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27 & 28. He sent therefore pre 27 And immedisently a Soldier of his Guard to the ately the king sent Prison, who 'beheaded John, and an executioner, and brought his Head in a Dióh; and the commanded his head

to be brought: and King presented it to the young Wo, he went and beheadman, and the young Woman carried ed him in the prison, it to her Mother Herodias. And 28 And brought thus that cruel Woman accomplished his head in a charher Design against the holy Man, in ger, and gave it to revenge for his oppofing her unlawful the damsel : and the Marriage.

damsel gave it to her

mother. 29. But when the Disciples of John heard of this his Death, they came and disciples heard of it,

29 And when his got leave to fetch his Body out of the they came and took Prison, and bury it.

up his corps, and 30. To return now to the Hif laid it in a tomb. tory. The Apostles, having finished 30 And the apol

tles gathered toge• Ver. 7. the Work upon which Jesus had * sent them out, came back again to

ther unto Jesus, and

told him all things, Jesus; and when they were all met, both what they had they gave him each one a particular done, and what they Account what they had done in their had taught. Journey, and of the great Success of their Preaching and Miracles. 31. After which, because the Peo

3! And he said

unto them, Come ye ple began to gather to them again fo

your selves apart into fast, as hardly to allow them Time so

a desert place, and much as to eat their Meat; Jesus spake rest a while : for to them to retire alone with him into there were many cofome private Place, where they might ming and going, and rest for some time and refresh them- they had no leisure selves.

so much as to eat. 32. Accordingly they took Boat as

32 And they deprivately as they could, and went and parted into a desert

place by ship prilanded in a desert Place over-against vately. Bethsaida.

33 And the peo33. But the People, who saw them ple saw them departdeparting, and watched which waying, and many knew they directed their course, went a him, and ran afoot bout by Land to meet Jesus

thither out of all ci

ties, and out-went coming ashore; and many others also

them, and came to. out of the neighbouring Towns on gether unto him.

at his

that side the Lake, having discovered

where he was, came and met them. 34

And Jesus, 34. When therefore Jesus came out when he came out, of the Boat, he found a great Multitude faw much people, of People waiting for him ; and he piand was moved with tied them, because they seemed wilthem, because they ling to receive Instruction, but wanted were as sheep not ha

honest and sincere Teachers ; and he ving a shepherd: and taught them many Things concerning he began to teach the Kingdom of God, and the Nature them many things. of true Religion. 35 And when the

35. Now when he had spent much day was now far

Time in instructing the People, and spent, his disciples came unto him, and healing their Sick; his Disciples began said, This is a de

to put him in mind, that the Night sert place, and now drew on, and that the Place where the time is far passed : they were, was desart.

36 Send them a 36. And they said ; There is nothing way, that they may here for the People to eat ; It is go into the country time to dismiss them, before it be round about, and into the villages,

dark; that they may go into the neighand buy themselves bouring Towns, and provide for thembread : for they have selves. nothing to eat. 37

He answered 37. Jesus said ; Nay, but do you and said unto them, give them fome Refreshment here. Give

them to eat.

The Disciples answered; How can we And they say unto

make Provision for such a vaft Numhim, Shall we go and ber of People? All the Money we buy two hundred penny-worth

of have, is not sufficient to buy Bread bread, and give them enough, to give every one of them a to eat?

little. 38 He saith unto them, How many have here ready. They went, and

38. Jesus said; Go, see what you loaves have ye? go and fee. And when brought him word, that they had only they knew, they fay, Five Loaves of Bread, and Two little Five, and two files. Fishes amongst them all. 39 And he com

39. Then Jesus bad his Difciples manded them

order the People to divide themselves make all sit down by companies upon

into Companies, and to fit down on the green grass

the graffy Places on the Ground.


S 3

40. Aca

and gave

40. Accordingly they sat down up 40 And they fat on the Grass in several * Companies, down in ranks by by Fifties and Hundreds in a Com- hundreds and by fif.

ties. pany. 41. And when they were ready, had taken the five

41 And when he Jesus took the Five Loaves and the loaves and the two Two Fishes; and having given fifhes, he looked up Thanks, according to his constant to heaven, and blel. Custom, he brake the Bread, and sed, and brake the delivered it with the Fishes to his Dis- loaves, ciples to be distributed among


them to his disciPeople.

ples to set before

them; and the two 42. And the Disciples, according to fishes divided he ahis Directions, distributed them among mong them all. the People, and every one of the Com

42 And they did pany had as much as he could eat, and all eat and were filled. to spare.

43. So that when they had all 43 And they took done, the Disciples took up as many full of the fragments


up twelve baskets broken Pieces of Bread, and Scraps and of the fitnes. of Fish, as would fill Twelve Balkets.

44 And they that did

eat of the loaves 44. Yet the Number of People, who were about five had been thus fed, was not less than thousand men. Five Thousand Men, besides Women 45 And straightand Children.

way he constrained 45. I Now as soon as this was

his disciples to get done, Jesus bad his Disciples take to go to the other

into the ship, and Boat, and cross over the Lake to- fide before unto wards Bethsaida, leaving Him behind Bethsaida, while he alone, to dismiss the People.

sent away the people. 46. And when he had dismissed the 46 And when he People, he retired by himself to the had sent them away, top of a Hill

, to pray secretly, accord- he departed to a ing to his Custom.

mountain to pray. 47. During which time his Disciples

47 And when ewere gotten into the Midst of the ship was in the mids

ven was come, the Lake, where Night and contrary Winds of the sea, and he came upon them at once.

alone on the land. * Euunsola & #paris here; and xarlan, Luc. ix, 14; do not signifie Ranks, but Companies fitting round on the Ground, as about Tables.

48 And he saw

48. Then Jesus coming down to them toiling in row. the Shore, saw them in great Distress, ing ; (for the wind tossed with the Waves, and labouring was contrary unto to row against the Wind.

And having them) and about the fourth watch of the

suffered them, for a Trial of their night he cometh un

Faith and Patience, to continue in that to them, walking Danger a great Part of the Night, he upon the sea; and went to them towards Morning, walkwould have passed ing upon the Water, and made as if he by them.

would have gone by them. 49 But when they saw him walking up pied him, (for though there was not

49 & 50. Now as soon as they efposed it had been a Light enough to discern who he was, spirit, and cried out. yet they all plainly saw one walking

50 (For they all upon the Water ;) they were frighted, faw him, and were thinking they had seen an Apparition ; troubled.) And im- and shrieked out. But he presently mediately he talked came up to them, and spake comfortaunto them, Be of bly to them, telling them who he good cheer, it is I, was, and bad them not be frighted; be not afraid.

and when they knew his Voice, they 51 And he went were satisfied. up unto them into 51. And he went into the Boat to the ship, and the them; and the Storm immediately wind ceased : and ceased. At which they were they were fore, a- surprized with Wonder and Admiration, mazed in themselves

than they were before with Fear at his beyond measure, and wondred.

appearing upon the Water.
52 For they con 52. For though they had seen him
fidered not the mira- work so many Miracles already, and
cle of the loaves, for were even then but just come from
their heart was har- seeing Five Thousand Men fed with

Five Loaves of Bread, which was a
more wonderful Miracle than either
walking upon the Water or appeafing
the Storm ; yet fo dull and now were
they of Understanding, that they had
not yet framed any just Apprehenfion

of his Divine Power and Goodness.
53 And when they
had passed over, they the other fide of the Lake, they landed

53. Now when they were come to came into the land of Gennelaret,and

drew in the Country of Gennefareth. to thọ hore.


no less

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54. And

were come


54. And as soon as they came out of 54 And when they the Boat, the People of those Parts pre

out of sently discovered who Jesus was.

the ship, straightway

they knew him, 55. And they brought to him from 55 And ran thro' all that side of the Country, fick Per- that whole region sons lying upon Beds, carrying them round about, and beafter him whithersoever he went.

gan to carry about in beds those that

fick, where

they heard he was. 56. So that into whatever City or 56 And whitherVillage or Country-Town he at any foever he entred into time entred, presently they laid fick villages, or cities, or People at his Feet in the Streets, be country, they laid seeching him that he would but luffer the fick in the streets, them so much as to touch his Cloaths; that

that they might and all that touched him were perfectly touch if it were but healed,

the border of his garment: and as many as touched him, were made whole.


CHAP. VII. Jesus reproveth the Pharisees Hypocrisie, and explaineth at

large the true Notion of Cleanness and Uncleanness, ver. 1. Cafteth out an evil Spirit at the importunate Request of a Syrophænician Woman, ver. 27.

Healeth a deaf and dumb Man, ver. 32.

1. Jefus

"HILE Jesus continued in this "THE N came to

Country of Gennefaret, fome gether unto him of the Pharisees and other Jewish Doct- the Pharisees, and ors, , who had travelled thither from

certain of the Scribes,

which came from Jerufalem, came to Jesus to observe his Doctrine and Actions, and to watch

Jerusalem. for Matter of Accufation against him.

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