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his proper Business and Duty: So
neither ought ye to find Fault with
me for keeping Company with wicked
Men, whom I am rent into the World
on purpose to reclaim by my Doctrine
and Conversation.
18. q About this Time, some of the

18 And the difDisciples of John the Baptist and of the ciples of John,and of Pharisees, who had been brought up falt: and they come,

the Pharisees used to in constant Fasting and great Austerity and fay unto him, of Life; wondring to see Jesus and his Why do the disciDisciples live in a freer Manner with- ples of John, and of out that Strictness and Severity, came the Pharisees fast, to Jesus and asked him, saying ; How but thy disciples fast comes it to pass, that since you seem to

undertake to preach a more excellent and
refined Doctrine to the World than
hath hitherto been taught by any one,

19 And Jesus faid yet you suffer your Disciples to be less children of the bride

unto them, Can the Itrict in keeping Fasts, and less severe chamber fast, while in their way of living than we? the bridegroom is

19 & 20. Jesus replied: As it with them? as long would be very abfurd for Guests invi- as they have the ted to a Wedding, to fast, so long as

bridegroom with the Bridegroom is with them, and them they cannot

fast. the Solemnities of the Marriage-Feast continue ; so it would be very unfit will come, when the

20 But the days for my Disciples to enter into a bridegroom shall be Course of Life of great Abstinence taken and Severity, while I am personally them, and then shall present with them. But afterwards, they falt in those when I am departed from them, they

days. Thall have Occafion enough of Fafting feveth a piece of

21. No man also and Mourning.

new cloth on an old 21 & 22. Everything is to be

garment: else the used in its proper Place and Seafon. new piece that filled As it is not convenient to piece old it up,


away Cloth with new,

or to put new and from the old, and the * Sce Note strong Wine into * old and de

rent is made worse. on Mat. cay d Bottles: So it would be very teth new wine into

22 And no man puti mproper for me, when I am instruc- old bottles, else the

new wine doth burst


away from

X1X. I?,




the bottles, and the ting my Disciples, and sending them wine is spilled, and into the World to preach the Gosthe bottles will be pel, to lay upon them heavy Injuncmarred: but

tions of Fasting and external Severiwine must be


ties. to new bottles. 23 And it came

23. 5 At another Time, as Jesus to pass, that he went was walking through the Corn-Fields, through the corn his Disciples, being hungry, began to fields on the fabbath- pluck the Ears, and to rub out the day, and his disciples Corn and eat it: And it happen'd to be began as they went, the Sabbath-Day. to pluck the ears of

24. Which the Pharisees observing, 24 And the Pha- presently upbraided Jesus, saying ; risees said unto him, See, how your Disciples break the Behold, why do they Sabbath ; You who pretend to be a on the fabbath-day Teacher of great and extraordinary that which is not Holiness, why do you not reprove lawful?

them? 25 And he said

25. Jesus reply'd: God never deunto them, Have ye sign’d by any positive and ritual Instinot read what David tutions, such as the strict Jewiss Obdid, when he had fervation of the Sabbath, and the like, need, and was

to drive Men into extreme Hardships
hungred, he, and
they that were with and Necessities. For do you not re-
him ?

member how David in a like Case be-
haved himself, when he was hungry and

Strait ? 26 How he went 26. How * about the time of Abia Under into the house of thar's being High-Priest, he went into Abimelech, God in the days of the Tabernacle, and himself and all who was Abiathar the high- his Company eat of the Shew-Bread ;

Abiathar's priest, and did eat

Father. the shew-bread,

which it was as unlawful for
which is not lawful cept the Priests, to eat, as it is to neg-
to eat, but for the lect the strict Observation of the Sab-
priests, and gave al- bath : And yet David is no where
lo to them which blam’d for thus fatisfying a Necessity
were with him.

of Nature, by the Breach of a pori-
tive Institution.


in a great

any, ex

[blocks in formation]

27. From this Instance therefore 'tis 27 And he said evident, that ritual and positive Insti- unto them, The fabtutions, such as reserving the Shew-Bread bath was made for for the Priests only to eat, and the strict man, and not man

for the fabbath:
Jewish Observation of the Sabbath, and
others of the same kind, are not like
Duties of moral and eternal Obligation,
indispensably to be observ'd in whatso-
ever Extremity or Neceflity a Man may
be; but were appointed of God only
for the present Use of Man, to be sub-
servient in assisting to the more conve-
nient Practice of the great Duties of

28. So that in extraordinary Cases 28 Therefore the your rigid and strict Observation of Son of man is Lord the Sabbath may lawfully be relaxed also of the fabbath.

by any Man, and therefore surely may * See Note be dispensed with by * Me. 01 Matt. xij. 8.

Jesus heals a wither'd Hand, and shows that positive Insti-

tutions must give Place to moral Duties, ver, 1. Suffers
not evil Spirits to declare who he was, ver. 12. Chufes
his twelve Apostles, ver. 13. His Actions are misinterpre-
ted by his friends, ver. 21. And blasphemed and attri-
buted to the Devil, by the Pharisees, ver. 22. Jesus proves
his Divine Commision by the Greatness of his įVorks, and
by the Tendency of his Doctrine, ver. 23 and 27. Blaf-
phemy against the Holy Ghost, ver, 28. Jesus prefers his
Disciples before his Relations, ver. 31.


NOW when Jesus returned to 'AND: he entred

Capernaum, he went again into the Synagogue to teach, according to fynagogue, and there his Custom, on the Sabbath-Day: And

man there

which had a witherthere was present a Man with a wither

ed hand.
ed Hand, having the Flesh wasted a-
way and dried up.

2 And



2 And they watch 2. Upon which Occafion the Phaed him, whether he risees again watched Jesus, to see what would heal him on he would do ; thinking they should the sabbath day, that have another fair opportunity of accuthey might accuse him.

fing him, if he should heal the Man

on the Sabbath-Day. 3 And he saith un 3. But Jefus knowing their Malice to the man that had and Superstition, and designing to exthe withered hand, pose the Unreasonableness of both in Stand forth.

the Presence of the whole Congregation, bad the lame Man come out of his Seat, and stand forth before them

all. 4 And he saith un

4. Then turning himself to the Phato them, Is it lawful risees, he said : 1 appeal to your selves, to do good on the fabbath-days, or to

judge ye; Which is the best Keepdo evil? to save life, ing of the Sabbath, and most accepor to kill ? but they table to God? to do a good Work, of held their peace. great Necessity and Charity ? Or, to

negle&t doing it, on Pretence of resting on the Sabbath? To say, It ought to be forborn, they were alhamed and afraid, in the Presence of the People ; and to say, It ought to be done, was to vindicate Jefus. Not knowing there

fore what to answer, they held their 5And when he had Tongues. looked round about 5. Then Jesus looking about with on them with anger, Anger and Grief in his Face, (angry being grieved for the at their obftinate Malice, and grieved hardness of their hearts, he saith unto would not receive his gracious Afift

at their incurable Blindness, that they

Stretch forth thine hand. ance,) bad the lame Man hold out his And he stretched it Hand ; and when he held it out, it out: and his hand was presently healed. was restored whole 6. Upon this the Pharisees went as the other.

out; and finding they were not any 6 And the Phari- other way able to withstand the Powsees went forth, and straightway

er of Jesus's Miracles, and the Au

took counsel with the He. thority of his Doctrine, so as to rodians against him, prevent its being embraced by the Peohow they might de- ple; they resolved to form a Constroy him.


the man,

spiracy against his Life; and began to plot with the Followers of Herod, which way they might effect this Defign.

7. But Fofus, aware of their mali But Jesus withcious Design, retired with his Disci- drew himself with ples from Capernaum to the Lake's his disciples to the fide; and many Jews and Galilæans titude from Galilee

fea; and a great mul. followed him.

followed him, and 8. Many of the Inhabitants of Je- from Judea, ufalem alfo, and Idumæans, and De 8 And from Jeru1eans; and People from the Sea- salem, and from ICoasts toward Tyre and Sidon, having dumea, and from beheard the Fame of his mighty Works, yond Jordan, and

they about Tyre and came out after him.

Sidon, a great mul9. And so great at last was the

titude, when they Múltitude which gathered about him, had heard what great that he was forced to order a Boat things he did, came to attend him near the Shore, that unto him. he might go into it to avoid the 9 And he fpake to Croud, and preach from thence to the his disciples, that a People.

small ship should 10. For, during his stay in that wait on him, because

of the multitude, left Place, he had worked many Miracles, they should throng and particularly healed many Disea- him. fes ; so that the People crouded and 19 For he had prefied upon him, to bring near all healed many, infoforts of disealed Persons to touch him. much that they prefII. He cast out Devils also out of


him for to Men Poleged: Who as soon as they touch him, as many

as had plagues. faw him, would run and kneel down

1 And unclean before him, and confess him to be the spirits, when they Meffiah the Son of God.

saw him, fell down But yfirs suffered not the before him, and cryevil Spirits to bear Testimony con- ed, faying, Thou cerning him. And because only art the Son of God. his own Works and Doctrine could

12 And he straitgive the truest Character of his Per

ly charged them, that fon and Office; therefore he forbad him know?.

they should not make the Men also, whom he had disposfeiled and cured, to report publickly that he was the Mefiah, among the


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