The Book of the Yale Pageant, 21 October 1916: In Commemoration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Removal of Yale College to New Haven

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George Henry Nettleton
Yale University Press, 1916 - 243 pages

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Page 55 - To drum-beat and heart-beat, A soldier marches by: There is color in his cheek, There is courage in his eye Yet to drum-beat and heart-beat In a moment he must die. By starlight and moonlight, He seeks the Briton's camp. He hears the rustling flag, And the armed sentry's tramp ; And the starlight and moonlight His silent wanderings lamp.
Page 57 - I should say was a little above the common stature in height, his shoulders of a moderate breadth, his limbs straight & very plump: regular features very fair skin blue eyes flaxen or very light hair which was always kept short his eyebrows a shade darker than his hair & his voice rather sharp or piercing his bodily agility was remarkable I have seen him follow a football & kick it over the tops of the trees in the Bowery at New York, (an exercise which he was fond of...
Page 32 - We, the Trustees, having the honor of being intrusted with an affair of so great importance to the common good of the people, especially of this Province, do with one consent agree, determine and ordain, that our College House shall be called by the name of its munificent patron, and shall be named YALE COLLEGE...
Page 186 - Each Member brought a Number of Books and presented them to the Body ; and laying them on the Table, said these Words, or to this Effect ; "I give these Books for the founding a College in this Colony" Then the Trustees as a Body took Possession of them ; and appointed the Rev.
Page 167 - Connecticut, wherein youth may be instructed in the arts and sciences, who through the blessing of Almighty God may be fitted for public employment both in church and civil state...
Page 52 - ... attend to your own interest; we offer you a refuge against the distress which you universally acknowledge broods with increasing and intolerable weight over all your country. Leaving you to consult with each other upon this invitation, we do now declare that whosoever shall be found and remain in peace, at his usual place of residence, shall be shielded from any insult...
Page 32 - The Trustees of the Collegiate School, constituted in the splendid Town of New Haven, in Connecticut, being enabled by the most Generous Donation of the Honorable Elihu Yale, Esq : to finish the College House, already begun and erected, gratefully considering the...
Page 149 - Youth may be instructed in the Arts & Sciences who thorough the blessing of Almighty God may be fitted for Publick employment both in Church & Civil State.
Page 88 - ... which is incorrect. As military secretary of the commanding general, he made a memorandum of the outline of the plan as it had been finally settled. Precisely what that memorandum (which has been published) was he explains in the last letter he wrote, a few hours before leaving the fort. He says, " If I come back safe, I will send you my notes of the plan of attack, part made up from the General's hints, part my own fancies.
Page 51 - Your towns, your property, yourselves, lie still within the grasp of that power whose forbearance you have ungenerously construed into fear, but whose lenity has persisted in its mild and noble efforts, even though branded with the most unworthy imputation. The existence of a single habitation on your defenceless coast, ought to be a constant reproof to your ingratitude.

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