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Miss Lucy W. Lewis, of Randolph, Mass., a well known and highly respected lady, writes under date of

January 22, 1895: “I can speak only in praise of Ripass TABULES. I am troubled by what my physician has called Nervous Dyspepsia. My work, that of a school teacher, often brings on a state of intense nervousness, which prevents digestion and results in severe headaches. I have found that by watching my feelings, and taking a Tabule with meals—as I feel myself becoming tired and nervous—I get relief at the time and prevent further trouble. I have derived much benefit during the time I have used them, and do not intend to be without them."

Ripans Tabules are sold by druggists, or by mail if the price (50 cents a box) is sent to The Ripaps Chemical Company, No. 10 Spruce street, New York. Sample vial, 10 cents.

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may be the subject of careful thought, but there can be no question as to the fact that the correspondence papers of the


are the correct thing to write on. The indorsement of this fact by
the refined people of the world makes a daily output of thirty tons of
fine writing paper necessary to supply the demand. Five hundred
styles for selection. Insist upon your dealer showing samples.


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A University in Every Home

The Publishers announce the completion
of their great literary achievement....


In 20 magnificient octavo volumes, is a
CYCLOPAEDIA of writers and their writings

W.H. DePuy, D. D., LL.D.,

Is the editor-in-chief. He is a celebrated
lexicographer, and he has poured his
three-score years' experience and ripe
scholarship into this work.

The paramount object in pursuing a literary course in a University is :

1. To obtain a general acquaintance with writers and their writings, thinkers and their thoughts.

2. To become inspired with interest and enthusiasm.

3. To acquire discipline and habit of investigation such as will vouchsafe a more extended study along a line of choice and adaptability.

Your mental discipline is all the better if you can at once select your favorite authors and put in your time with them.

THE UNIVERSITY OF LITERATURE offers these advantages in a most practical and praiseworthy manner.

HERE you may learn, at a great saving of time and money, who the best writers are and what they have written.

HERE you may read the gems from each and form your own idea of their characteristics.

HERE you are able to save valuable time, which otherwise you might waste in going over thousands of volumes to make your selection. Dr. DePuy has done the drudgery necessary to aid you in your choice.

This elegant library is supplied at the following prices :
Silk Cloth

- - $3.50 per volume
Buckram Cloth (Gilt top) - - 4.25
Half Morocco -

- 4.75
Full Leather (Philadelphia Law) - 5.25
For particulars address

James S. Barcus, 32 Lafayette Place

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Queen & Crescent

Route winter schedules for 1895-96, present to the traveler and tourist the most complete train service known. The New Orleans Limited and the Florida Limited are complete palaces of travel, carrying one to Southern winter resorts quickly and with comfort. Solid vestibuled trains from Cincinnati without


Low tourist rates are now in effect. Send to W.C. Rinearson, General Passenger Agent, Cincinnati, Ohio, for illustrated and descriptive literature, time tables, etc.

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The Century Cyclopedia of Names.



The reference-book par excellence.

Not only the very latest, but the most wonderful single-volume reference-book ever made. It is just what every one wants. Here, in one alphabetical order, fully defined, are Names of Persons:

Authors, Artists, Statesmen, Divin

ities, characters in Fiction, etc. X Names of Places:

Modern and Ancient Geographical

Names, Imaginary Places, etc.
» Popular Names and Epithets.
Names of Notable Streets, Parks,

Animals, Ships, Buildings, Institu-
tions, Parties, clubs, Works of Art,

Stars, Constellations, etc.
X Names of Books, Operas, Plays


DISEASE and Important characters therein.

These Shoes are worn by a long list of very Historical Events: Wars, Battles, Plots, Congresses, Riots,

* prominent people. Send for his book, “The Crusades, Alliances, etc.

Art of Shoeing,” (enclosing 4 cents in stamps) A book to which one may turn when in doubt as to any name met with in one's reading. Sold only

to by subscription-not in the book-stores. For full particulars, specimen pages, etc. (free), address | Dr. S. APPLETON


Union Sq.,

48 Winter Street, BOSTON.
New York.

Name this Paper.
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