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'Tell the 5. Say ye to the Daughter of Sion, daughter of Sion, Behold, thy Saviour cometh, Efai

. 62. Behold, thy King

II. And, behold, thy King cometh unto cometh unto thee, thee, -----lowly, and riding upon an Afs, meek, and fitting up and upon a Golt the Fole of an Ass, on an ass, and a colt the fole of an ass.

Zech. ix. 9.) 6 And the disci 6. Accordingly the two Disciples ples went, and did went into the Village, and did and as Jefus commanded said as Jefus commanded them, and them.

found all things succeed as he had fore

told them. 7 And brought the

7. And they brought the Ass and her afs, and the colt, and Colt, and spread their Cloaths upon put on them their them, and fet Jesus upon the Colt thus cloaths, and they set him thereon.

and he rode upon it with great lowliness and humble State, from Beth

phage to Jerusalem. 8 And a very great 8. And the Multitude that came with multitude spread their

him, strew'd the way before him, fome garments in the


with their Cloaths, and others with others

down branches from the Boughs of Trees, as at a Solemn Festitrees, and ftrewed val, or the Triumphal Entrance of a them in the way.

9 And the mul 9. And the People before and behind tudes that went be- cried ; God preserve and prosper the fore, and that fol- Kingdom of the Messiah : Blessed is he lowed, cried, saying, that is fent of God, to Instruct, Heal Hosanna to the fon and Govern his People: Peace and of David : blessed is he that cometh in Glory and Dominion be with him. the name

of the 10. And when he entred into Jeru:Lord, Hosannah, in salem with this solemn Pomp and joyful the highest. Acclamations of the People, the whole

10 And when he City was put into a sudden Commowas come into Jeru- tion, and every body enquired ; Who falem, all the city is this that cometh with such State and was moved, saying, Who is this?

II And the mul-

II. And the Multitude that came titude faid, This is along with him, answered; This is

Jesus, the prophet of Jesus, that great Prophet of Nazareth, · Nazareth of Galilee. the Fame of whose Doctrine and Mir

racles hath so long been spread through all the Nation.

12. Then

great Prince.

K 4

12. S Then Jesus alighting from the 12 S And Jesus Colt, went into the Temple. And went into the temwhen he came into the outward Court,

ple of God, and cait which is the Court of the Gentiles, he put all them that fold

and bought in the found it like a Market, filled with

temple, and overMoney-Changers Stalls, and Sellers of threw the tables of Cattle and Doves, and the like; who the money.changers, sat there under pretence of having these and the feats of thein things near at hand for the convenience that fold doves, of those that came up to sacrifice: But Jefus cleared the Place, and turned them all out, saying:

13. This place was designed, not for 13 And said unto a Place of Merchandise, but for the them, It is written, Service of God; that the devout Pro- My house fhall be felytes of the Gentiles, who are not

called the house of admitted into the Inner and Holier prayer, but ye have

made it a den of part of the Temple, might here wor- thieves. Ship and pray to the true God ; according as Efaias prophesied (Efai. Ivi. 7.) that the Temple of God should be an House of Prayer for all people. But now ye have most profanely turned it into a Receptacle of Thieves, a Place of Com vetoufness, Extortion, and Cheating

14. S Now while Jesus tarried in 14 And the blind the Court of the Temple, many blind and the lame came and lame Men, who had heard the to him in the temFame of his former Miracles, resorted ple, and he healed to him; and he healed them all.

them. 15. But when the Chief Priests, and 15 And when the Jewish Doctors, saw these wonderful chief priests and Works ; instead of being convinced scribes saw the wonthereby to Repentance, they were only derful things that filled with envy, and enraged against dren crying in the him ; And hearing all the People ad- temple, and saying; miring and applauding him, and even Holanna to the Son the very Children in the Temple ma- of David, they were king joyful Acclamations to him, as fore displeased, Mefliah or King; they were in great indignation.

16. And they said to Jesus, Do you 16 And said unpot hear what these Children fay! Do to him, Hearest thou


wwhat these fay? And you think it fit, that these who under3 Hlus faith unto them, stand nothing, should be suffer'd to Yea; have ye never make such shouting? Jesus answer'd, read, Out of the Yea; If you who ought to shew forth mouth of babes and

the Praises of God, will through envy lucklings thou hast perfected praise ?

and malice refuse to do it, God will raise up others to glorifie his Name, and as the Scripture faith, Pfal. viii. 2.) even out of the Mouths of Babes and sucking Children, he will perfect

Praise. 17 I And he left

17. Then leaving them in their Rage them, and went out and Envy, he retired out of the City, of the city into Bethany,and he lodged all Night.

as far as Bethany, and there continued there. 18 Now in the

18." The next Morning he returnmorning as he re ed again to Jerusalem : And as he was turned into the city, in the way, he grew hungry. he hungred.

19. And seeing a Fig-tree a little 19 And when he

way off, he went up to it, seeking for saw a fig-tree in the Fruit; but finding it Barren, and haway, he came to it, ving nothing but Leaves, he cursed it, thereon, but leaves saying, Let no Fruit grow on thee for only, and said unto

ever: Intimating to his Disciples by it, Let no fruit grow this visible Similitude, that the Jewish on thee hencefor: Nation, having now only a formal Proward for ever. And fesfion of Religion, and not bringing presently the fig-tree forth the Fruit thereof, should sudden

ly be Cursed and Rooted out. 20 And when the

20. Accordingly the next day, passing disciples saw it, they that way, they found the Fig-tree wimarvelled, saying, thered and dried up from the Roots : How soon is the fig; And the Disciples seemed surprized, and tree withered away?

wonder'd at the suddenness of its being 21 Jesus answer- perished and dead. ed and said

21. But Jefus faid to them; Do ye them, Verily I say wonder at this, as such a strange and unto you, If ye have extraordinary thing? Verily I tell you, faith and doubt ye shall not only do If ye do but firmly believe and trust this which is done in the Power of God, ye shall be to the fig-tree, but able to do things as much greater than affo if ye lħall say this, as removing a Mountain, and


withered away.


your Doctrine

throwing it into the Sea, is greater than unto this mountain, causing a little Tree to wither.

Be thou removed, 22. And whatsoever ye shall ask of and be thou cast in

to the sea ; it shall God in order to confirm

be done. and Ministry, with stedfart Faith, with

22 And all things out Doubt and Wavering ; he will en whatsoever ye

shall able you to perform it.

ask in prayer, believ23. § After this, Jesus went into ing, ye shall receive. the Temple ; and as he was teaching 23 And when he the People, the Chief Priests and Elders was come into the Came to him and said ; By what Autho- temple, the chief rity do you undertake these things ? priests and the elders

of the people came You enter into the City with Pomp and unto him as he was Noise, like some great Person ; you teaching, and said, By turn the Trading People out of the what authority dost Court of the Temple, as if you were thou these things ? Governour of the Place; and you teach And who gave thee here publickly in the Temple, as if you

this authority ? were appointed to do so by publick Authority; Pray, who gave you commission and Authority to do all these things ?

24. Jesus, knowing their Malice, 24 And Jesus aniand that they who were not at all con

swered and said unto vinced by his Doctrine and Miracles, them, I also will ask would much less be moved by his bare



which if ye tell me, affirming in a direct Answer that he i in likewise will was authorized and sent of God; chose tell you by what aurather to silence them by retorting up- thority I do there on them another Question, after this things. manner; I will also, faith he, ask

you one Question, which if

you can answer me, then I also will tell you by what Authority I do these things.

25 The baptiim 25 & 26. When John the Baptist it? from heaven, or

of John, whence was Preached and Baptized, did he do this of men ? And they by God's appointment ? or, was it on reasoned with them. ly a human Contrivance ? Then the selves, saying, If we Chief Priests, reasoning among them- shall fay, From heaselves, that if they thould say John's ven; he will say unBaptism was by God's appointment, not then believe him? then Jesus would accute them for not 26 But if we hearkening to John's Preaching, and not fhall say, Of men; believing the Testimony which he gave




we fear the people ; concerning Jesus; and that on the for all hold John as a other side, if they should say John's prophet.

Baptism was only a humane Contrivance, then they should greatly enrage the People, who all believed John to be a Prophet fent of God: Reasoning, I fay, thus among themselves, they re

solved, not to determine on either side. 27 And they anfwered Jesus, and that they could not tell. And Jesus then

27. They replied therefore to Jesus, said, We cannot tell. And he said unto

in like manner, to Them ; neither do them, Neither tell I Į, says he, tell you, what Authority I you by what autho- have to do these things. Which sursity I do these prizing Question and Answer, as it things.

silenc'd and greatly confounded these malicious Scribes and Elders, containing a secret Conviction and Reproof of their unreasonable unbelief in reject. įng John the Baptist; so it also at the same time made apparent the reasonableness of Christ's not returning a positive Answer to their Question; it being evident, that they who believed not John the Baptift, whom yet they

durft not expressly deny to be sent fronı 28 But what God, would much less have believed think you? A certain Jefus's plain Affertion of his own Diman had two sons, vinc Authority. and he came to the 28. S When Jesus had thus silenced first, and said, Son, the Chief Priests and Elders, he progo work to day in ceeded to intimate to them, by a severe my vineyard.

29 He answered parable, the Justice of God in utterly and Said, I will not: Rejecting Them with all their Pretenbut afterward he re

ces of Religion, and receiving in their pented, and went.

stead the Penitent Gentiles. What think 30 And he came you? said he. A certain Man had two to the second, and Sons; and he commanded them both to faid likewise. And


and work in his Vineyard. he answered


29 & 30. The one said, he would said, I go fir, and

not go, but he repented and went : The went not.

31. Whether of other said he would go, but went not. them twain did

31. Which of these two, think you, the will of his Fa was the most obedient Son? They an

swered ;

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