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compare it?

liken the kingdom of And by what Comparison shall I re-
God? or with what present it to you?
comparison shall we

31. It may fitly be compared to a

Grain of Mustard-feed. For as a
3i It is like a grain Grain of Mustard-feed, when 'tis put
of mustard-seed,
which when it is

into the Earth, is one of the smallest of
sown in the earth, is Seeds : So the Doctrine of Christianity,
less than all the seeds at its first Appearance, seems very

that be in the earth. and inconsiderable.
32 But when it is

32. But when this Grain of Muft-
fown, it groweth up, ard-feed grows up, it becomes one of the
er than all herbs,and biggest of Plants, so as to shoot out into
shooteth out great

a Tree : So the Doctrine of Chriftia-
branches, so that the nity will in time spread incredibly;
fowls of the air may and though it be now despised and
lodge under the fhá- lightly esteemed by the Jews, yet here-
dow of it.

after it shall be received and entertained
by the Gentiles through all the Nations

of the World,
33 And with ma-

33. S Thus Jesus taught the Peony such , parables ple by way of Similitude or Compari{pake he the word fon,' + obscurely and by little and † Not, as unto them as they little discovering the Truth, as they many Inwere able to hear it.

were capable of bearing it. For if terpreters he had declared the whole Truth ex

think, in presly, and plainly described the Glory fie and in

the most ea-
and Majesty of his Kingdom, they telligible
would all have been offended at it, Manner :
and none would have believed him : For that is
But by these Parables he now gave the inconsiste
sincerest Men amongst them obscure ent with
Hints of what in due time they should ver. 12.
see clearly brought to pass, and what
they should be afterward confirmed in
the Belief of, by the Remembrance of

these obscure Representations.
34 But without a 34. Thus clus, I say, taught the
parable spake he not People in Parables ; expressing the Si-

them: and militudes only, without adding their
when they were a-
lone, he expounded Explication. But when he was alone
all things to his dif- with his Disciples, he explained every

thing to Them clearly and fully.


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35. I Now

35. Now when the * Evening 35 And the same was come, Jesus ordered his Disciples day when the even to row over the Lake.

was come, he faith 36. Accordingly, as soon as the Peo

unto them, Let us ple was dismissed, they carried him cross

pass over unto the

other side. the Lake in the same Boat out of which

36 And when they he had been preaching to the People: had sent away the And some other Boats also accompa- multitude, they took nied him.

him even as he was 37. And in their Passage there came in the ship,and there upon them a violent Storm, which

were also with him made the Lake so very rough, that other little ships. the Waves beat into the Boat, and it

37 And there arose

a great storm of was in great Danger of sinking. wind, and the waves

38. In the mean time elus lay a beat into the ship, so Peep at the End of the Boat, and his that it was now full. Disciples ran to him in a great Fright, 38 And he was in and awaked him, saying: Lord, we

the hinder part of are just ready to be drowned ; and can

the ship, asleep on a you sleep without taking notice of the pillow; and they a

wake him, and say Storm, or being at all concerned for unto him, Mafter, our Preservation ?

carest thou not that 39. Then Jefirs rose up, and with we perish? Authority commanded the Wind to 39 And he arose, fall, and the Water to be fill; and

and rebuked the the Words were no fooner out of his wind, and said unto Mouth, but the Weather became pre- ftill: and the wind

the sea, Peace, be fently calm, and the Lake grew smooth ceased, and there

was a great calm. 40. Then turning about to his Dif

40 And he said ciples, he thus rebuked their Fearful- unto them, Why are ness and Distruft: How is it, saith ye so fearful? how he, that after so much Evidence of

is it that you have no

my Divine Power, and so many Inftan

faith? ces as I have given of my tender Con


and quiet.

* Whether of the same, or of some other day wherein he had likewise been preaching, is not certain from the Words. For co speapae ixsiy may here, (as well as in Matt. xiii. 1.) signify no more than what St. Luke in the parallel Place expresies by cpsa ñ qpspôv, Luc. viii. 22.

can yet

cern for
you, you

doubt either of my Power or Care to preserve you? 41 And they fear 41. At this Miracle the Disciples ed exceedingly, and themselves were surprized, and the * * Matt.viii faid one to another, Men of the Boat, and those in the + 27: What manner of

+Ver. 36. other Boats were greatly astonished, man is this, that even the wind and the sea saying; How great is this Man, and of this Ch. obey him ?

how wonderful is his Power, that even
the Winds and the Water thus obey



Jesus difpoblesses a Legion of Devils, ver. 1. Heals a Bloody-

flux, ver. 25. Raises Jairus's Daughter, ver. 35. 'AND they came

WHEN Jefus had thus crossed over unto the

over the Lake, he landed in other side of the sea, the Country of the Gadarenes. into the country of 2. And as soon as he was come out the Gadarenes. 2And when he was

of the Boat, there met him a Man * One of come out of the ship, possessed with an evil Spirit ; whose the two immediately there Malice in tormenting the Man, the mention'd met him out of the Providence of God directed and over- Matt. viii. tombs, a man with ruled to be at this time an Occasion of 28. an unclean spirit,

evidencing Jesus's Power. 3 Who had his

3. The Condition of this Man had dwelling among the

been most miserable: For the evil tombs, and no man could bind him, no Spirit made him run wild in desert no not with chains. Places, and among the Sepulchres of

the Dead; and he raged with such

Fury and Strength, as that no Art or 4. Because that he Force could tame him. had been often bound 4. For Men had often attempted to with fetters and bind him with Chains and Fetters; but chains, and the chains he broke the Iron with ease, and tore in had been plucked afunder by him, and pieces the Chains like Thread, fo that the fetters broken in nothing was able to hold him. pieces: neither could any man tame him.



me not.

5. And he ran up and down Night 5

And always and Day upon the Mountains, and a- night and day, he mong the Tombs, crying horribly, and

was in

the mounbeating and wounding himself with wounding himself with tains, and in the

tombs, crying, and Stones.

cutting himself with 6. This Man, I say, spying Jesus stones. afar off at his coming out of the Boat, 6 But when he ran to him and kneeled down and wor saw Jesus afar off, he shipped him ; the evil Spirit being com ran and worshipped pelled by the Divine Power, to ac

him, knowledge the Majesty and Authority of Jesus. 7. And the evil Spirit cried out a

7 And cried with loud, saying; Wherefore, Othou Son

a loud voice, and of the Supreme God, art thou come

said, What have I to

do with thee, Jesus, to torment us before the Time ap- thou Son of the pointed by God for our final Judg- most high God? I ment? I beseech thee, for God's fake, adjure thee by God, compel us not to return to our Pri- that thou torment fon.

8. (For Jesus had commanded him 8 (For he said unto come out of the Man.)

to him, Come out 9. Then Jesus, to thow how great of the roan, thou unand from how

clean spirit.) many Enemies the Man's Deliverance was to be, asked him, What is thy

9 And he asked the evil Spirit who he was. The Spi- name? And he anrit answered, my Name is Legion ; fig- swered, saying, My nifying that there was a vast Number name is Legion: for of them in the Man at once.

we are many 10. And they importunately desi 10 And he be. red Jesus, that if he compelled them fought him much, to come out of the Man, yet they that he would not might be permitted to continue fome send them away out where in that Country, and not be

of the country. forced to return to their Chains of Darkness.

11. Now it happened that there was Now there at that Instant a great Herd of Swine was there nigh unto feeding about the neighbouring Moun

the mountains, tains.

great herd of swine 12. The Devils therefore earnest


12 And all the de ly intreated Jefus, that if they might vils besought him,






saying, Send us into no longer possess the Man, yet at least
the swine, that we they might be suffered to enter into the
may enter into them. Swine.
13 And forthwith

13. This Request Jefus * easily *The proJesus

gave them leave

. And the un- granted ; and the Devils accordingly bable Reaclean spirits went coming out of the Man, went into sons why out, and entred into the Swine : And the Effect of it was, he did so, the fwine, and the that the Swine, (which were a Herd of see in the

Note on herd ran violently about Two Thousand in Number)

Matt. viii. down a steep place were presently hurried down a Preciinto the sea, (they pice into the Lake, and were drown

32. about

ed. thousand) and were choked in the sea.

14. When the Keepers of the Swine 14 And they that saw this, they fled; and reported in fed the swine fled, the City and Country what Things and told it in the they had seen, and what had befallen city, and in the their Swine. And abundance of Peocountry, And they ple came out to see and be satisfied of went out to see what the Truth of it. it was that was done. 15 And they come

15. And they came to the Place to Jesus,

and see where Jesus was, and saw the Man him that was pos. sober and in his right Wits, whom fessed with the devil, they all knew to have been possessed and had the legion, with a Devil, and to have run about fitting, and clothed, naked and mad: And they were conand in his right vinced of the Truth of the Miracle, mind, and they were and aftonished at the Power of Jesus. afraid. 16 And they that

16. For those that had been prefaw it, told them sent from the Beginning, and were how it befel to him Eye-witnesses of the whole Matter, that was possessed told them all the particular Circumwith the devil, and stances how the Man was healed and also concerning the the Swine destroyed. swine. 17 And they be

17. They were therefore fully congan'to pray him to vinced of the Truth of the Miracle; depart out of their But being more afraid of the Power coafts.

of Jesus manifested in the Destruction
of the Swine, than pleased with his
Goodness in delivering the Man, they
intreated him to depart out of their

18. Jesus,

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