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not read in the book which God spake to Moses out of the
of Moses, how in Bush saying ; I am the God of Abraham,
the bush God spake Isaac and Jacob.
anto him saying, I

27. For since those holy Men ream the God of Abra

ceived not full Performance of ham, and the God of Ifaac, and the God's Promises while they were upGod of Jacob?

on Earth, and God cannot properly 27 He is not the be called the God of those that are God of the dead, utterly perished ; 'tis plain there must but the God of the be a future State, wherein those Paliving: ye therefore triarchs shall be rewarded of God, do greatly err. and * consequently another Life after

* See Note this.

on Matt.

xxii. 31,

& 32•


28 | And one of 28. $ The Sadducees being thus the scribes came, filenced, one of the Pharisees, who and having heard was a Scribe or Expounder of the them reasoning to Law, having heard Jefus talk with gether, and perceive the Sadducees and confute them , ing that he had anfwered them well, thought that he could put a harder asked him, which Question to Jesus than They had is the firft command- done; and he asked him, saying; ment of all ?

Which is the first and principal of all 29 And Jesus an- God's Commandments? And, Which swered him, The is the chief and most necessary Part of first of all the com

the Law; the Ceremonial, or the mandments is, Hear,

Moral ? 0 Ifrael, the Lord

God is one 29 & 30. Jesus said : The prinLord;

cipal and most neceilary Command30

And thou shalt ments in the whole Law of God, are love the Lord thy these Two: First, that we acknowGod with all thy ledge and worthip the true God, and heart, and with all nin only; and that we serve and thy mind, and with obey him, fincerely and affectionate all thy strength: this ly, entirely, and constantly, with all is the firtt com. Readiness, Chearfulness and Vigour. mandment.

31. And Secondly, that we deal 3! And the se. with all Men as we desire they should cond is like, namely deal with us, with all Justice, Equithis, Thou shalt love

ty, and Charity. These Moral Prethy neighbour as thy cepts, said Jesus, are the princifelf: there is none pal and most necessary Part of God's


* Matt.

Law; and there are

no positive In- other command. stitutions, of equal Obligation with ment greater than them.

these. 32 & 33. At this Answer, the said unto him, Well


32 And the scribe Scribe, who at his first putting the Master, thou haft

Question came (as * it seems) with said the truth : for xxii. 35. a Design to tempt or ensnare Jesus, there is one God,

being now convinced of Jesus's Wif- and there is none o-
dom and Integrity, replied: Truly, ther but he.
Master, you have given a wise and 33 And to love

him with all the
good Answer: For assuredly, to wor-
ship the one only true God, and to obey the understanding,

heart, and with all him with all Sincerity, Chearfulness and and with all the Constancy; and to observe in all our soul, and with all Dealings with Men, exact Justice, the strength, and to Equity, and Charity ; is a more in- love his neighbour dispensable Duty, and a

more accep

as himself, is more table Service, than all the Offerings burnt-offerings and

than all wholeand Sacrifices in the World.

sacrifices. 34. Whereupon Jesus, observing that the Man took his Answer right- fus faw that he an

34 And when Jely, and applied it wisely ; faid un fwered discreetly, he to him: You do not want much, of said unto him, Thou being a true and perfect Christian.

perfect Christian, art not far from the Keep and persist in this Disposition of kingdom of God. Mind; and you are well fitted to re

that durft ask him ceive the Gospel, to be a true Member of the Church of God on Earth,

any question. and of his Kingdom hereafter in Hea

And no

man after



35. Now Jesus having put to 35 S And Jesus filence both the Pharisees and Sad- answered and said, ducees upon all the Questions which while he taught in they had proposed to Him, He on the

the temple, How say

the fcribes that contrary proposed Question to Christ is the son of Them, as he continued teaching in David ? the Temple ; And he asked them, faying : Your Doctors and Expounders of the Law tell you, that Christ or the Mefiah, must be the Son of David; How is this consistent with

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what ye read in the Scripture, Psalm

CX. I?


36 For David 36. For there David, who was himself said by the an inspired Person, speaketh thus : holy Ghost, The The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou LORD said to my at my Right hand, till I make thine Lord, Sit thou on

Enemies thy Foot-stool: And this ye my right hand, till I make thine ene

all acknowledge to be spoken of the mies thy footstool. Mesiah.

37 David there 37. Now therefore if David thus fore himself calleth calleth the Mefrah his Lord, how him Lord ;


can the Messiah be his Son ? Can whence is he then the same Person be both his Superihis son ? And the

our and Inferiour? To this Question, common peopleheard the Scribes and Pharisees, not knowhim gladly.

ing that Christ was more than a meer Man, and that in his Divine Original he was superiour to David, though inferiour according to the Flesh, were not able to make any Answer. But the common People were pleased to see Jefus too hard for their proud Teachers, and they hearkned to his Doctrine with

Attention and Gladness. 38 S And he said 38 & 39. 5 At that time Jesus said unto them in his to his Disciples, and to all the People, doctrine, Beware of Beware of the Hypocrisy of the Scribes the scribes, which and Pharisees ; who affect to walk in love to go in long

long Garments, as wise and grave cloathing, and love salutations in the

Teachers of the People; and love to market-places,

be faluted with great Respect in the 39 And the chief Streets, as Rabbies, or Heads of Sects; seat in the syna- and strive to have the uppermoft Seats gogues, and the up- both in Religious Affemblies and at all permost rooms

publick Entertainments, as Men of the feasts:

greatest Worth and Dignity.
Which devour

40 Beware, I say, of the Hypowidows houses, and

crisy of theie Men. For under all for a pretence


their Pretences of extraordinary Pielong prayers: these shall receive greater ty, they are secretly guilty of Fraud, damnation.

Opprefiion, Extortion and Rapine ; and 'tis only to cover these vile Prac



tices the better, that they make such a great outward Show of Devotion. Wherefore they shall receive double Punishment at the Hands of God.

41. | After this, Jefus fitting in the 41 And Jesus Court of the Temple, over-against fat over againit the the Treasury, look'd upon the People treasury, ard beheld as they cast in their Free-will-offerings how the people cat into the Chest for pious and charitable money into the treaUses. . And many rich Men gave very were rich cast in

fury : and many that large Sums.

much. 42. And among the rest there came 42 And there came a poor Widow-woman, and put in Two a certain poor wismall Pieces of Money, making the Va- dow, and he threw lue of a Farthing.

in two mites, which

make a farthing. 43. Which when Jefus observed ; he called his Disciples to him, and said:

43 And he called

unto him his disciAssuredly I tell you, this poor Woman ples, and faith unto has done a greater Act of Piety and them, Verily I say Charity, than any of the rich Men unto you, that this whom

you saw cast in such a great deal poor widow hath of Money.

calt more in, then 44. For they gave only a small Pro- all they which have portion out of their

cast into the treasury: Estates : But

great The in the Zeal of her Heart has put caft in of their abun

44For all they did in her whole Stock. And God judges dance : but she of of Mens Actions, not by the Measure her want did cast of the outward Work, but by the in- in all that she had, ward Disposition and Affection of the even all her living. Heart.


Jesus forætels the Destruction of Jerusalem ; and warns all

Men to watch, that they may not be surprized with Judg-
ment Temporal or Eternal.


are bere.

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"AND as he went

Fter this, as Jesus was going out out of the tem

of the Temple, his Disciples de-
ple, one of his dif- fired him to observe the Materials and
ciples faith unto him, the Workmanship of it, thinking that
Master, see

he would admire the Magnificence and
manner. of stones,
and what buildings Strength of the Building.

2. But Hesus said : Do ye wonder
2 And Jesus an at the Beauty and Stateliness of this
swering faid unto Structure, as if it were to last for
him, Seeft thou these ever? I tell you, it shall shortly be
great buildings? there overthrown with such a terrible and
Thall not be left one

utter Desolation, that there shall not
ftone upon another

be left so much as the Ruins of a
that shall not be
thrown down. Wall, or any Footsteps of so great a

3 And as he sat

3. Then they went to the Mount
upon the mount of of Olives; and as Jefus fat there
Olives, over against
the temple, Peter, upon the Hill, in a Place where he
the temple, Peter, had a full View of the City and
and Andrew, asked Temple, some of his Disciples came
him privately,

to him privately, and asked him, say


4. When shall all those strange Re-
shall these things be? volutions, that you have so often told
and what shall be the

us of, come to pass ? When Mall the
sign when all these Jewish Government and Polity be dif-
things shall be fulfil. solved, and the Kingdom of the Me-
led ?

fiah be established? And by what Signs
shall we be able to discern, when all
these Things shall be ready to be accom-

plished ?
5 And Jesus an-
swering them, began no one impose upon you with false raphr. on

5. Jesus * answered : Beware that * See Paany man deceive you. Notions concerning the Kingdom of Mat.xxiv.

the 4.

us, when

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