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pervert Justice, nor accuse any one
falsely ; not to be so covetous or de-
sirous of what belongs to another, as
to be prevailed upon by that Temp-
tation, to use any indirect Means to
over-reach him, or hinder him of his
Due; To honour and reverence your
Parents and all other Superiours; and

the like.
20 And he an 20. The young Man, pleased with
swered and said un- this Answer, and hoping to be highly
to him, Mafter, all commended by Jesus for his Virtue,
these have I obser- faid; Master, I have all my Life-time
ved from my youth. carefully and sincerely obeyed all these

Commandments; Is there any thing
further, that you think necessary to ad-

vise me?
21 Then Jesus be. 21. Then Jesus, looking intently
holding him, loved upon the young Man, and seeming to
him, and said unto

be pleased with his hopeful Dispositihim, One thing thou lackest :

ons, yet designing at the same time to fell whatsoever thou discover the Infirmity of Humane Conhast, and give to the fidence, said to him: If you desire to poor, and thou shalt attain the * highest Degree of Perfection, * See Note have treasure in nea- then there is one Thing more for you on Mata yen ; and come, take to do; you must sell all your Estate, xix. 21. up the cross, and fol- and give it to the Poor, and for the fulow me.

ture contemn all worldly Possessions ;
and come and follow me, preaching the
Gospel, and resolving to bear all Ami-
ctions and Persecutions that this State
of Life will expose you to; and you
shall have a great and extraordinary Re-

ward in Heaven. 22 And he was

22. But the young Man was greatfad at that saying, ly disappointed and troubled at this Anana went away, grie. swer, and went away very


13 ved: for he had great for he had a great Estate, and could pofleffions.

not bear to think of parting with it all

at once. 23 And Jesus 23. Whereupon Jefus took occalooked round about, fion to represent to his Disciples the and faith unto his



great Danger and Temptation of Riches; disciples, How hardAnd he said, How exceeding difficult ly all they that a Thing is it, for those who have

have riches enter in

great Riches, to become sincere Chriftians, to the kingdom of and to attain that resigned Disposition

God! of Mind, which is necessary to fit Men for the Service of God on Earth, and for the Enjoyment of his Happiness in Heaven! 24. At which Saying, the Disciples

24 And his disci. were greatly surprized and startled; as ples were astonished if Jesus had said, It was impossible at his words

. But Je. for any rich Man to be saved. But

sus answețeth again,

and faith unto them, Fejus corrected their Mistake, saying ; Children, how hard The Difficulty of rich Mens being is it for them that saved, does not arise from their bare trust in riches, to enPoffeffion of Wealth, but from their ter into the kingdom placing their Confidence in it, from of God! their setting their Hearts and Affections upon it, so as thereby to be hindred from the Performance of their Duty. 25. And this Confidence rich Men

25 It is easier for a are so very apt to place in their Riches, camel to go through that nothing can well be imagined the eye of a needle

, more difficult, than for a Man that then for a rich man has very great poffeffions, to wean his

enter into the Affections so much from them, as to

kingdom of God. be willing to part with them for the Sake of Religion, when he cannot otherwise be a vorthy and persevering Christian

26. At this the Disciples seemed 26 And they were again exceedingly amazed, laying one aftonished of to another; How then can any rich measure, saying aMan ever be faved ?


themselves, 27. But Jesus, looking upon them Who then can be

saved ? with Pity and Concern for their Infirmity and Sollicitude of Mind, re- ing upon them,faith,

27 And Jesus lookplied: This indeed may seem an im- With men it is impossible Thing, to the common Judg- poflible, but not ment and vulgar Affections of Men; with God: for with but to the Grace of God, nothing is God all things are


28 Then



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impoffible or difficult. God can and will afford his sincere Servants such Affistance, as shall enable them not only to use Riches well, but also to part with them readily; and if any thing else be yet more dear to them, to relinquish even That also with all Chearfulness, when God shall require

it, for the Sake of Religion. 28 Then Peter 18. Then said Peter to Jefus : Well, began to say unto We have actually done all this; and him, Lo, we have though our Possessions were not great, left all, and have fol

yet, whatever they were, we have forlowed thee.

saken them all for your Sake and the Gospels; What Reward then shall We

have? 29 And Jesus an

29 & 30. Jesus said; There is no swered and said, ve

one who has forsaken any earthly Porrily I say unto you, sessions or Friends, for my Sake and There is that hath left house, the Profession of true Religion; who or brethren, or fift- shall not even in the midst of the ers, or father, or mo- greatest Persecutions, have such Comther, or wife, or chil- fort and Satisfaction in his own Mind, dren, or lands for my such Love and Aflistance from all sake and the Gospels, good _Men, and fuch Peace and Joy But he shall re

by the continual Influence of the Spiceive an hundredfold now

in this

rit of God, as will even in this pretime, houses, and sent Life be a hundred times better to brethren, and fifters, him, than all the Things that he is and mothers,

and forced to part with ; and moreover, in children, and lands, the World to come, he shall inherit with persecutions ; eternal Life. and in the world to

31. Only many of those, who are come eternal life.

here first in Time, and seem now to 31 But many

that are first, shall be laft: have the Preference in many Respects, and the last, first. (as the Jews, that are first called;

and others who come earliest to the Knowledge of the Truth ;) shall then be ranked in a lower Degree. And on the contrary, many of those who are here later in Time, and feem now to be inferior in many Respects, (as




the Gentiles, and such as come latest to the Knowledge of the Truth ;) shall then, if they have been fincere and more diligent in their Time, equal or exceed the former in Dignity and Glory.

32. S Thus Yesus instructed his Dif 32 S And they ciples by the Way, as they were go- were in the way going towards Jerusalem. But the Dif- ing up to Jerusalem : ciples, seeing Jejus positively resolved and Jefus went beto go thither, began to be exceeding were amazed, and apprehensive of the Danger to which as they followed, they were likely to be exposed; and they

were afraid. they followed Jesus with heavy Hearts, And he took again in great Fear and Amazement. Then the twelve, and be. Jesus calling the Twelve Apostles to gan to

tell them him again, repeated to them, what he what things should had often told them before, that he happen unto him, must of Necesito suffer fuch and such Things. 33. And he said : This is the Time, we go up to Jerusa

33 Saying, Behold, of which I have already frequently lem, and the Son of warned you.

We are now going up to man shall be deliverJerusalem, and there I must be deli- ed unto the chief vered into the Hands of the Chief priests, and unto the Priests and Elders that seek my Life, scribes : and they and they will condemn me as a Male- lhall condemn him factor, and deliver me over to the Ron to death, and shall

deliver him to the man Soldiers to be executed.

Genciles ; 34. And the Soldiers will abuse me with all Manner of Ignominy ; in- mock him, and sha!!

34 And they shall sulting, beating, and spitting upon scourge him; and ine;

and at last they will put me to fhall spit upon him, Death; But on the third Day I will and fall kill him: rise again.

and the third day he 35. S What Jesus meant by this

by this fhall rise again. Account of the Sufferings that he was and John the sons of

35 | And James to undergo ; the Apostles, after so ma- Zebedee come unto ny repeated Admonitions, still un- him, saying, Master, derstood not. But upon his mentio- we would that thou ning bis Rising again, they conceiv. shouldīt do for us ed tome obicure Hopes, that after all whatsoever we shall


36 And

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this, he would yet manifest himfelf e're long in great Power and Glory, and establish (as they still fondly imagined) a temporal Kingdom. And hereupon Two of them, viz. Yames and John, came with their Mother to Jesus to intercede with him, that he would grant them one Petition they had to

ask. 36 And he said

36 & 37. Which when Jesus deunto them, What manded what it was ; they said, We would ye that I desire that when thou appearest in thy Thould do for you? 37 They said

unto Kingdom, thou wouldest grant us the him, Grant unto us

first Place of Honour and Dignity, and that we may fit, one

that we may be next to thine own on thy right hand, Person. and the other on thy 38. But Jesus replied: Ye are in a left hand, in thy great Mistake, and have a very wrong glory.

Notion of the Nature of my King38 But Jesus said dom. Ye aim at temporal Greatness

them, Ye know not what ye

and Preheminence, and know not upask: can ye drink of on what Conditions Glory and Happithe cup

that I drink ness will be bestowed in the Kingdom of? and be baptized of God. Are ye able to suffer with with the baptism me? And can ye follow my Example that I am baptized in bearing patiently all manner of Inwith ?

juries, and even Death it self, for the

fake of the Truth? 39 And they said

39. They said unto him, We are unto him, We can. able to do this. Then Jesus replied: And Jesus said unto Ye shall indeed follow me in Perfecuthem, Ye shall in- tions and Sufferings, and may theredeed drink of the cup that I drink of; by, in Proportion to your Patience and and with the bap- Constancy, obtain a Share of Glory tism that I am bap- and Happiness with me in the Kingtized withal shall ye dom of God. be baptized ;

40. But as to the chief Place of 40. But to fit on Dignity and Preference above others, my right hand, and this is not mine to dispose of by any on my left hand, is not mine to give, but absolute Favour; but it must be giit shall be given to ven to such Persons, and upon

such them for whom it is Conditions and

and Qualifications, as prepared.


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