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your Fellow

of the ninety and 14. Even so God is not willing, that nine which went not

any the meanest of his Servants should altray.

perish ; but employs the Ministry of his 14 Even so it is not the will of your

Angels to preserve them; and when Father which is in they erred, has sent his Son into the heaven, that one of World to recover them; and expects these little ones that ye should, every one in your ftashould perish.

tion and proportion, endeavour to en15 ç Moreover, courage those that stand, and with if thy brother all tenderness recover those that fall. trespass against thee,

15. If therefore any of go and tell him his Christians fin or commit a Trespass afault between thee and him alone: if gainst you, use all possible means to rehe shall hear thee, cover and reclaim him. First tell him thou hast gained thy privately of his Fault between your brother.

selves, reprove and endeavour to con16 But if he will vince him of it, and exhort him to Renot hear thee, then

pentance; and if he be hereby persuaded take with thee one

to amend, you have gained your puror two more, that in the mouth of pose and saved two



16. But if he reject and despise your or three witnesses every word may be private Admonition, then take with established.

you two or three other Persons ; that 17 And if he by the presence of these Witnesses he shall neglect to hear may, if possible, be convinced and made them, tell it unto ashamed, and by their Authority may :

be moved to repent. he neglect to hear the church, let him 17. But if this method also prove inbe unto thee as an

effectual to reform him, then tell your heathen man and a Case to the whole Body of the Church, publican.

that he may be * rebuked and admo-
nished before many. And if he be ftill Tim. v.
so obstinate, as not to be worked up- 20. & 2
on by this publick Reproof and Cen- Cor. ii. 6.
sure, then you have delivered your self,
you have done your Duty, you may
Ieave him as a desperately incorrigible

Sinner, and have no more to do with 18 Verily I say

him. unto you, Whatso

18. Assuredly I tell you; whatever ye ever ye shall hind on earth, fhall be shall determine upon Earth, proceeding bound in heaven : according to these my Directions, thall and whatsoever ye

I 2



be confirmed and ratified of God in shall loose on earth, Heaven,

shall be loosed in

heaven, 19. And whatever two or three of

19 Again I say unshall agree to ask of God, in order you to your acting conformably to the In- of you shall agree on

to you, that if two Itructions I have given you, shall cer earth as touching any tainly be granted by him.

thing that they shall 20. For where-ever there be gather- ask, it shall be done ed together, tho' never so small a Con- for them of my Fa

ther which is in hea. gregation of you, in my Name and according to my Appointment ; there am

20 For where two I always ready to aslift and join with you, or three are gathered and intercede for you.

together in my name, 21. Then Peter asked Jesus, fay- there am I 'in the ing; Lord, if a Man trespass against midst of them. me, and repent; and afterwards tref 21 | Then came pass again and repent; how often am I Peter to him, and bound to forgive him, if he continues said, Lord, how oft


brother sin to repent after repeated Offences ? Must

against me, and I I forgive him feven times ?

forgive him? till 22. Jesus answered: Nay, you must seven-times? not confine your Resolution of forgiv 22 Jesus saith uning, to any number of Offences; but to him, I say not unhow often foever a Man may have tref

to thee, Until seven passed against you, yet if he repent,

times : but, Until seyou

must continue to forgive him. For venty times seven. since God forgives Men more and greater Offences, which have been committed against his Divine Majesty ; nothing can be more reasonable, than that they should be obliged to forgive one another their smaller Trespasses.

23. And this you will more clearly 23 S Therefore is understand by an easie Similitude. A

the kingdom of hea

ven likened unto a certain King called all his Servants to an

certain king which Account, that he might see how each one

would take account Stood indebted to him: Thus God ex- of his servants. amines and judges the Actions of all Men; who receive what they have from him, and are bound to employ it to his Service and Glory.

24 And when he

had begun to reckon, 24. Now when this King began to look into his Accounts, he found one

one was brought unto


him which owed Man that cwed him no less than ten him ten thousand ta- thousand Talents. Thus God, when lents.

he inspects the Actions of Men, finds that some liave wholly misemployed the Abilities he intrusted them with, and that all have committed very many

Offences against him. 25 But forasmuch

25. Then, this Man having spent all, as he had not to pay, and having nothing to pay, the King his lord commanded commanded him, and all that he had, to him to be fold, and be fold; that the Debt might be dif; dren, and all that he charged: Thus God threatens wicked had, and payment Men, to inflict the Punishment of their to be made.

Sins upon them. 26 The servant 26 & 27. But the Man fell on his therefore fell down, Knees before the King, and promised if he and worshipped him, would give him time, to pay him all; saying, Lord, have whereupon the King in compassion set him patience with me,and I will pay thee all.

at liberty, and forgave him the Debt. Thus 27 Then the ford God, when great Sinners appear forof that servant was rowful, humble, and penitent, mercimoved with compaf- fully affords them space of Repentance, fion, and loosed him, and is ready to forgive them all their and forgave him the paft Transgressions. debt.

28. The Man being thus fet at liber28 But the same servant went out,


ty, meets afterwards with one of his own found one of his fel- Debtors, who owed him only an hundred low-fervants, which Pence: and not considering how merciowed him an hun- fully he had been dealt with himself, dred pence: and he violently demands the Debt of him: laid hands on him, Thus wicked Men, not considering how and took him by the much Mercy they stand in need of throat, saying, Pay themselves, and with what long-suffe

29 And his fellow ring God defers and is willing to refervant fell down at

mit their own Punishment; are fierce kis feet,and besought and eager to have the little Affronts, him, saying, Have which others do to them, immediately patience with me, revenged. and I will pay thee

29 & 30. And tho' the poor Debtor all.

fell down on his Knees, and begged 30

And he would


only that he might have time allowed him; yet this Man would hear nothing, but threw him presently into Prison : I 3



was done.

Thus wicked Men, though those who went and cast him have offended them repent, and desire into prison, till he Pardon, yet they obstinately persist in

should pay

the debt. their desire of Revenge.

31 & 32, Ege 33 But when the 31 So when his King heard of this his Behaviour, he fellow-servants faw called him before him again, and charged what was done, they him with his Ingratitude and Cruelty,

were very sorry, and

came and told unto in shewing no Compassion to his Fellow- their lord all that Servant, after he had received so much Mercy himself . Thus when God sees

32 Then his lord, those, the Punishment of whole great- after that he had caler Crimes he had with-held in order to led him, said unto give them space of Repentance, refufe him, O thou wicked to pardon the smaller Offences of others servant, I forgave committed against them, he becomes thee all that debt, behighly provoked.

33 Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellow-fervant, even as I had pity on

thee? 34 & 35. And then the King having

34 And his lord no more Patience, commanded him to be was wroth, and decast into Prison, till he fould pay the livered him to the utmost Farthing. Thus God finally tormentors, till he cuts those off without Pardon, who



all thac infift upon Revenge, and will not for

was due unto him.

likewise give the Offences of their Brethren.

shall my heavenly
Father do also un-


from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their tref, passes,


35 So

to you,


Of Divorces, ver. 1. Of Marriage, ver. 10. Christ re-
ceiveth and blesseth young Children, ver. 13. Inftruéteth a
young Man about Religious Perfection, ver. 16. The great
Temptation of Riches, ver. 23. The Reward of those who
lofe all for Christ's Sake, ver. 27.

ND it came 1. WHEN Jesus had instructed his
to pass that

Disciples with these Discourses, when Jesus had fi- in Humility, Meekness, and Readiness nished these sayings,

to forgive Injuries; he departed out of he departed from

Galilee, and went into the Borders of Galilee, and came into the coasts of Ju- Julæa beyond Jordan. dea, beyond Jordan:

2. And there also the People gather2 And great mul- ed themselves together after hiin, as titudes followed him, they had done in Galilee and other and he healed them Places; and he healed all that were fick there.

and infirm amongst them, and instru-
eted them in the Dactrine of true Re-

ligion, 3 5 'The Phari

3. But the Pharisees, as usual, griev-
sees also came unto ed at his Doctrine and Miracles, watch-
kim, tempting him, ed all opportunities of finding some
and saying unto him, Accufation against him, and of dif-
Is it lawful for a man
to put away his wife crediting him before the People. And
for every cause? particularly, hoping to entangle him

in his Talk, they came and asked him
whether he thought it lawful for a Man
to put away his Wife upon any account :
Imagining, that if he should say it was
lawful, he must contradict his * own * Chap. *
Doctrine; and if he should say it was ver. 32.
not, he must seem to deny the Law of

Mofes. 4

And he an 4. Jesus, knowing their Thoughts, swered and unto them, Have prevented their Cavil

by giving an Anye not read, that swer out of the Scripture it self

, saying; he which made Have ye not read (Gen. i, 27.) that

I 4



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