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have prepared my. Resurrection and Ascension, sent forth
dinner : my oxen and his Apostles again, and other Disciples,
my fatlings are killed, instructed and affifted with greater
and all things are meafures of the Spirit, to preach to the
ready:come unto the

Jews that all things were now accom-
plished, that the Kingdom of the Mef-
fiah or the Gospel-Covenant was esta-
blished, and to invite them to come in

and embrace it.
5 But they made 5 & 6. But the Guests ftill refused to
light of it, and went come, going every one about his own bu-
their ways, one to finess; and some were so ungrateful, as
his farm, another to
his merchandise.

even to abuse and kill the Servants that
6 And the remnant

were sent to call them: Thus the Jews
took his servants, ftill rejected the repeated Offers of the
and entreated them Gospel, preferring the advantages of
spitefully, and flew This Lise to the hopes of a future, and

going on obstinately in their own Way,
and even persecuting and slaying the Dir-

ciples that were sent to preach to them.
7 But when the

7. But when the King heard this,
king heard thereof; he' was greatly incensed, and sent out
he was wroth: and
he fent forth his ar-

his Arny, and destroyed those ungrate-
mies, and deltroyed ful Men that murdered his Servants,
those murderers, and and he burnt their City: Thus God,
burnt up their city. highly provoked at the incorrigible ob-

Itinacy of the Jews, fent at last thie
Roman Army upon them, and destroy-
ed the City of Jerufalem and their whole

8 Then faith he

8 & 9. Then he sent out Servants
to his servants, The
wedding is ready, again, saying ; The Guests that were
but they which were

invited, were not worthy to come to niy
bidden not Feell; Go therefore into the bigh-ways,

and invite such as you meet, and 21ge 9

Go ye therefore them to come in : Thus God, rejecting into the high-ways, the Jews for their Impenitence and un

many as ye belier, commanded the Gospel to be fhail find, bid to the

preached to the Gentiles. marriage.

10 So those fer 10. Accordingly the Servants went vants went out into ouit, and invited all they met, both good the high-ways, and and bad, and the room was filled with gathered together all VOL, I,


guests ;

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with guests.

guests : Thus the Disciples of Christ many as they preached the Gospel to the Gentiles: found, both bad and and They believed and received it, and good : and the wedwere admitted into the Church ; some ding was furnished of them being good and sincere Christians, others Hypocrites and wicked Men.

11. Then the King came in to view his I s And when Guests, and saw a Man among them not

the king came in to having on a IVedding-garment: Thus see the guests, he saw

there a man which God fees fome in the Church, who

had not on a wedprofefling themselves to be Christians, ding-garment : yet obey not the Gospel, but live unworthily of it. 12 & 13. And when the Man, up

12 And he faith on Examination, had nothing to say how camelt thou in

unto him, Friend, in excuse of his neglect, the King com

hither, not having manded him to be turned out of doors in

a wedding-garment ? to the dark: Thus wicked Christians, And he was speechwho prosess the Gospel, but obey it less. not ; having nothing to plead in excuse 13 Then said the for themselves, shall be separated by king to the servants, God from among the Faithful, and Bind him hand and be cast into the Regions of Eternal foot, and take him Darkness, most remote from the Hap- into outer darkness :

away, and cast him piness of Heaven.

there shall be weep14. For many indeed hear and re

ing and gnashing of ceive the Gospel, and many there are teeth. that profess themselves Christians; but 14 For many are there are but few who live suitably to called, but few are that holy Profession, and approve them- chosen. felves before God, so as to be thought worthy of its Reward,

15. | All these Parables the Phari 15 Then went sees heard. And though these Discourses the Pharisees, and referred to many things, which at that took counsel how time were not yet accomplished, fo that they might entangle

. the Pharisees could not fully understand him in his talk. them; yet in general they perceived, that all these Similitudes were directed against Them.

Resolving therefore, some way or other to destroy Jesus; and seeing the People had at present


such an opinion of his being a great
Prophet, that they durst not venture
to apprehend him by force ; they con-
trived, if possible, to infnare him in
his Talk, so as to draw him in to say
something that might give offence to the

16 And they sent 16. Sending therefore fome of their
out unto him their own Disciples, together with some of
disciples, with the the followers of Herod, they instructed
Herodians, saying

saying, them to affault him with a Shew of Master, we know that thou art true, great Honour and Esteem, faying: and teachest the way Master, We believe you to be a true of God in truth, nei. and sincere Teacher of the Law of ther carest thou for God, and that you have so much any man: for thou Courage and Freedom, as not to flatter regardent the

any Man, nor be moved by any Fear person of men. or Affection to conceal the Truth : We

desire therefore

you would solve us this

Doubt. 17 Tell us there.

17. Is it lawful for the Yews, who fore, What thinkest

are the peculiar People of God, and unthou? Is it lawful to

cer his immediate Government, to pay give tribute Cæsar, or not?

Tribute to Cæfar, and to submit to the

Authority of the Romans; or not? 18 But Jesus per 18. By this Question they hoped to ceived their wicked. draw him into such a snare, that einess, and said, Why ther he might offend the People, and tempt ye me, ye hy- seem to flatter the Roman Emperor pocrites?

19 Shew me the in opposition to the Liberty and Retribute money. And ligion of the Jews, if he should say they brought unto Tribute ought to be paid ; or that he

might offend the Romans, if he should 20 And he faith fay it ought not. But Jesus knowing unto them, Whose this their Cunning and Malice, faid; is this image and fu

Wherefore do ye tempt me, ye Hyperscription ? 21 They say unto pocrites ? I am aware of

your wicked him, Cafárs. Then and deceitful Intentions. faith he unto them, 19, 20 & 21. And calling for a piece Render therefore of the Money wherewith the Roman

Cæfar, the Tax used to be paid, he asked them, things which are Whole Image and Inscription was upon

it ?


him a penny:

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their way.

h. C. 22.

it ? Which when they owned to be Cæfars: and
Cæfar’s, Jefuis replied ; Then ought ye

God the things that
to give to Ccfar, what ve acknowledore are Gods.
to belong to bim ; and so far fubmit
your selves to the Government ye are
under, as is consistent with Religion
and the Law of God.

22. Iiereupon they departed from 22 When they had him, admiring the Prudence of his An- heard these words, swer, and despairing to obtain any ad- they marvelled, and

left him, and went Vantage againit him. 23. 9 Prefently after, the Sadducees,

23 S The same 4 Sre Jose

who berieved that + the Soul of Man day came to him the rius of the perifres at Death, and that there is no Sadducees, which say inijs

Refurrection nor Future State of Re- there is no resurrebi lors, lib. wards and Punishments in another ction, and asked him,

Vorld, cime to Jesus, and put a case
to him, faving:

24. Mafer; Misses commanded, that 24 Saying, Master, if a Man die without Childreni, his Moses said, If a man Prother ihould marry his Wife; to con

die, having no chil

dren, his brother shall tinue his Name and Family.

marry his wife, and 25. Now there happened to be Seven raise up feed unto his Brothers, whereof the first married a brother. Wife, and, dying without Children,

there left his Wife to the second.

were with us seven 26 3 27. In like manner the second brethren,and the first married her, and died without Chile when he had married dren; and the third; and in fhort, they having no iffue, left

a wife, deceased, and all seven married her, and died without his wife unto his Children ; and the Woman died last. brother.

28. Now if there be a future State, 26 Likewise the as you teach, and another Life after second alo, and the this; whose Wife of the seven must third, unto the fe

venth this Woman then be ? for they all alike


And last of all married her.

the woman died also. 29. ejus replied ; Ye talk very ig

28 Therefore in norantly ; not understanding the true the resurrection, meaning of the Scriptures, nor having whose wife shall the a right Sense of the Greatness of the be of the seven ? for Power of God.

they all had her.

29 Jesus answers ed and said unto


25 Now


them, Ye do err, not 30. For in that future State of Hapknowing the scrip- piness, to which the Just shall be tures, nor the power raised; where there shall be no of God.

Mortality, which Marriage was iníli30 For in the resurrection they nei

tuted to supply ; there will be no more ther

need of any such thing as Marriage. marry, nor are given in marriage; Neither shall that future State, be like but are as the angels the present life of Men on Earth; But of God in heaven. it fhall be glorious and Spiritual, as is

now the Life of Angels in Heaven. 31 But as touch

31 & 32. And that there ihall be such ing the resurrection

a future State and another Life afier of the dead, have ye this, ye might have collected even from not read that which was spoken unto you

God's stiling himself to Mofes, the God by God, saying,

of Abraham, Isaac, and Facob, long 32 I am the God after the Death of these Patriarchs ; of Abraham, and the (Exod. iii. 6.) For firxe it is plain thele God of Isaac, and Holy Men did not receive the full rethe God of Jacob? ward of their Piety in this World, God is not the God

God could not have called hiinfelt their of the dead, but of God, but only because there is a future

State wherein they fall be rewarded,

and * another Life after this. And when the

33. When the People heard this, multitude heard this, they were greatly amazed at the readithey were astonished at his doctrine.

ness and excellency of Hejus's Answers, with which he thus effcctually silenced all his Adversaries.

the living


* The Word dvcsaris properly signifies a future Life in general, and so the strength of our Saviour's Argument is clear and evident. But though we should understand the word Itrictly of the Rcurrection of the Body, the Argument would yet be good : For since the Sadducees denied the Resurrection of the Body, not because they thought it impossible for the Body to be raised, but only because they thought the Soul perished at Death, and that there was no future State at all; our Saviour by proving in general the certainty of a Life to come, takes away the whole foundation of their objection. Besides ; the separate State of the Soul, is not a State of perfect Happiness, but merely of Expectation.

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