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28. Foretells his own Death, ver. 32. Reproves his Difciples ambiticus and worldly Thoughts, ver. 35. Cures a blind Man, ver. 46.

C H A P. XI. Jesus rideth into Jerusalem, ver. 8. Curseth the Fig-Tree,

ver. 13. Cafteth the Traders out of the Temple, ver. 15. Of the Disposition of Mind necessary to Prayer, ver. 24, 25. Jesus confoundeth the Jews with a Question about John's Baptism, ver. 27.

CHAP. XII. The Parable of the Vineyard let out to wicked Husbandmen,

ver. 1. applied to signifie the casting off the Jews, and receiving the Gentiles, ver. 10. Jesus answers the Pharisees; about paying Tribute to Cæsar, ver. 14. And the Sadducees, about the Resurrection, ver. 18. And the Scribe, upon a Question, Ihich was the chief and most necesary Part of the Law, ver. 28. And shames them all, with a Question about the Messiah being David's both Son and Lord, ver. 35. He warns his Disciples against Ambition and Hypocrisie, ver. 38. And shows from the Example of a poor Widow, that Piety and Charity is not to be measured by the outward Act, but by the Intention and Zeal of the Mind, ver. 41.

CHAP. XIII. Jesus foretels the Destruction of Jerusalem ; and warns all

Men to watch, that they may not be surprized with Judgment temporal or eternal.

CHAP. XIV. The Jews conspire to apprehend Jesus, ver. 1. The Occa

fson of Judas's resolving to betray him, ver. 3. Jesus eat the Passover with his Disciples, and foretells who fould betray him, ver. 12. Providence brings Good out of the evil Actions of bad Men, ver. 21. Jesus institutes the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, ver. 22. Foretells Peter's Denial, ver. 27. His Agony, ver. 32. He is betrayed


by Judas, ver. 43. and apprehended, ver. 46. and tried by the High-Priest, ver 53. and condemned, ver. 64. Peter's Denial, ver. 66. and Repentance, ver. 72.


Jesus is brought before Pilate, ver. 1. Pilate, contrary to

his own Judgment delivers him, upon the clamorous and tumultuous Demand of the Jews, to be crucified, ver. 15., He is mocked and abused by the Soldiers, ver. 16. and crucified, ver. 20. and derided by the Jews, ver. 29. Prodigies happen at his Death, ver. 33. of which many were IVitnesses, ver. 39. Jesus buried by Joseph of Arimathæa, ver. 42.

Women coming to anoint the Body, are told by an Angel, that

Jesus is rifen, ver. 1. Jesus himself appears to Mary
Magdalene, ver. 9. and to Two of the Disciples, ver. 12.
and to the Eleven, ver. 14. He gives them Instructions to
Preach, ver. 15. and afcends into Heaven, ver. 19.

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Gospel of St. M AR K.

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CHAP. I. John the Baptist's Office, ver. 1. Jefus baptized, ver. 9. Tempted, ver. 12. Jesus begins to preach, and describes the Doctrine of the Gospel summarily, ver. 14. Chufes Apostles, ver. 16. How he gain'd Respect among the People, ver.22. Heals a Man possessed, ver.23. and Peter's Mother

in-law, and others, ver. 29. And heals a Leper, ver. 40. I THE beginning 1. ER E beginneth the History of of the Gospel

the Life and Doctrine of Jesus of Jesus Christ the

Chrift, the Son of God, and Son of God,

Saviour of Mankind. 2 As it is written

2. Whose Appearance in the Flesh in the prophets, Be

was ushered in by the Preaching of hold, I send


mersenger before thy

John the Baptist, as the Prophets had in face, which shall pre

old Time foretold concerning him. For pare thy way before so the Prophet Malachi, (Mal. ii. 1.) thee.

Behold I will send my Messenger, or Forerunner, and he mall prepare the Way be

fore me. 3 The voice of


And so likewise the Prophet one crying in the Isaiah, (Isa. xl. 3;) The Voice of him that wilderness, Prepare crieth in the Wilderness, Prepare ye the the way

of the Lord, make his paths way of the Lord, make straight in the Itraight.

Désart a High-way for our God. 4 John did bap 4. According to thefe Predictions, tize in the wilder- when the Time drew near that the Son ness, and preach the of God was to be manifested in the Flesh, baptism of repentance John the Baptist appeared in the Wilfor the remiffion of derness of 7udæa, preaching to all the fins.

People the Necessity of Repentance, of forsaking their Sins, and reforming their Lives ; and fignifying this to them by


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