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this man these things? with which he deliver'd them, and at and what wisdom is the Power by which he worked such this which is given Miracles to confirm the Truth of what unto him, that even

he taught. such mighty works are wrought by his

3. But, notwithstanding all this, the hands ?

Meanness of his Family and Educa3 Is not this the tion prejudiced them against him ; So carpenter, the son of that they said amongst themselves : He Mary, the brother of preaches indeed admirably, and he does James and Joses, and wonderful Things; but we all know of Juda, and Simon ? that his Father was a poor Tradesman, and are not his fif- and his Mother and Kinsmen all mean ters here with us? And they were of Persons, and some of his nearest Refended at him. lations live even yet in the Town with

us; He cannot therefore be such an extraordinary Person, as he seems to be. And they were ashamed to follow

him. 4. But Jesus said 4. Then Jesus said ; A Prophet or unto them, A pro- Preacher of true Religion, is no where phet is not without likely to be so little esteemed, as in his honour, but in his

own Country, among his own Kinfown country, and

men and Acquaintance, who know his mong his kin, and Birth and Original, and are apt to in his own house.

judge of him, not by his real Excellencies and true Worth, but by outward and worldly Considerations : by the Quality of his Family, and by the

Circumstances of his Relations. 5 And he could 5. And for this Reason Jesus in his there do no mighty divine Wisdom did not think fit to do works, save that he so many Miracles at Nazareth, as he laid his hands upon had done in other Places; For the Una few fick folk, and belief of the People who knew him healed them,

there, was such, that his working more Miracles, which they would certainly have rejected, would only have rendred them more inexcufable, and exposed himself to greater Envy and Hatred. He therefore only healed a few fick People, that had Faith to be healed; and so departed.


6. And he wondred greatly at the 6 And he marvel. Perverseness of their Judgment, in re- led because of their

And he jecting him upon such an unreasonable unbelief.

went round about Prejudice as the Meanness of his paren

the villages teaching. tage. However, when he went away, he preached in all the little Towns thereabouts, as he went through.

7. About this time, Jesus took 7 And he calafide his Twelve Apostles ; And having leth unto him the given them Instructions what they twelve, and began should preach, and a Power of work to send them forth by ing even the greatest Miracles to con

two and two, and

gave them power o. firm their Doctrine; he sent them out

ver unclean spirits, by two and two, to preach in the Cities of Judæa. 8 & 9. And in their Instructions

8 And command. he commanded them, not to make ed them that they

should take nothing any Provision for their journey, ei

for their journey, ther of Bread, Money, or Cloaths ; fave a staff only: no but to go just as they were; each Man

scrip, no bread, no *See Note with only the fame * Staff, Shoes, money in their purse : on Mat. x. and Cloaths, which he then had ; and


But be shod with to depend upon the Providence of God,

sandals : and not put in whose Service they were employed, to raise them up Friends, and to provide for their Sustenance and Defence in the Way.

10. He added moreover, and faid: 10 And he said When

first enter a Town or City,

unto them, In what go into any Family that is willing to place foever ye en

ter into an house, entertain you, and well-disposed to hear

there abide till ye your Doctrine ; and when you are depart

from that once received into a House, continue in place. the same, and settle therein a lasting Friendship, without removing from one Lodging to another, till you depart out of that Town.

II. And if any Place be so obsti 1 1 And whosoever nate and wicked, that you can meet shall not receive you, with no Entertainment there, nor find

nor hear you, when any Persons who will attend to your thake off the duft

ye depart thence, Preaching and receive your Doctrine;



on two coats,

under your feet for trine; depart from thence; and, as a testimony against you go away, shake off the very Duft them. Verily I say from your Feet, as a Protestation abe more tolerable for gainst their Impenitence, and that you Sodom and Gomor

will have nothing more to do with rha in the day of them, but leave them to the righteous judgment, then for Judgment of God. Affuredly I tell that city.

you, the Destruction which God will bring upon the Inhabitants of that Place in the Day of his Vengeance, shall be more terrible than was the Overthrow of Sodom; because they reject clearer Declarations of the Will of God, and greater Means of Conviction, and Offers of greater and more lasting Hap

piness. 12 And they went 12. With these Instructions the out, and preached Apostles went out to preach; And the that men should re

Sum of what they taught and exhortpent.

ed every where, was, that Men should forfake their Sins and reform their

Lives. 13 And they cast 13. And they proved their Divine out many devils, and Commission by undeniable Miracles ; anointed with oyl by casting out Devils, and healing all many that were sick, sorts of Diseases. and healed them. 14. And king He

14. S By this Means the Fame of rod 'heard of him, Jesus grew every Day greater and great(for his name was

er; so that at last the Report of the {pread abroad) and mighty Works done by him and his he said, That John Disciples, came to the Ears of King the Baptift was risen Herod : Who, conscious of his having from the dead, and Nain John the Baptist, whom he betherefore

mighty lieved to be a Prophet; presently sufworks do shew forth themselves in him.

pected that That good Man, whom he had unjustly beheaded, was by the Power of God restored to Life, and therefore manifested himself in this extraor

dinary Manner. 15 Others faid, 15. And indeed, various were PeoThat it is Elias. ples Conjectures concerning

concerning Jesus; VOL. I.



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some thinking that he was Elias, whom And others said, Malachi had foretold should appear; That it is a prophet, others fancying that he was one of the

or as one of the proold Prophets, raised again from the phets. Dead ; and others, that he was a new Prophet, in Power and Dignity like to those of old.

16. But Herod, as I said, whose 16 But when HeConscience terrified him for the un

rod heard thereof, juft Murder of John the Baptift, con

he said, It is John cluded that it must needs be John he is rifen from the

whom I beheaded, risen from the Dead, and appearing dead. again. 17 & 18. For Herod had imprison 17

ForHerod himed John, and beheaded him in the self had sent forth,

and laid hold upon Prison. And the Occasion of his act.

Herod ha- him in prison for

John, and bound ing that Cruelty, was this. ving married Herodias, one that had Herodias fake, his before been his own Brother's Wife; brother Philips wife; was told by John, with great Plainness for he had married and Freedom, that the Thing was ab- her. solutely unlawful.

18 For John had 19. Hereupon Herodias bore a con

faid unto Herod, It ftant Grudge against John, and per- to have thy brothers

is not lawful for thee fwaded Herod to put him in Prison, but wife. could not yet prevail upon him to put him to Death.

rodias had a quar20. For Herod, though he could wil. rel againit him, and lingly enough bave put John to Death, would have killed yet he was afraid to do it, because of him, but she could

not. the great Efteem and Authority which

20 For Herod fearJohn's extraordinary Holiness had gain- ed John, knowing ed among the People. And besides, the that he was a just Experience which he himself had of man and an holy, John's being a just and good Man, had and observed him; forced him to have some kind of Re- and when he heard spect and Veneration for him; fo that he him, he did many would often, when he was in a good

him gladly. Humour, take Delight to hear him Discourse; and would frequently yield to do many things according to his Advice and Direction.

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19 Therefore He

things, and heard

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his birth-day Death.

of me

21 And when a 21 & 22. But at last Herodias convenient day was found the following Opportunity to come, that Herod

prevail upon the King to put John to on

Herod having made a great made a supper to his

Feast lords, high captains,

upon his Birth-Day, at which and chief estates of all his Nobles, and the Officers of Galilee:

his Army, and the principai Men in 22 And when the his Kingdom were present; the Daughdaughter of the said ter of the said Herodias came and danHerodias came in, ced before them, and pleased the King and danced, and

and all his Guests so extreamly, that
pleased Herod, and
them that fat with he promised to grant her whatever the
him, the king said would defire.
unto the damsel, Ask

thou wilt, and I
will give it thee.
23 And he sware

23. And to give her the more Afa
unto her, Whatso. furance to ask what she would, he con-
ever thou shalt ask formed his Promise with a rash Oath,
of me, I will give that he would certainly grant her what-
it thee, unto the
half of my king ever she desired, though it Ihould cost

him half his Dominions. 24. And fhe went 24 & 25. Upon this, the young forth, and said un- Woman went out to advise with her to her mother, What Mother, what she should ask of the shall I ask ? and the King; and returning again in great faid, The head of

haste, she desired that he would preJohn the Baptift.

sent her with the Head of John the 25 And the came in straightway with Baptift immediately, hafte unto the king, and asked, saying, I will that thou give me by and by in a charger, the head of John the Baptift.

26 And the king 26. At this Request the King was was exceeding for- surprized, and very sorry : Yet having ry, yet for his oaths sworn lo publickiy and folemnly in the fake, and for their Presence of all his Nobles to grant her fakes which fat with him, he would not

Request, he was ashamed to confess his reject her,

Raihness, and to go back from his folemn Oath and Promise,

27 & 28.


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