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15 And they 15. Then they went on to Jerusacome to Jerusalem: lem. And as soon as they came thiand Jefus went into ther, Yesus went into the Temple ; and the temple, and began to caft out them finding the Court of the Gentiles (which that fold and bought was a part of the Temple appointed in the temple, and for the Gentile Proselytes to worship in, overthrew the tables and therefore by the Jews accounted of the money-chan- less holy than the other Parts of the gers, and the seats Temple: Jesus, I say, finding this of them that sold Place) full of trading People, buying doves ;

and selling, and changing Money ; he was displeased at it, and * turned them all out, and ordered their Seats to be

taken away:

16 And would not 16. And he forbad the People to suffer that any man

carry any Burdens, or any Goods or should carry any vef- Merchandize, thro' the Courts of the fel through the tem- Temple. ple.

17. For, said he, does not the Scrip17 And he taught, saying unto them, Is

Even the Sons ture say, Efa. lvi. 7. it not written, My of the Stranger that join themselves to house shall be called the Lord, will I bring to my holy Mounof all nations the tain, and make them joyful in my House house of prayer ? but of Prayer: For my House shall be called ye have made it a den

a House of Prayer to all Nations ? This of thieves.

Place therefore, which is appointed for the Gentile Profelytes to worship in, is truly holy and separated for the Service of God, as well as the rest of the Tem-' ple: And ye do very ill, to make it not only a common Thorough-fare, but even a Place of Fraud, Deceit, and Cheating.

* 'Tis related by St. Matthew, that Jesus did this a Day sooner, and before he cursed the Fig-tree. Either therefore he turned out these People Two Days together, which is not altogether improbable ; or else one of the Evangelists neglected the Exactnels of Time, as of no Importance in the History.



18. Thus


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18. Thus Jesus with Authority for 18 And the scribes bad the prophaning of sacred Places. and

chief priests But when the Chief of the Jewish heard it, and fought Teachers heard of it, who were refol- how they might deved not to be instructed or reformed, feared him, because

Itroy him : for they and feared that if Jefus were suffered all the people was to go on thus, their Authority would astonished his quickly sink among the People ; they doctrine. consulted among themselves, and resolved to cause Jesus to be put to Death; but could not tell which way to accomplish their Design, for fear of the People, who greatly admired Jesus's Doctrine, and were persuaded that he 19 And when e was a Prophet sent from God.

ven was come, he 19. Now at Night Jefus retired went out of the again with his Disciples from Jerusalem city: to Bethany.

20 S And in the 20. And in the Morning, as they passed by, they saw

morning, as they were coming back, they saw the Fig- the fig-tree dried up tree, which Jesus had cursed the Day from the roots. before, withered away to the very 21 And Peter calRoots.

ling to remembrance, 21. At which sudden Alteration, faith unto him, MaPeter, and the rest of the Disciples, iter, behold, the figwere surprized, and said to Jesus ; Ma- fedit, is withered after, look how the Fig-tree, which you way. cursed Yesterday, is quite withered and 22 And Jesus andead.

fwering, faith unto 22. But Jefus faid, Be not surprized them, Have faith in at the Strangeness of this Thing; but God. learn to believe firmly the Power of 23 For verily I God, and to trust upon it.

say unto you,


whosoever shall fay 23. For assuredly I tell you, there is

unto this mountain, nothing so difficult, but if ye fet about Be thou removed, it in the Fear and for the Glory of and be thou cast into God, with a firm Belief and full Trust the sea, and shall not in his Power, without any Mixture of doubt in his heart, Doubting or Unbelief; it shall certain- but shall believe that ly be accomplished

those things which
he faith shall come to
pafs, he shall have
whatsoever he faith.

24 There

24 Therefore I say 24. When therefore ye pray at any unto you,

What time to God, that he would give Sucthings soever ye de- cess to your just and pious Endeavours, fire when ye pray, believe firmly that God is both able believe that ye receive them, and ye fire; and your Request shall certainly

and willing to grant what you so deshall have them.

be performed. 25 And when ye

25. Only, as the Things which ye stand praying, for- pray for, ought to be just and good ; give, if ye have ought such as may tend to the Glory of God againft" any: that and the Happiness of Men ; so the Difwhich is in heaven positions with which ye pray, ought to may forgive you be pious and charitable, merciful and your trespasses. ready to forgive ; such as may move

God to extend Mercy and Forgiveness

to you.

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26 But if you do 26. For if, when you pray, ye be in not forgive, neither

a Disposition and Readiness to forgive will your Father others who have offended

you ;

God which is in heaven, will also forgive your Offences against forgive your trespasses.

Him, and graciously hear and answer your Prayers. But if ye will not forgive others; neither will God forgive you, or regard your Prayers.

27 S And they 27. I Then Jesus entred again with come again to Jeru- his Disciples into Jerusalem. And as falem : and as he was he was walking in the Temple, the walking in the tem- chief Priests and Teachers, and Rulers ple, there come to of the Jews, angry at his having cast him the chief priests

, the Tradesmen and Merchants out of and the scribes, and the elders,

the Temple, and at his teaching the People with Plainness and Freedom, came about him to watch for Matter

of Accufation against him. 28 And say unto

28. And because they could not eihim, By what autho- ther confute his Doctrine or deny his rity doelt thou chese Miracles, they asked him by what Authings? and who thority he acted and taught such Things, gave thee this authority to do these and Who gave him this Authority? shings ?

Hoping to find some handle to accuse him of $edition.

29. Jesus

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30. Now

29. Yesus, knowing that they did not 29 And Jesus anthis with any Desire of being informed, swered and said unbut only sought for some Pretence to

to them, I will also

ask of you one que. accuse him, answered them with ano

stion, and answer me, ther Question thus : If you, faith he, and I will tell you will answer one Question which I shall by what authority I propose to you ; then I also will answer do these things. that, which you have proposed to me. 30 The baptism of

my Question is this : John, was it from When John the Baptis7 came and bap- heaven, or of men ? tized amongst you, did he act by Di- answer me. vine Commission, or was his Preach

31 And they rea

foned with theming and Baptizing a meer Humane De- felves

, saying, If we sign?

shall fay, From hea. 31 & 32. Upon this Question, these ven, he will say, Why Jewish Doctors reasoned thus with then did ye not bethemselves: That if they should say, lieve him John acted by Divine Commission 32 But if we shall then Jesus might justly accuse them for fay, of men, they not believing John, who bore Tefti- for all men counted

feared the people: mony concerning Jefus : But if they John, that he was a should“ fay, John had no Authority ; prophet indeed. then the People, who all believed John 33 And they anto be a Prophet really fent of God, swered and said unwould be ready to stone them.

to Jesus, We cannot fus ; We cannot tell whether John them, Neither do I

33. They answered therefore to Je- tell. And Jesus anacted by Divine Commiflion or no.

tell you by what auAnd Jesus then in like manner to them; thority I do these neither do I, faith he, tell you by what things. Authority I act and teach these Things.

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CH A P. XII. .

The Parable of the Vineyard let out to wicked Husbandmen,

ver. 1. applied to signifie the cafting off the Jews, and receiving the Gentiles, ver. 10. Jefus answers the Pharifees, about paying Tribute to Cæfar, ver. 14. And the Sadducees, about the Resurrection, ver. 18. And the Scribe, upon a Question, IVhich was the chief and most necessary Part of the Law, ver. 28. And shames them all, with a Question about the Melah being David's both Son and Lord, ver. 35. He warns bis Disciples against Ambition and Hypocrisie, ver. 38. Arid shows from the Example of a poor Widow, that Piety and Charity is not to be measured by the outward Axt, but by the Intention and Zeal of the Mind, ver. 41.


it out

IA ND he began

AT to speak unto

ral Parables or Similitudes, to them by parables. A

the Scribes and Chief of the Jews in certain man planted the Hearing of the People; wherein a vineyard, and set an hedge about it. he fignified to them, that the Nation and digged a place of the Jews, having rejected the grafor the wine-fat, and cious Offer of the Gospel and the built a tower, and let Divine Mercy, thould have this great to husband

Privilege taken from them and given men, and went into

to another People. Particularly, aa far country

mong others, he gave them this Comparison. A cerain Perfon, faith he, flunted a Vineyardd; and having furnisied it with all things necedorry for Convenience, Ornament and Defence, he employed Husbandmen to dress it, and gather the Fruit of it, and travelled hinifolf into a distant Country: Thus God at the Beginning of the World revealed his Will to Mankind; and particularly to the Nation of the Jews, at the giving of the Law ; expecting that they should bring forth the Fruits of HoliX 3


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