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THE design of the following pages is to unite the historical with the internal evidences of Christianity, and present them in a popular and practical form. They are intended for the benefit of those numerous individuals, or rather classes of persons-especially amongst the young-who are exposed, in a day like the present, to the seductions of vice, and the scoffs of infidelity; and whom it is most essential to imbue with such a deep impression of the truth and obligation of Christianity, as may shield them from those bold, but insidious statements, which go to undermine their faith, and shake the very foundations of all moral principle in man.

The able and elaborate productions on the Evidences, with which our literature abounds, are calculated rather for the sceptic than the unestablished Christian. The cautious and measured language; the careful abstinence from mysterious or unwelcome topics; the repeated pauses for the consideration of objections; the abstract, speculative tone of discus-, sion, almost uniformly prevalent in such works, are not the most favorable means of producing an effect upon the heart.

A fluctuating or uninformed Christian requires plain information; an accumulation of arguments; a bold





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