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one dead, inso. young Man lay without Motion and much that

many senseless, so that many of the Standerssaid, He is dead.

by thought he was dead. 27 But Jesus took him by the hand, Hand, raised him up; and he recover

27. But Jesus taking him by the and lifted him

up, and he arose.

ed perfectly. 28 And when he 28. The Disciples all this while held was come into the their Peace, being afraid to give yehouse, his disciples sus occasion of rebuking them again asked him privately, in the Presence of the Multitude for Why could not we their want of Faith. But when they cast him out?

were retired alone with him into a House, then they asked him privately, what the Reason was, that they were not able to work this Miracle, as they

had done many others. 29 And he said

29. Jesus said ; 'Twas for want of them. This sufficient Faith, accompanied with kind can come forth Fasting and earnest Prayer to God. by nothing, but by For there are some sort of Miracles, prayer and fafting.

faith he, such as this of casting out Devils, which ye cannot attain a Power of effecting, but by an extraordinary Degree of Faith, with fervent and affectionate Prayer, put up by a pure Mind, and with a Devotion raised

and exalted by fasting. 30 And they 30. After this, Jesus resolving to departed thence, and passed through Ga go into Judæa, went with his Disciples lilee; and he would by private Ways through Galilee; definot that any man

ring to conceal himself in the Journey, should know it.

that he might not be detained from arriving at Jerusalem by his appointed time; and also that he might have Opportunity to give his Disciples fome

private Instruction. 31 For he taught 31. For, faith he to his Disciples, his disciples, and it is positively determined by the said unto them, The Will of God, that I must be deliverSon of man is deli- ed into my Enemies Power; and vered into the hands of men, and they they fall abuse me, and condemn



me, and at last kill me; but on the fall kill him, and Third Day I will rise again. Fortify after that he is killed, your felves

therefore, and be prepared he shall rise the third against the Day of Tryal.

day. 32. But the Disciples, though this 32 But they unthing has already been so often repeat- derstood that ed and inculcated upon them, yet, ha- saying, and were aving their Minds still intent on world- fraid to ask him. ly Prosperity, they understood not what he meant by dying and rising again ; and they were ashamed to ask him

any more about it. 33. Only in general they thought, 33 S And he came that after a little longer continuing to Capernaum, and in a State of Obscurity and Humili- being in the house,

he asked them, ation, Jesus should manifest himself to be the Messiah, (according to the What was it that Prejudices they had entertained con

ye disputed among cerning him,) with great Temporal

your selves, by the Power and Glory. And upon this Occasion * they fell into a Contention among themselves on the Road, debating which of them should have the Preheminence and be esteemed greater than the rest, when their Master came to manifest himself in that glorious Kingdom. Which weak and vain Contention of theirs, Jesus took no Notice of in the Way; But when he was come to his own House at Capernaum, he called them to him and asked them what they had been disputing about upon the Road.


* Erasmus's Conjecture is here not improbable, that this Con. tention might arise between those Three Disciples on the one hand, to whom Jesus seemed now to give some Preheminence, by ad. mitting them to a more private Intimacy with him than the rest, ver. 2. and ch. v. ver. 37: And those on the other hand, who were their Superiours in Age, or nearer of Kin to Jefus.

34 But they held

34. The Disciples, ashamed to own their peace: for by that they had disputed about Precedenthe way they had

cy, held their Peace, disputed among themselves who

35. Then Jefus, fitting down and should be the greatest

. bidding them all stand about him and 35 And he fat attend, said: Ye are greatly mistaken, down and called the if ye think the Kingdom of the Messiah twelve, and faith un

will be like the Kingdoms of this preto them, If any man sent World, where every Man ftrives desire to be firit, the for Honour and Precedence. No; In same shall be last of all, and fervant of my Kingdom they only, who are most

humble and modest, shall be accounall.

ted the Greatest: And Dignity shall not be measured by Temporal Honours and Advantages, but by Mens Humility and Diligence in labouring to serve

and to do Good to all. 36 And he took 36. And that this Doctrine might a child, and fet him make the stronger Impression upon in the

midst of them, he gave them a sensible Emblem them: and when he had taken him in him a little Child, which he took up

or Representation of it, by calling to his arms, he said unto them,

in his Arms and embraced, and setting

it down before them, he faid: 37 Whosoever

37. They who desire to be greatest shall receive one of in the Kingdom of God, must be, such children in my like this little Child, free from Pride, name, receiveth me: and whosoever thali Contentiousness, and all Ambition. receive me, receiveth Such Persons as these only, are true not me, but him that and sincere Teachers of the Gospel; fent me.

And whosoever receives Them and their Doctrine, shall be esteemed to have entertained me, which is the same thing as receiving and obeying the Commandments of God himself.

38 S And John 38. Upon Occasion of this Difanswered him, fay- course, John told

told Jesus, saying : ing, Master, we saw Master, we saw a Man sometime since, one casting out devils in thy name,

casting out Devils in your Name, and he followeth who was neither one of the Twelve,



nor of the Seventy whom you sent not us, and we forout to preach, neither had he ever fol. bad him, because he lowed you in our Company. Being jea- followeth not us. lous therefore of your Honour, we forbad him to make use of your Name any more, because he belonged not to us. Did we well in forbidding him, or no ?

39. Jesus said, No; ye ought not 39 But Jefus faid, to discourage any one, whom ye find Forbid him not : for promoting the Doctrine of the Gof- there is no

which shall do a mipel. For though perhaps he has not the fame Knowledge of me, that you that can lightly speak

racle in my name, have; yet, to be sure, he has * some evil of me. Respect and Honour for me: For it can hardly be, that one who casts out Devils in my Name, will speak evil of that Name by which he works his Miracles. 40. And if he has any manner of

40 For he that is Respect for me, though it be irot so not against us, is on much as to make him joyn with you

our part. in following me; nay, though it were no more than fuch only as prevented him from exposing and hindring you ; he ought to be encouraged, and to be look'd upon as of our Side. 41. For there is nothing so small,

41 For whosoever which


Man does for the Service shall give you a cup of God and promoting his Truth, but of water to drink, shall certainly have a proportionable in my name, because Recompense. God not only rewards ye belong to Chrif,

verily I say unto you, the great and eminent Performances he shall not lose his of his best and most faithful Servants; reward. but even every the least Service that is done to Religion, and every the least Expression of Kindness that is made to those who labour in that Work, shall most certainly be rewarded.

* Probably it was one of John Baptiff's Disciples, and who had fome knowledge of Christ.

42 And

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42 And whoso

42. And on the contrary, wholo: ever shall offend one

ever by Any Means hinders or difof these little ones

courages any,

the meanest of God's that believe in me, Servants, either from performing their it is better for him that a milstone were

own Duty, or from propagating the hanged about his Truth among others; God will to leneck, and he were verely punish him, that it had been cast into the sea. better for him not to have been born

at all, or to have perished early by 43 And if thy fome untimely Death. hand offend thee, cut it off: it is bet

43; 44, 45, 46, 47 & 48. It may ter for thee to enter

perhaps teem very hard for a Man to into life maimed, avoid all the Ways of falling under then having two this Guilt, and becoming liable to hands, to go into this Punishment. 'T'is possible it may hell, into the fire so happen, that he can by no Means that never shall be do it without incurring some great quenched :

Difficulties, or denying himself some 44 Where their

of the greatest Satisfactions of Life. worm dieth not, and the fire is

But if the Case be so, he had better quenched.

chuse to forsake any Pleasure, or suffer 45 And if thy foot any temporal Inconvenience whatsooffend thee, cut it ever, than fall under the utmost Difa off: it is better for pleasure of God. 'Tis possible also thee to enter half in- that you may be tempted not only to to life, then having discourage others, but even two feet, to be cast ftatize from the Truth your selves, by into hell, into the fire that never shall some Person or Thing that is very be quenched:

dear to you ; so that perhaps you can. 46 Where their not persevere in the Profession and dieth not,

and Practice of true Religion, without forthe fire is not faking some Friend, or parting with quenched.

something as dear to you as any Mem47 And if thine


ber of your own Body. But when the

Cafe is thus ; as Men chuse to lose a pluck it out; it is better for thee to en- Hand, or a Foot, or an Eye, if there ter into the kingdom be no other Way of preserving their of God with one Life; so ought you readily to forsake eye,

then having any Friend, and part with any Thing, two eyes to be cast though never so dear to you, rather into hell fire:

than fall under the last Severity of the 48 Where their worm dieth not, and Divine Vengeance, and be cast into the fire

is not that Place of Torment, where there quenched.

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