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Jews who were already prejudiced with

false Notions concerning the Matter.
13 And he goeth 13 f 14. 5 At another time, Jesus
up into a mountain, being upon á Hill with his Disciples
and calleth unto him about him, he chose out Twelve Men,
whom he would : whom he called Apostles, to attend him
and they came unto

constantly, to be Witnesses of his Do-
14 And he ordain- ctrine and Miracles, and to affist in
ed twelve, that they Preaching the Gospel both before and
should be with him, after his Death.
and that he might 15. And he communicated to them
send them forth to

a Power of working the same Miracles
preach :

for the Confirmation of their Doctrine,
15 And to have

as he himself worked ; such as healing
power to heal fick-
nesses, and to cast out the Sick, casting out Devils, and the
16 And Simon he


19. Now the Names of the
surnamed Peter. Twelve were these :
17 And James the

1. Simon, whom Jesus called
son of Zebedee, and

John the brother of

2. James, Sons of * Zebedee.
James (and he sur-


*These je named them Boaner3. John,

fus called ges, which is, The 4. Andrew, Tons of thunder) 5. Philip,

in the Sy18 And Andrew, 6. Bartholomew,

riack Pro

nunciation and Philip, and Bar7. Matthew,

Boanerges, tholomew, and Mat8. Thomas,

Sons of thew, and Thomas,

9. Another James, Son of Al- Thunder, and James the fon of pheus,

that is, Alpheus, and Thaddeus, and Simon the 10. Thaddæus, or Jude.

principal Canaanite, II. Simon, the Canaanite, or Ze- Ministers

ofthe Gold 19 And Judas IC

lotes, cariot, which also

12. Judas Iscariot, who betrayed betrayed him : and

Jesus. they went into an

20. These Twelve Jesus carried house.

home with him t to his House at Ca- t See 20 And the multitude cometh toge- pernaum. And as soon as the People Mat.iva ther again, so that heard they were there, they gathered 13. they could not fo together again, and pressed after them much as eat bread. so much, as hardly to give them time

to eat.

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21, Which

21. Which when Jesus's Friends 21 And when his heard, they said his Zeal carried him friends heard of it, too far, so as to make him neglect even they went out to lay the necessary Refreshments of Nature :

hold on him : for And they came to endeavour

to lay hold they faid, He is beside on him, and secure him.

22. But the Pharisees and Jewish 22 S And the Doctors who came down from Jerusa- fcribes which came lem to Capernaum, reviled him with down from Jerufathe highest Degree of Malice, saying Beelzebub, and by

lem, faid, He hath he was possessed and had a Devil. And the prince of the departicularly when they saw him one day vils casteth he out with Authority cast a Devil out of a pol- devils. sessed Person, they said he did it by secret Confederacy with the Prince of Devils.

23. But Jesus, to reprove their ob 23 And he called ftinate and implacable Malice, re

them unto him, and

faid unto them in paplied ; How can ye think the Devil

rables, How can Sadispossesses Devils, and fights against tan cast out Satan? himself?

24 & 25. For as it is impossible 24 And if a kingthat, a Kingdom or Family, which is dom be divided a. divided into Parties and Factions with gainft it self, that

kingdom in it self, can long sublift :

stand. 26. Even so if the Devils act against

25 And if a house themselves, and dispofless one another, be divided against it and That in Confirmation of a Do- self, that house canetrine directly opposite to their whole not stand. Power and Interest; this is abfurdly

26 And if Satan to suppose them doing that, which rise up against himmuft of Necessity destroy their own he cannot stand, but

self, and be divided, Kingdom.

hath an end.

see the House of a

27 No man can strong Man broken up, and his Goods enter into a strong carried away by Force ; you make no mans house,and spoil doubt, but he that thus spoileth the his goods, except he other, is stronger and more powerful will first bind the than the Person spoiled. Why then itrong man, and then

he will spoil his is it not as evident to you, that if house. I cast the Devils out of their Poffel

28 Verily


fion with Authority, and in Con-
firmation of a Doctrine directly con-
trary to their Intereft, this cannot be
done by Confederacy or Agreement
with them, but only because I have
greater Power and Authority than

28Verily I say un 28 & 29. So that, what you say
to you, All fins shall of me, can proceed from nothing but
be forgiven unto the the most open and extreme Malice.
sons of men,


Wherefore tho' all other Sins and blasphemies wherewith foever they

Blasphemies whatsoever, may be forThall blasphemy:

given unto Men; yet this blafphe29 But he that shall ming the Holy Ghost, by ascribing blaspheme against the undeniable Works of the Spithe Holy Ghost, hath rit of God to the Power of the De

forgiveness, vil, being an obftinate and malicious but is in danger of resisting the laft Means which God eternal damnation :

thinks fit to make use of for the
Conviction and Salvation of Men, ex-
cludes them from all the Means of

Forgiveness. 30 Because they


This severe Sentence Jefus
, He hath an un- passed upon the blaspheming Phari-

sees, because when they could not
deny the Truth of his Miracles, they
maliciously represented them to the
People as done by the Allistance of the


clean spirit.

31 S There came 31. But to return to the History. then his brethren and his mother,and ftand- and teaching the People; his Mother,

As Jesus was sitting in the * House, * Ver. 20. ing without, sent un

and other Relations came to ask for him. to him, calling him.

32 And the multi 32. And because the Croud was so tude fat about him, great, that they could not get into the and they said unto

House; therefore those that sat next him, Behold, thy him, told him that his Mother and mother and thy bre- his Kinsmen waited at the Door to thren without feek speak with him. for thee. 33 And he answer

33. Jesus replied; Who is my ed them, saying, Mother ? and who are my Kinsmen?


Do you think that I efteem People by Who is my mother, natural Relation, or by any temporal or my brethren? Considerations ?

34. And turning about to his Disci 34 Ard he looked ples who fat round him, he said: No;

round about on them but these are most properly my Kint- which fat about him,

and said, Behold my men and Relations.

mother and my bre35. For they who attentively hear thren. the Word of God, and believe and

35 For whosoever obey the Doctrine of true Religion ; shall do the will of those are they whom I account my God, the same is my nearest Relations, and shall treat them brother, and my as such.

fifter, and mother.

CH A P. IV. The Parable of the Sower, with the Explication, ver. 1, and

14. Why Jesus spake in Parables, ver. 11. Knowledge must be communicated, ver. 21. Grace given proportionable to Mens Improvements, ver. 24. · Parable of Corn growing imperceptibly, ver. 26. Of the Mustard-feed, ver. 31. Why Jesus spake in Parables, ver. 33. Jesus filleth a Storm, ver. 35.


FTER this, Jesus retired again 'AND. he began to the Lake's side ; and the Peo

again to teach ple followed him out of the City. And by the sea-side ; and when the Multitude grew so great as

there was gathered to croud him, that he could not con

unto him a great

multitude ; so that veniently stand on the Ground and be he entred into a ship, heard ; he went into a Boat, and the and fat in the sea, People food before him along the and the whole mul. Shore.

titude was by the 2. And he taught them many Things sea, on the land. by way of Comparison or Similitude.

2 And he taught Particularly, he represented the Doct. by parables, and faid

them many things rine of the Gospel, and the Effect it

them in his has upon Men of various Tenpers and doctrine, Dispositions, by this following Similitude.


3 Hearken

3 Hearken, Be 3. Hearken, faith he, and attend hold, there went out to what I say. A certain Husbandman a fower to low:

went out to row his Ground. Thus Chrift, or the Preacher of the Gospel, publishes the Doctrine of true Religion

amongst Men. 4

And it came to 4. And as he was sowing, some of pals as he fowed, the Seed fell upon the hard beaten Road, some fell by the way where it never entred the Earth at all, lide, and the fowls but the Birds picked it up and destroyed it. of the air came and devoured it up.

Thus the Gospel is preached to some, who never regard it or consider it at all, but presently forget what they have heard ; and the flight Impressions it

makes upon them, very soon wear out. 5

And some fell on 5 & 6. And some of the Seed fell ftony ground, where

upon Stones covered with thin Earth, it had not much where it presently grew up earth, and immedi

indeed, but ately it sprang, up,

without Root, so that as soon as the Sun because it had no

came to shine hot upon it, it witherdepth of earth. ed away. Thus the Doctrine of true

6 But when the Religion is preached to others, who sun was up, it was entertain it indeed readily, and are fcorched, and be pleased with it, and in some measure cause it had no root, also resolve to obey it ; but for want it withered away.

of Steddiness and Constancy of Mind, they are overcome by Temptations, especially by Perfecution, and fall away

from their Obedience to the

Truth. 7 And some fell 7. Again, some other of the Seed, fell among thorns, and among IVeeds, which springing up togethe thorns grew up, ther with the Corn, over-ran it, and dleand choaked it, and

stroyed it: Thus some others hear the i: yielded no fruit.

Doctrine of Christianity, who likewise entertain it indeed, and pretend to obey it; but the Hurry of Businefs, and the deceitful Cares of Riches, and the Allurements of Pleasures, do so take up their Thoughts and divert their Minds, that Religion has little Influence upon their Lives and Con


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