of ibe that it was good, carib separated from be waters, u 13 And the evening and the morning and made fruitful, 14 of tbe fun,moon, were the third day: and flars, 20 of fun and fowl, 24 of 14 9 And God said, Let there be lights beafs and conle, 26 of man in the im. in the firmament of the heaven to divide age of God. 29 Alfo :be appoiximent the day from the night; and let them be of food,

fer signs, and for seasons, and for days, IN the beginoing God created the and years : heaven and the earth.

15 And let them be for lights in the ? And the earth was without form firmament of the heaven to give light and void ; and darkness was upon the upon the earth : and it was so. face of the deep. And the Spirit of 16 And God made two great lights ; God moved

upon the face of the waters. the greater light to rule the day, and the $ 9 And God said, Let there be light : lesser light to rule the night : be made the and there was light.

itars also. 4 And God law the light, that it was 11 And God set them in the firmament good : and God divided the light from of the heaven to give light uponthe earth: the darkness.

18 And to rule over the day and over 5 And God called the light Day, and the night, and to divide the light from the the darkness he called Night. And the darkness : and God saw that it was good. evening and the morning were the first 19 And the evening and the morning day.

were the fourth day. 6 g And God said, Let there be a fir.. 209 And God said, Let the waters bring mament in the midst of the waters, and forth abundantly the moving creature let it divide the waters from the waters. Ithat hath life, and fowl ibai may Ay

1 And God made the firmament, and above the earth in the open firmament of divided the waters, which were under the heaven. firmament from the waters which were 21 And God created great whales, and above the firmament: and it was so. every living creature that moveth, which

8 And God called the firmament heav- the waters brought forth abundantly,after en. And the evcning and the morning their kind, and every winged fowl'after were the second day.

his kind : and God saw that it was good. 99 And God said, Let the waters un- 22 And God bleted them, saying, Be der the heaven be gathered together unto fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters one place, and let the dry land appear : in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the and it was fo.

earth. 10 And God called the dry land Earth : 23 And the evening and the morning and the gathering together of the waters were the fifth day. called he Seas ; and God saw that it was 249 And God said, Let the earth bring good.

forth the living creature after his kind, 11 And God said, Let the earth bring cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the earth after his kind : and it was fo. the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, 25 And God made the beast of the whose feed is in itself, upon the earth : earth after his kind, and cattle after their and it was so.

kind, and every thing that creepeth upon 19 And the earth brought forth grass, the earth after his kind ; and God faw and herb yielding feed after his kind, and that it was good.

26 1 And

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