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early, and know the Will of God, and receive his Mercies, and enjoy great Advantages ; But there are but few who improve themselves proportionably to those Advantages, and use them worthily, so as to attain an excellent and extraordinary Reward.

17. After these things, Jesus 17 And Jesus knowing that the time of his Sufferings going up to Jerusadrew nigh, went up towards Jerusalem. Jem, took the twelve And, that his Apostles might be prepa- way, and said unto : red against the Storm that was coming them, upon them, he took the Twelve afide, as they were going in the Way, and reminded them again, saying:

18. We are going up to Jerusalem ; 18 Behold, we go and I would have you remember, that, up to Jerusalem, and as I told you before, 'tis the Will of the son of man shall God that I should at last be delivered

be betrayed unto the into the Hands of the Chief Priests to the fcribes, and

chief priests, and un and Scribes, who have hitherto laid they shall condemn wait for me; and they shall cause me him to death, to be condemned to Death by an unjuft Judgment:

19. And they shall deliver me over 19 And shall delito the Roman Soldiers, to be abused and ver him to the Genmocked, to be beaten and spit upon, tiles to mock and to and at last to be ignominiously crucified fcourge and to cruamong Malefactors: But on the third third day he shall rise Day I will rise again.

again. 20 & 21. ( Then Salome the 20 S Then came Wife of Zebedee, with her two Sons, to him the mother James and John, thinking that im- of Zebedee's chilmediately after this Resurrection which dren, with her fons, Jesus fpake of, he would appear in worshipping bim,and

defiring a certain great Pomp and Glory to restore to the Jesus a temporal Kingdom;

thing. of him.

21 And he said uncame to him, and desired that those to her, What wilt her two Sons, who had hitherto been thou? She faith unhis constant Disciples and Followers, to him, Grant that might at the opening of his Kingdom these my two sons have the chief Places of Honour under may fit, the one on


thy right hand, and him, and be next in Dignity to his the other on the left

own Person. in thy kingdom.

22. Jesus answered : Ye are in a 22 But Jesus anfivered and said, Ye great mistake, and understand not what know not what ye ye ask: My Kingdom is not, as ye ask. Are ye able to fondly imagine, a temporal Kingdom, drink of the cup that consisting in earthly Glory and GreatI fhall drink of, and ness; but it is a Spiritual Kingdom, to be baptized with consisting only in Holiness, Righteousthe baptism that I nefs, and Godliness, and in the Spiritual am baptized with ? Rewards of these Divine Virtues: And They say unto him, Places of Dignity therein, are not to be We are able.

expected by Favour or Affection ; but to be attained by Humility, by Patience and Sufferings.' Can ye therefore follow my Example in bearing patiently Injuries, Sufferings, and Death? They

said, We can. 23 And he faith 23. Jesus replied: Ye shall indeed ünto them, Ye fall follow me in Persecutions and Suffera drink indeed of my, ings, and may thereby attain a Place cup, and be baptized in my Kingdom and a Share in my with the baptism Rewards ; But for the Chief Seat of that I am baptized Preheminence and Dignity above owith: but to fit on my right hand, and thers, this is not mine to dispose of by on my left, is not any absolute Favour, but must be bemine to give, but it stowed upon those Persons, and accordshall be given to them ing to those Conditions and Qualificafor whom it is pre- tions, which God hath appointed. pared of my Father. 24 And when the stles heard what these iwo Brethren de

24. Now when the other ten Apoten heard it, they

moved with fired, and what Answer jesus gave indignation againft them, they were angry and moved with the two brethren. indignation against them; not without

something of the fame Ambition and Envy in themselves, for fear the two Brothers should have been preferred be

fore Themi 25 But Jesus cal

25. But Jesus called them all to him, led them unto him, and said ; Ye have all yet a very wrong and said, Ye know the princes of the Apprehension of the Matter. Among Gentiles exercise do the Gentiles indeed, and in the King



K 2



doms of this present World, men strive minion over them, ambitiously to get the Dominion one and they that are over another; and they who are great

great, exercise auest in Riches and Power, have the thority upon them. greatest Honour and Respect paid them by others :

26 But it shall not 26. But among you I will have things ordered by other Measures. He be so among you ; that defires to be Great and Honourable be great among you,

but whosoever will among You, let him seek to deserve his let him be your miHonour, by Meekness and Lowliness; nister. and let him excercise his Power, not in domineering over any, but in assisting and doing good to All.

27. And he that desires to have the 27 And whosoDignity and Preheminence among you,

ever will be chief alet him be eminent for his Humility and mong you, let him Readiness to serve all Men.

be your servant. 28. For thus even I my self came

28 Even the not into the World to exercise Power Son of man and Dominion, to rule over Men, and

not to be ministred to be served by them ; but to serve, and unto, but to miniaffift, and to do good to all Men, with life' a

ster, and to give his

ransom for all Flumility, Meekness and Gentleness; many. and to lay down my Life for the Redemption of Mankind. 29. When Jesus had finished these

29 And as they Discourses, he travelled on with his Dif- departed from Jericiples towards Jerusalem; and when cho, a great multi

tude followed him. they had passed through Jericho, a very great multitude of People followed him.

30. And as they went in the Way, 30 , And behold, there fat two blind Men by the Road- two blind men fitfide ; who hearing by the Multitude, ing by the way fide, that Jesus who had worked fo many Jesus paffed by, cri

when they heard that Miracles in the Land, was now going ed out, saying, Have along that way, they cried out, saying: mercy on us, Lord, Lord, we believe you to be a Teacher thou son of David. sent from God, and that you do these wonderful Works by his Power and Commission: We beseech you, have pity on us.

: but

on us.

31 And the mul

31. But the multitude chid them, titude rebuked them, bidding them not make such a Noise to because they should disturb and stop Jesus. Nevertheless hold their

peace : they cryed the more,

they continued crying cut, and That

the more vehemently; Lord, we befaying, Have mercy lieve you to be the Messias, have pity on us, O Lord, thou son of David.

32 And Jesus stood 32. Then Jesus stood still, and comstill, and called them, manded them to be called to him ; and and said, What will when they came, he asked them, what ye that I shall do un

they desired he should do. ? 33 They say unto

33. They said ; Lord, we have heard him, Lord, that our

of the many mighty Works which you eyes may be opened. have done for the Relief of such mife

34 So Jesus had rable Perfons as we are, and we desire compassion on them, you would restore to us our fight. and touched their

34. Then Jesus took pity on them, eyes : and immedi

and touched their Eyes; and their Sight ately their eyes received light and they lowed him in the Way,

was immediately restored, and they folfellowed him.

to you

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CH A P. XXI, Christ rideth into Jerusalem, ver. 1.

Driveth the Traders out of the Temple, ver. 12.

Children make Acclamations to Jefus, ver. 14. Jefus curseth the Fig. tree, ver. 18. Silences the Jews with a Question about John the Baptist's Authority, ver. 23. Shows by the Similitude of two Sons, that the Jews were worse than the Gentiles, ver. 28. The Parable of the Vineyard let out to Husbandmen, ver. 33, The Pharisees Indignation at it, ver. 45.





OW when Jesus and his Dis- ?AND when they ciples drew nigh to Jerusalem,

drew nigh unand were come as far as Bethphage, at

to Jerusalein, and the foot of the Mount of Olives ; ejus

were come to Beth

phage, unto the knowing that the appointed time of of Olives, his Sufferings approached, fought now then fent Jesus two no longer to conceal himself, but re- disciples, folved to enter publickly into Jerusalem.

2. Calling therefore two of his Dir Saying unto ciples to him, he sent them into the them, Go into the

village over against neighbouring Village, saying; Go and

you,and straight way take the Ass and Colt, which ye shall ye shall find an ass find tied up in a Corner of the Street, tied, and a colt with and bring thein hither to me.

her : loose them, and Man ask


What bring them unto me. vou have to do with them; say, The

3 And if any man Mafter wants them; and the Divine say ought unto you, Providence shall so order the circum- hath need of them ;

ye shall say,The Lord itances of things, that at that Answer and straightway he they shall be willing to let you have will send them. them.

4 All this was 4. (All this Jesus did, that in Him done that it might be anight be fulfilled these Prophecies :

fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying,

3. And if


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