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versations, to produce real and substantial Acts of Piety and Charity.

8. Lastly, some of the Seed fell into 8 And other fell good Ground, where it grew up and in- on good ground, and creased, and came to ripeness, and brought did yield fruit that forth good Corn, some more, fome lefs; sprang up and inThus the Doctrine of true Religion, forth some thirty,

creased, and brought when it is preached in the World, and some fixty, and meets with some honest and well-dif- fome an hundred. posed Persons, who both hear it willingly, and believe it heartily, and obey it sincerely, and persevere in that Obedience resolutely and constantly ; bringing forth the Fruits of Holiness and of all Vertues, according to their several Difpofitions, Abilities, and Callings. 9. Whoever is capable and defirous 9

And he said unof Instruction, let him hear and con to them, He that fider what I say.

hath ears to hear, let

him hear. 10. Ş This and many other Para

10 And when he bles {pake Jefus to the People ; ex

was alone, they that pressing the Similitudes only, with

were about him with out adding their Interpretation: And the twelve, asked of when the People were gone, his A- him the parable. postles and Disciples desired him privately to explain these Things clearly to them. 11. Then said Jesus: To you in

11 And he said undeed, God has vouchsafed to reveal

to them, Unto you clearly and plainly all the great Truths it is given to know relating to the State of the Gospel, kingdom of God :

the mystery of the and the Kingdom of the Meffiah : but to them that But the mixt Multitude are not yet are without, all these capable nor worthy of this Privilege. things are done in For the greatest Part of them have parables: such strong Prejudices, that they will not understand the plainest Doctrines, nor be convinced by the clearest Truths : Wherefore, I speak to them in Parables only, that all such may yet continue ignorant, who despise

12 That


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Admonition, or are not desirous to be
instructed, and will not take Pains to

consider and search out the Truth.
That seeing

12. * In whom accordingly is exthey may fee, and actly fulfilled that Prophecy of Isaiah, ixcarixò, not perceive, and

(Ifai. vi. 9.) This People heareth indeed, not alti. hearing they may but understandeth not ; and seeth indeed,

τικόν, stand; left at any but perceiveth not ; so as to be converted time they should be and saved. converted, and their fins should be forgiven them.

13 And he said 13. And now, as to the Parable of unto them, Know the Sower; if you understand not the ye not this parable ? Meaning of so calie a Similitude and how then will

as this, how will you understand ye know all para- the Meaning of other harder Parables ?

bles ? 14 The fower

14. Then he told them, how by soweth the word. the Husbandmen that went out to fow 15. And these are

his Field, was meant Christ or the they by the way side, Preacher of true Religion ; and by the where the word is sown, but when they

Seed, the Word of God. have heard, . Satan

15. That by the hard beaten Road, cometh immediately, where the Seed could not enter the Earth and taketh away the at all; were represented such Persons, word that was sown as hear the Preaching of the Gospel carein their hearts.

lesly, so as noeto regard what they hear, 16 And these are

nor remember it at all, or at least retain they likewise which are sown on ftony

not long the pight Impression it makes ground, who when upon them. they have heard the 16 & 17. That by the stony Ground word, immediately covered with thin Earth, where the Seed receive it with glad- quickly grew up, and for want of Root ness :

as quickly withered away; were meant 17 And have no those who readily indeed embrace the root in themselves, Doctrine of Christianity, and are pleafand so endure but

ed with it, and make Resolutions of for a time ; afterward when afficti- obeying it, but, for want of Courage on or persecution a- and Steddiness, of Mind, are overcome riseth for the words by Temptations, and return to their Sins. fake, immediately they are offended.

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18 & 19.

18 & 19. Again, that by the Earth 18 And these are full of Weeds and Thorns, where the they which are fown Weeds growing up together with the among thorns : such

as hear the word, Corn, over-ran it and choaked it ; were to be understood such Persons, of this world, and

19 And the cares who likewise readily entertain indeed the deceitfulness of the Doctrine of true Religion, and pre- riches, and the lusts tend to obey it ; but the Hurry of Bu- of other things enfiness, and the Deceitfulness of Riches, tring in, choke the and Allurements of Pleasure, diftraft word, and it beand corrupt their Minds, so as to hin- cometh unfruitful. der them from bringing forth the Fruits of Righteousness. 20. Lastly, That by * the good

20 And these are Ground, where the Seed grew up, and they which are fown took Root, and brought forth good Corn;

on good ground, such

as hear the word, and were represented honest and good receive it, and bring Men, who hear and believe and obey forth fruit, some the Gospel, and persevere in that Obe- thirty fold, some fixdience to the End, bringing forth the ty, and some an hunFruits of Righteousness according to their dred. different Dispositions, Abilities, and Stations.

21. Thus Jesus explain'd the 21 S And he said Parable at large to his Ditciples. And unto them, Is a canwhen he had so done, he said: As a

dle brought to be put

under a bushel, or Candle ought not to be hid under a

under a bed ? and not Vessel, but to be set in a Candlestick

to be set on a candleto give Light through the whole House; stick? so ye, whom I have fully inftructed

* Note, that stapértes here, and in Matt. xiii. does not signifie sown in the sense that we say Seed is sown, but in the Sense that we say Ground is fown; (Men being here compared, not to the Seed, but to the Ground :) and This is the proper Use of the Greeé Word. Wherefore the Words. és otufévteg tis cym zimy xaan, ought not to be rendred, they that are forun upon good Ground, but they that are fown (that is, who receive the Seed,) themselves being good Ground. And so alio is cursupós a to be rendred in the foregoing Verres.

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in the Doctrine of true Religion, ought now to take Care not to suppress it, but to become as Lights to the World converting Men by the Excellency and Strength of your Doctrine, and by the conspicuous Example of your good Lives, to the Belief and Practice of

this true Religion. 22 For there is

22. For the Things which I now nothing hid which tell you privately, ought to manifest shall not be manifest- themselves publickly by their Effects in ed: neither was any thing kept secret, but your Life and Doctrine. And though that it should come

it be necessary at present to conceal abroad.

some Things from the Multitude, because their Prejudices make them uncapable to receive them now; yet the Time is coming, when all these Things must be published openly and plainly to

all the World. 23 If any man 23. Wherefore observe what I say ; hath ears to hear, let and lay it up in your Memories, him hear.

and consider it, and act according



And he said un 24. Jefus added moreover, and said : to them, Take heed 'Tis a thing of the higheit Importance, what you hear: with and therefore I repeat it again and inwhat measure ye culcate it upon you.

Take heed that mete, it shall be measured to you:

the Things I teach you, fail not to and unto you that have their due Effect upon your Minds hear shall more be gi- and Lives, so as my Instructions may ven.

not prove in vain. For in Proportion as ye improve and make good Use of your present Advantages and

Instructions, so will God afford you 25 For he that greater Grace and Aflistances. hath, to him shall be

25. For every one that with Hogiven : and he that nesty and Sincerity receives Instructia hath not, from him on, and improves the Advantages shall be taken even

that God has already given him, to that which he hath. the Promotion of true Religion

and the Increase of Virtue ; shall have more Instruction, and greater Helps,


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continually afforded him: But he that neglects to improve the Advantages he already has, and continues impenitent; shall be thought unworthy of greater Affiftance, or Thall for his incorrigibleness be even deprived of what he at first had.

26. But to proceed in the History. 26 And he said, After the Parable of the Sower, Jesus So is the kingdom of continued to utter many other Compa- God, as if a man

should cast feed into risons to the People. And he said ; The

the ground, State of the Gospel may yet further be compared to a Husbandman's fowing Seed in his Ground.

27 & 28. For as the Seed, after 27 And should it is once çown, without any further sleep, and rise night Knowledge or Care of the Husbandman, and day, and the grows up and increases Day and Night and grow up, he

teed should spring by secret and imperceptible Degrees, till knoweth not how. it comes to its juft Bigness and Matu 28 For the earth rity : So Christ, after he has once bringeth forth fruit taught the Doctrine of true Religion, of her self, first the and preach'd it to the World, appears blade, then the ear, no more himself visibly to aliit and after that the full

corn in the ear. promote it, but suffers it to spread and increase by Means secret and undircerned, till at length it obtains and produces its full Effect.

29. But at Harvest when the Corn 29 But when the is grown ripe, then the Husbandman fruit is brought forth, comes again, and puts in his Sickle and immediately he put

teth in the fickle, bereaps it: So at the End of the World

cause the harvest is Christ will again visibly appear, to take to himself and reward those, who have received his Doctrine and brought forth the Fruits of it.


30. Again; How, said be, fall

30 And he said, 1 describe the State of the Gospel ? Whereunto fhall we

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