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the sensible and external Sign of baptizing with Water ; that they might hereby be prepared to receive the Gospel, and fitted to be made Partakers of that Salvation, whereof Jesus was to be the Author and Publisher.

5. And a great Number of People, 5 And there went out of all the Cities and Towns of Ju- put unto him all the dæa, and of the Inhabitants of Jéru- land of Judea, and salem, resorted into the Wilderness to and were all bapti


they of Jerusalem, John, and were baptized by him in the zed of him in the riRiver Jordan, confeffing publickly the ver of Jordan, conSinfulness of their paft Lives, and de- fefling their fins. claring their Resolutions of Amendment and Reformation.

6. Now the Course of John the Bap 6 And John was tist's Life, as became him who was to clothed with camels invite Men to Repentance, was very hair, and with a gir

of severe and mortified. He was cloathed in the poorest and meanest Sort of Gar- did eat locusts and

his loyns: and he ments, and fed only upon such coarse wild honey. Provision as the barren Wilderness afforded of it felf. 7. And he declared to all those that

7 And preached, professed their Repentance, and were saying, There combaptized by him, that he himself was eth one mightierthan not the Mesras who was to save them I after me, the latfrom their Sins, but only his Fore-run- chet of whose shoes

I am not worthy to ner to prepare them by Repentance to receive and be capable of that Salvation. ftoop down and un

loose. For the Messias, faid he, who will shortly appear, is a Person of far greater Dignity and Authority than I; so that I am not worthy to do the very eft Offices of Service to him. And by how much he is a greater Person; by so much also will his office and Preaching be more excellent and effectual, and to

8 I indeed have greater and diviner Purposes than mine. 8. For I indeed, only baptize you water: but he fall

baptized you with with Water, to signifie by this outward baptize you with the Sign the Neceflity of Repentance : holy Ghost.


But he, when he comes, shall pour down upon you his holy Spirit, which by its inward Asistance shall powerfully and efficaciously purifie and fanctifie the Minds of all those, who by true Repentance prepare themselves to receive

his Doctrine and Salvation. 9

And it came to 9. S While John was thus Preaching pass in those days, and Baptizing, Jesus himself came out that Jesus came from of Galilee from Nazareth ; and, for a Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of standing Instance of Humility

and ReaJohn in Jordan.

diness to comply with all Things that might any way promote true Piety, he would needs be baptized by John a

mong the rest of the People. 10 And straight 10. But though in Humility he equalway coming up out led himself to the Meanest of the Peoof the water, he saw ple, yet, by the miraculous Power and and the Spirit,

like's immediate Testimony of God, he was dove descending up very extraordinary distinguished from on him.

them. For as soon as he was baptized, and came out of the River, the Heavens appeared to open, and the Spirit of God descended, and rested upon him

in a visible Form. And there

II. And there was heard at the same came a voice from time a Voice out of Heaven, saying, heaven, saying, Thou

This is my beloved Son, in whom I am art my beloved Son, in whom I am well well pleased. pleased.

12. g Presently after this, Jesus by 12 And immedi- the Impulse and Direction of the Spirit ately the spirit dri- of God, was carried into the Wilderness. veth him into the

13. And there he continued in a sowilderness.

litary Place, among the wild Beasts, 13 And he was there in the wilder. Forty Days and Forty Nights, in Faitness forty days ing and Prayer: And was tempted by tempted of Satan, the Devil with many Temptations : But and was with the he overcame them all, and the Devil wild beasts, and the fled from him, and good Angels came angels miniftred unto and comforted him, and supplied him him.

with Necessaries after his long Fast. 3

14. Thus



14. S Thus Yesus kept himself re 14 Now after that tired for the most part, during John John was put in priBaptist's Preaching. But when yohn was son, Jesus came into apprehended and put in Prison by He- Galilee, preaching rod, then Jesus began to travel openly kingdom of God,

the gospel of the through Galilee, declaring and preaching the Doctrine of the Gofpel. 15. And he said : The Time which

15 And faying. the Wisdom of God predetermined, The time is fulálled, which the holy Men of Old hoped for, and the kingdom of and which the ancient Prophets express- God is at hand : rely foretold, to bring in and establish pent ye and believe the Kingdom of the Messiah; is now

the gospel. accomplished. The Ceremonies and Ritual Observances of the Law, are shortly to ceasc; and God is about to make the last Revelation of his Will to Mankind, wherein Righteousness only and Sincerity of Heart shall be required and accepted. Repent ye therefore, and embrace and obey this Doctrine.

16. J Having thus begun to raise in 16 Now as he Mens Minds some Expectation of his walked by the sea Doctrine; he proceeded to choose cer- of Galilee, he faw tain Disciples, to be constant Witnesses Simon and Andrew

his brother, casting of his Doctrine and Miracles, and to be

a net into the sea : fent forth to publish them through the (for they were fishWorld, Walking therefore on the

ers.) Shore of the Lake of Genefareth, he law Two Brothers that were Fisher-men, Peter and Andrew, employed in the Bufiness of their Calling.

17. And he said to them; Follow me, 17 And Jesus faid and I will set you about a more divine unto them, Come and noble Employment. From hence- ye after me, and I forth ye shall catch Men ; drawing them will make you to beby the Power and Efficacy of your Do- come fishers of men. ctrine, from the Ignorance and Wickedness of the World, to the Knowledge

18 And straight. of God and the Obedience of his Commands.

way they forfook

their nets, and fol. 18. Upon which Invitation, the Two lowed him. Brothers immediately quitted their Cal

19 And


And they

19 And when he ling, and went with Jesus; and became had gone a little far- from that Time his constant Disciples ther thence, he saw and Followers. James the son of Ze

19. Then Jesus going on a little furbedee, and John his

ther, saw Two other Brethren, James brother, who also in the ship

and John, the Sons of Zebeder; who mending their nets.

likewise were Fishermen.

were mending their Nets. 20 And straight 20. And he called them also: And way he called them: they in like manner as the others had and they left their done, leaving without delay both the ship with the hired Company of their Friends, and the Gain fervants, and went of their Employment, came alhore, and after him.

followed Jesus. 21 And they went 21. Accompanied with these his into Capernaum, and Disciples, Jesus entred the great and straightway on the populous City of Capernaum, and fabbath day, he en taught in their Synagogues on the Sabtred into the fyna- bath-days the Doctrine of true Religion gogue and taught.

and Righteousness. 22 And they were 22. And the People were surprized astonished at his do- and astonished at his Doctrine. For Etrine : for he taught his Teaching was not like that of them as one that had Their Doctors, trifling and formal, authority, and not as the fcribes.

founded on vain Traditions and groundless Authorities of other Rabbies ; but the Things which he spake were great and excellent, and he delivered them

with a Voice of Authority and Truth. 23 And there was

23. S Now, on a certain Sabbathin their fynagogue a man with an unclean day, as he was teaching in their Synafpirit, and he cried gogue, there was present a Man polfeled

with a Devil : and this gave Jesus an out,

Occasion of confirming his Doctrine, which before appeared admirable in itself, by the additional Proof of a great

Miracle. 24 Saying, Let us

24. For the evil Spirit in the Man, alone, what have we to do with thee, thou not bearing the Presence and Power of Jefus of Nazareth ? Lejus, cried out aloud, saying, thou árt thou come to de: Yesus of Nazareth, art thou come to stroy us? I know destroy us, and to take away our Power thee who thou art over Mankind ? Surely the Time wherethe holy one of God.


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in God has permitted us to be let loose, 25 And Jesus re-
is not yet ended ; I know who you are,

buked him, saying,
the Meffiah, the Son of God.

Hold thy peace, and 25. But Jefus choofing rather to prove

come out of him.

26 And when the his Divine Authority by the Evidence

unclean spirit had of the Spirit of God, and his Power in

torn him, and cried casting out the Devil, than by suffering with a loud voice, that evil and lying Spirit to bear Testi- he came out of him. mony concerning him ; commanded 27 And they were it to be filent, and come out of the allamazed, insomuch Man.

that they questioned *σπαράξαν. . 26. Then the evil Spirit * convulling saying, What thing

among themselves, the Man terribly, and giving a great is this? What new Cry, came out, and the Man was pre- doctrine is this ? for fently healed.

with authority com 27. And the whole Congregation was mandeth he even the filled with great Admiration : And they unclean spirits, and faid one to another, What is the Mean- they do obey him. ing of this? What Doctrine, and what

28 And immedi.
Teacher, is this, that he speaks with ately, his fame was
such Authority,and acts with such Power, throughout all the
as that the very Devils themselves sub- region round about
mit to his Command !

28. And the Fame of Jesus, of his
excellent Doctrine, and of his wonder- when they
ful Power, quickly spread itself over all come out of the fy-
the Country.

nagogue, they en

tred into the house 29. Now when Jesus came out of of Simon and An

the Synagogue, He and James and drew, with James + See the John + went into the House of Peter and John. and Andrew.

30 But Simons Luk.iv.38.

30. And as soon as he came in, they wives mother lay, told him that Peter's Wife's Mother fick of a fever, and lay there sick of a Fever.

anon they tell him

of her.
31. Then Jesus going into the Room
where the lay,and took her by the Hand, and took her by the

31 And he came
and raised her up; and the immediate- hand, and lift her
ly not only recovered from her Fever, up; and immediate-
but also returned so to her perfect Health ly the fever left her,
and Strength, that she went about the and she ministred un-
House, and provided Neceffaries for to them.
them, and served them.

29 And forthwith


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