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God in his infinite Wisdom has determined and appointed.

41. Thus Jefus with great Meekness 41 And when the reproved the Ambition and Weakness ten heard it, they of these Two Brothers.

But when began to be much


displeased the other Ten Apostles knew what it was that these Two had asked,

James and John.

they began to be very angry at them for their ambitious Defires ; not without having something of the same Ambition and Envy themselves, for fear the two Brothers should have been preferred before them. 42. Then Jesus calling them all to

42. But Jesus calhim, faid : Ye have all of you still very led them to him, and wrong Apprehensions of the Nature of faith unto them, Ye my Kingdom. Among the Gentiles in- know that they deed, and in the Kingdoms of this pre- ed to rule over the

which are accountfent World, Men strive ambitiously to Gentiles,

exercise get the Dominion one over another; lordship over them ; and they who can furthest extend their and their great ones Power, and rule with the largest and exercise authority moft absolute Authority, are counted upon them. the greatest Men, and have the moft Honour and Respect paid them.

43. But in the Kingdom of God, 43 But fo shall it Things shall be ordered by quite dif not be among you: ferent Measures. He that desires to be but whosoever will greatest and moft honourable

be among

great among you, you, let him endeavour to become so

shall be your mini. by an extraordinary Degree of Meekness and Humility ; and let him exercife his Power, not in domineering over any, but in aliitting and doing good to all.

44. And he that desires to have the 44 And whosogreatest Dignity and Preheminence a ever of


will be mong you, let him become eminent by the chiefeft, fhall be

servant of all. his Modesty and Humility, and Readiness to serve all Men.

45. For thus even I my self, whom 45 For even the ye ought to obey and to imitate, Son of man came




not to be ministred came not into the World to exercise unto, but to mini- Power and Dominion, to rule over Men, fter, and to give his and to be served by them : but to serve life a ransom for

and do good to all Men, to allift and many.

relieve the Needy, to strengthen and
support the Weak, to inftruct the Ig-
norant, to reclaim the Wicked, and to
lay down my Life to procure Pardon

and Reconciliation for the Penitent.
46 And they 46. After these Instructions gi-

to Jericho : ven to the Disciples, Jesus continued and as he went out of Jericho with his when he was passed through Jericho,

on his Journey towards Jerusalem. And disciples, and a great with his Disciples and a great Multinumber of people, blind Bartimeus, the tude of others following him ; there son of Timeus, fat fat by the side of the Road, thro' by the high-way. which Jesus was to go, * a blind Man * One of fide, begging. called Bartimeus, who used to sit there the Two, and beg.

mentioned 47 And when he

47. This Man, enquiring of the Matt. xx. heard that it was Multitude, and being told that Jesus Jelus of Nazareth, he

was passing by, cried out aloud to febegan to cry out, and fay, Jesus, thou son sus, saying ; Lord, I have heard of the of David, have mer

many wonderful Works that you have

done, and I believe you to be the procy on me.

mised Messiah, sent of God to redeem
his People; I beseech you, pity my

fad Condition. 48 And many

48. And the People rebuked him, charged him that bidding him forbear making such a he mould hold his Noise, to disturb Jesus and stop him peace : : but he cried the more

the Road. But the blind Man a great

upon deal, Thou son of continued to cry out with the greater David, have mercy Earneftness ; ( thou Son of David,

I beseech thee, have Compassion on 49 And Jesus stood

49. Then Jesus stopping, bad those stiil, and command- who were about him bring the blind ed him to be called : Man to him.

And they told the blind and they call the Man, saying ; Come, rise up, and be unto him, Be of chearful ; Jesus calls for you to come good comfort, rise; to him. he calleth thee.

50. Upon

on me.


50. Upon which, the blind Man 50 And he casting starting up with great Joy, and throw-away his garment, ing off his loose Coat, went with all rose, and came to haste to Jesus.

Jesus. 51. And when he was come, Je- fwered, and said un

51 And Jesus an. fus asked him; What is it that you to him, What wilt 'desire I should do for you? The blind thou that I should Man answered; Lord, I defire that I do unto thee? The may receive my Sight.

blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my

fight. 52. Then Jesus said ; According as

52 And Jesus said you have believed that I have Power unto him, Go thy to effect this Thing, fo be it done to way, thy faith hath you. And immediately his Sight came made thee whole. to him, and he saw all Things distinct- And immediately he ly; And he went with the rest of the received his fight, and People after Jesus.

followed Jesus in the way.

Ở H A P. XỈ. Jesus rideth into Jerusalem, ver. 8. Curseth the Fig-Tree,

ver, 13. Cafteth the Traders out of the Temple, ver. 15. Of the Disposition of Mind necessary to Prayer, ver. 24, 25. Jesus confoundeth the Jews with a Question about

John's Baptism, ver. 27. 1 & 2. NOW. when Jejus and his 'A

ND when they

came nigh to Jerusalem, and were over-against the Jerusalem, unto BethVillages Bethphage and Bethany, at the phage, and Bethany, Foot of the Mount of Olives; Jesus, Olives, he sendeth knowing that the Time of his Suffer- forth two of his difing was now come, and therefore no ciples, longer endeavouring to conceal him 2 And faith unto self, but resolving to enter into the City them, Go your way publickly, he bad Two of his Discis into the village over ples go into the Village Bethphage, and against you ; and take a young Ass, which they should

affoon as ye be entred into it, ye


mount of

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find a colt tied, find tied by a Door in the Street at
whereon never man their entrance into the Town, and
sat; loose him, and bring it to Him.
bring him.

3. And if any Man, faith he, que-
3 And if any man ftions you by whole Order ye take
say unto you, Why
do ye this ? say ye away the Ass; tell him, The Lord has
that the Lord 'hath need of it. And Providence shall fo
need of him; and order things, that you shall be suffer-
fraightway he willed to bring it away unmolested,
fend him hither.

4. Accordingly the Two Disciples 4 And they went

went into the Village ; and finding the their way, and found the colt tied by the young Afs, as Jesus had told them, tidoor without, in a

ed by a Door at the Top of the Street ; place where two they untied him, and began to lead him ways met : and they away. loose him.

5&6. And when the People that 5 And certain of stood by, seeing two Strangers taking them that stood

away the Afs, asked them, What they there,


unto had to do with it, and by whose Oro them, What do ye ders they took it away? The Disciples loosing the colt ?

6 And they said answered in the words which felus unto them even as commanded them, The Lord has need Jesus had command- of it. And they let the Disciples go ed : and they let away with it undisturbed.

7. Then they brought the Ass to 7 And theybrought Jesus, and having laid their Cloathg cast their garments upon the back of it, they set Jesus on him : and he fat up, and he rode upon it towards' Jeupon him,

8And many spread 8. And some spread their Cloaths in
their garments in the the Road, as at the triumphal Entrance
way : and others cut of a great Prince; and others strewed
down branches off the Way with Boughs cut down from
the trees, and strawed

the Trees.
them in the way.
9 And they that

9 & 10. And all the People both
went before,and they before and behind, made great Ac-
that followed, cried, clamations, saying, Blessed and prof-
saying, Hosanna, perous be this great Prophet, whom
bleffed is he that the Lord hath sent to visit his People.
cometh in the name God preserve and establish the King-
of the Lord.
10 Blessed be the the Kingdom of our Father David;

dom of the Mefias, as he established kingdom of our fa

them go.

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out unto

And let Peace and Glory attend it for ther David, that

cometh in the name 11. Then Jesus entred into the of the Lord ; HosanCity openly and with great Solemnity.

na in the highest. And he went directy to the Temple into Jerusalem, and

11 And Jesus entred where he taught the People, and cured into the temple ; and several diseased Persons, and took a when he had looked View of the Temple and its Service all round about upon all Day; and at Night he retired with his things, and now the Twelve Apostles to Bethany.

even-tide was come,

he went 12. And in the Morning he returned again with his Disciples from Bethany

Bethany with the

twelve. to Jerusalem ; and as he was in the Way, he grew hungry.

12 S And on the

morrow when they 13. And observing at a distance a Fig- were come from Betree full of Leaves, he went up to it thany, he was hungry. to see if he could find any thing upon

13 And seeing a it, wherewith to fatisfie' his Hunger : fig tree afar

afar off, But when he came to it, it had no

having leaves, he thing but Leaves, without Fruit


came, if haply he

might find any thing at that Season.

thereon : and when 14. Jesus therefore cursed it, say- he canre to it, he ing: Let nothing ever. grow on thee found nothing but more : Signifying thereby to his Dif- leaves, for the time ciples That Curse which should shortly of figs was not yet. fall upon the Jews, for their making fwered and said unto only outward Pretences of Religion, it. No mani eat fruit without any real Holiness; like to bear- of thee hereafter for ing of Leaves without Fruit. And the

ever. And his disciDisciples observed, when Jesus thus ples heard it. cursed the Tree.

'Tis most probable and natural to suppose, that the Tree was barren, or at least failed that one Season; or that it had none of the last year's Fruit ftill upon it, as might possibly have been expected ; Or the words, if part of them be inclosed in a Parenthelis, may mean that the Time of gathering the Figs being not yet come, was the Reason of Jesus's expecting


. But however this be, 'ris by no means absurd to imagine, that our Saviour might at any time cause a Tree full of Leaves without Fruit to wither, (though it were no Defect in the Tree, but only on account of the Season that it had no Fruit on it ;) to represent the Fate of the hypocritical Jews. For Similitudes are not to be carried on beyond the main thing intended ; at least there is no Necessity of doing it.

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