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ness and Obedience, proportionable to
their Advantages and Degrees of Know-
2 & 3. But when at the time of Vin-

2 And at the seas tage the Owner sent his Servant to these fon he sent to the Husbandmen, to receive of them the husbandmen a ferFruit of his Vineyard; they instead of receive from the huf

vant, that he might juftly returning him his Due, most un- bandmen of the fruit gratefully beat his Servant, and sent him of the vineyard. home empty: Thus when God expect

3 And they caught ed that the Jews should chearfully obey him, and beat him, the Law he had given them for their and sent him away own Happiness, they, on the contrary, empty. with all Ingratitude rebelled against him, and abused his Prophets which he sent to reform them.

4 & 5. Again, the Master of the 4 And again he Vineyard sent other Servants to the Huf fent unto them anobandmen, and after them, Others; But ther servant ; and at all these also the Husbandmen treated in him they cast stones, like manner; sending some of them home and wounded bim with Contempt, beaten and abused; and in the head, and others they killed outright: Thus God Thamefully handled.

away fent more Prophets to the Jews from

5 And again, he time to time, to exhort them to re- fent another; and pent, and to return to their Obedience: him they killed But they despised and rejected the Ad- and many others, monitions of the Prophets; persecuting beating some, and them, misusing them, and even mur

killing some. dering some of them.

6. After all this, the owner of the 6Having yet therel'ineyard, having one only Son whom he fore one fon, his loved, resolved in jend him to the Huf- fent him allo laft un

well-beloved, he bandmel, to receive the Fruit of bis Vinevard; thinking, that surely they would They will reverence

to them, saying, be abameil and afraid to affront his Son: my son. Thus God, after all other Means had proved ineffectual, fent at last his own Son into the World, with much longsuffering, to make to the Jews the last Offers of Repentance and Reconciliaiion.


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But those hus 7&8. But the Malice of the Huf-
bandmen said bandmen was now grown to exceed all
mongst themselves; measure, so that it was not to be conquer-
This is the heired by any Kindness or Forbearance ; When
him, and the inhe therefore they saw their Lord's Son, they
ritance shall be ours.

thought, if He were but once destroyed,
8 And they took they should then be disturbed no more in
him, and killed him, their unjust Podelion; and accordingly
and cast him out of they cast him out of the Vineyard, and
the vineyard. New him : Thus the Jews, to their con-

tinued Disobedience and Impenitence,
added this also at length, to fill up the
Measure of their Iniquity; that they
rejected and despised the Son of God
himself, and, at the very time when
this Parable was fpoken, were just pre-

paring to condemn and kill him.
9 What shall there-

9. Now, said Jesus, when the Ma-
fore the Lord of the ster of the Vineyard returns, what will
vineyard do? he shall be do to these wicked Husbandmen? The
come and destroy
the husbandmen,and Scribes and chief Teachers of the Jews,
will give the vine-

not yet perceiving the true intent of
yard unto others. the Parable, * anfwered : He will mi- * Mar.xxi.

ferably destroy these ungrateful and rebel- 41.
lious Vretches; and will let out his Vine-
yard to others, who mall duly render him

his Fruit in its Seajon.
10 And have ye 10. Then yofis replied: Ye have
not read this fcrip- judged well, and have passed a just
ture ?

The stone Sentence upon your felves; For This
which the builders
rejected is become

is your own Cafe, and ye are the
the head of the cor-

Persons to whorn God thus entrusted
his Vineyard, which is his Church :
But when he expected from you the
Fruits of Holinicis and Obedience, ye
on the contrary persecuted and flew
his Prophets; and when he sent un-
to you his only Son, ye have reject-
ed Him also, and are now going a-
bout to kill him. + Therefore God +Mat.xxi.
will take away from you the Privi- 43.
leges of the Gospel, and give them


to another People who shall serve him
better; And Christ, being rejected by
the Chief of the Jews, fhall receive

the Gentiles and unite Them into his *Pf.cxvii. Church ; in like manner * as the prin22 & 23. cipal Corner-stone in a House, unites

and keeps the two sides of a Building

II. This is a wonderful Act of the II This was the
Divine Power, and an extraordinary Lords doing, and
Instance of the immediate and over- it is marvellous in
ruling Influence of God's peculiar Pro- our eyes.
12. Now the Chief Priests and

12 | And they Scribes, seeing that Jesus at last thus fought to lay hold plainly applied the Parable to Them, on him, but feared in great Rage and Indignation resolved the people : for they to lay hold upon him, and have him knew that he had put to death. But for fear of the Peo- spoken the parable ple, who they saw were pleased with against them : and his Doctrine and admired his Miracles, they left him, and

. they durst not venture to apprehend him openly upon this Account, and by their own Authority. 13. They contrived therefore to send

13 | And they to him some of the Pharisees and of send unto him certhe Followers of Herod, to propose in- tain of the Pharifnaring Questions to him, and to try rodians, to

sees, and of the He. if they could draw any Words from him in his words.

catch him, which they might improve into Matter of Accufation againit him before the Roman Governour.

14. Accordingly these Spies went 14 And when they to him, and said : Mafter, we are fully were come, they say satisfied that you are a Teacher sent

unto him, Master, from God, that you dare speak the

we know that thou Truth with all Freedom, and that you

art true, and careit will not be restrained by Fear or Respect to any Man whatsoever, from the person of men,

thou regardest not declaring to us plainly the Will of God. but teachest the way Tell us therefore ; Ought we Jews,


for no

man: for

may see it.

of God in truth: Is who are God's peculiar People, to pay
it lawful to give tri- Tribute to the Roman Emperor, or
bute to Cesar, or no ?

15. This they asked, thinking
15 Shall we give,
or Thall we not give with themselves that if Yesus should

he knowing say absolutely, They ought not to pay their hypocrisie, faid Tribute, he might then be accused unto them, Why to the Governour, of designing to tempt ye me? bring

move Sedition ; and if he should say, me a penny, that I They ought, then he might fall under

the Envy of the People, for asserting the Romans Right of keeping them in subjection. But Jefus, knowing their malicious Defign, faid; Why do you lay Snares for me, ye Hypocrites ? Show me a Piece of that Money wherein your

Tribute is demanded to

be paid. 16 And they 16. And when they brought it to brought it: and he him, he asked them Whole Image said to them, Whose and Inscription it bore; they said, is this image and

Cæsar's. superscription ? And

17. Then said Fejus; Pay therethey said unto him, fore to Cesar what is Cæsar's Duc; Cesars.

17 And Jesus an and be always so far subject to the fwering said unto

Government yc are under, as is conthem, Render to Ce- sistent with your Obedience to the Comfar the things that mands of God. Which Answer being are Cesars, and to

so wise and just, that they could not any God the things that


Wieft it to accuse him on Either are Gods. And they Side, without exposing themselves to marvelled at him.

the Censure and Indignation of the People; they went away from him, greatly fui prized at his Wisdom and

Caution, 18 ļ Then come 18. Afier These were gone, unto him the Sadducees, which say there believe no future State after this pre

came some of the Sadducees, who is no resurrection; and they asked him,

sent Life; and they asked Jesus, saysaying,

ing: 19 Master, Moses 19. Mafter, the Law appoints wrote unto us, if a (Deut. xxv. 5.) that if a Man dies brother die,


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and leaves his Wife without any Chil- and leave his wife dren, his Brother should marry his behind him, and Widow, and raise up an Heir for' him, leave no children,

that his to keep his Name.

brother 20. Now there were among us Se

should take his wife,

and raise ven Brethren, whereof one married a

unto his brother. Wife; and dying, left his Wife with

Now there out any Children.

seven bre21 fg 22, Whereupon another of thren: and the first the Brethren, according to the Law, took a wife, and married the same Woman: and he dying left no seed. died also without Children: and a

And the sethird likewise after him; and in short, died, neither left

cond took her, and they all Seven married her, and died he any feed : and without Children ; and the Woman the third likewise. died last.

22 And the se. 23. Now if there be, as you teach, ven had her, and a future State, and another Life after left no seed: last of this; whose Wife must this Woman

all the woman died

also. be in that futute State? For they all alike married her.

23 In the resur

rection therefore, 24. But Jesus, pitying their Igno- when they shall rise

, rance, said : Ye talk very foolishly ; whose wife shall the neither considering the Power of God, be of them for the that he who created Man in this pre- seven had her to fent State, can as easily continue him wife. in a future ; nor understanding what 24 And Jesus ankind of State that future Life is, which

faid unto

swering the Scripture teaches us to expect.

them, Do ye not

therefore err, be25. For That future Life shall not cause ye know not be like this present State, as ye fondly the scriptures, neither imagine. For here indeed continual the power of God ? Mortality makes Marriage neceffary 25 For when they to preserve a Succession of

shall rise from the But in that other State, Men shall be dead, they neither immortal like the Angels now in Hea- marry, nor are given

in marriage: but are ven ; and as there will be no Death,

as the angels which so neither will there be any need of are in heaven. Marrying. 26. And that there shall really be

26 And as touchsuch a Life after this, the Scripture ing the dead, that sufficiently declares in those Words they rise: have ye

Men :


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