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Parn. 230

Weft 190

Wall. 113

Den. 15

Hezekiah, his life extended to fifteen years,
Hiarba, slighted by Dido,

Dry. 6:45 Hibernia, how soon thy arms regain'd,

Hughes 52 Hiccius Doctius, to play,

Butl. 2:iO2 Hierarchy, double tyrants,

Thom. 2 : 85 Hiero of Syracuse victor in the Pythian games,

by Pythian heralds were his praises suns, Weft 196 plucks every virtue's fairest flower,

W 136 Higden, Dryden to,

2:136 Higgons, - on Mrs.

Wall. 201 High, exposed to Atorms, bliss is only for a higher state,

Thom. 2:181 desert embraces fair renown,

Young 3:153 ftations tumult, but not bliss create, Young 1: 85 - worth is elevated place,

Young 2: 141 Hill (Aaron), verses to,

Sav. 130, 140 -- on his Gideon,

Dyes 137 Himfelf, let each man know,

King 301 Hind and Panther,

Dwy. 2 :8 Hip,

who pines for sunshine, Hippolytus, ftory of,

Dry: 6:19: - son of the Amazon Camilla,

Smith 96 be his courage charms the man,

Smith - his form thc woman,

Smith gó obstinately good,

Smith IIO Hippomolgians, fam'd for justice and longevity, Pope il. z:} it from milk innoxious seck their food, ib. 2 :

: 3 Hippothous and Pyleus from Larissa come, Pope il. I: IOT


Som. 193 Som. 193



Mall. 172

Buck. 94
Black. 117


Son. 97

Hirelings ! your venal conscience I despise, Gay 2 : 562
Historian's annals, acts of worthy men,

Gay 1 : 200
History, far-looking Cage,
Hoadly, for a period of a mile,

Pop: 2:273
Hobbes, Cowley to,

and his writings,

Atheistic opinions of,
Hobbinol, a burlesque,

on the pride and luxury of middling fort, Som. 94
young, character of,

Som. 98
- bred up with Ganderetta,

Som. 98
Ganderetta king and queen of May,
lays the prize at Ganderetta's fret,
mutual triumph of,
dragg'd to prison,

Hockly i'th' hole,
Hockfter seen, tumultuous pasions roll,

Tick. 19:
Holland, description of,
streets of, described,

Gay 1 : 104
on leaving,
where Mountain Zephyr never blew,

Holy-fifter, character of,
· spirit, hail, supremely kind,

Parn. 156
raise my voice, and in my numbers thine, id. 157
- wars, scenes of blood,

Butl. 2:293
Home, the resort of joy, of peace, and plenty, Tbom. 1 : 109
of a wise man, all countries,

B. 1:6;


Som. 99
Som. 134
Som. 135
Som. 139

Som. 125
But. I:137

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Aken. 209

Aken. 209
Cow, 1:159
Cow. 1:353

Homely features, to keep home,

Milt. 3 : 147 Homer, Sol's first-born,

Cow. i : 69 adamant compos'd his throne, Pope 1 : 209 father of verte

Pope 1: 209

Thom. 1:171 parent of song, princely bard!

Swift 2: 317 matchless in his art,

Dry. I :

4. 1:28; thines supreme in distant majesty,

Pitt 311 nodded oftener o'er the glass,

Pirt 3877 repetitions in,

Pitt 346 too talkative and digressive,

Dig.3: 294 violent, impetuous, and full of fire,.. Dry. 3:19 - had the greatest invention,

Pope il. rii poetical fire,

Pope il. 1:3 - variety of diftinét characters, Pope il. 1: sublimity of sentiments,

Pope il. 1:9 father of poetical diction,

Tope il. 1:11 affects compound epithets,

Pope ile 1:11 versification harmonious,

Pope il. 1:12 fimiles like pictures,

Pope il. 1:17 praised for keeping a good table, hymn of, to Venus,

Cong.!!! firit Iliad, tranilated,

Dry. 4:237 imitation of, translations from,

Dry: 4:238 be your study and delight,

Pope 1:96 and Nature are the same,

Pope 1 : 97
own'd with pride he was in Britain born,
Homicide of names,

Dry: 2:61
Homicides of Warwick-lane,


Som. 123

Yat. 399

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Pitt 272

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Garth 27

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Phil. 59

Cow. 1:313

Homily, in each deed,

Cow. I: 80
Honeft man, fimple of heart,

Phil. 58
ftudious of virtue,
is the noblest work of God, Pope 2: 78

Rowe L. 402
Honesty confifts in meaning well,

Den. 89
way to,
plain is her look,

Hughes 206
juft alike to friends and foes,

Hughes 206
thrice beauteous !

Lanj. 184
- is often in the wrong,

Rowe L. 351
when stubborn rules her zealots push, Rowe L. 351
Honiton, where lace industrious laffes weave, Gay 1 : 169
a fragment,

Prior 2:256
honeft fame,

Prior 2 : 256
plac'd in probity alone,
from good deeds alone,
of adamantine proof,

Tbom. 2 : 169
is the informing spirit of the soul,

Swift 1:175
answers faith in things divine,

Swift 1:175
comprehends all the virtues,

Swift 1 : 176
what it is not,

Swift 1 : 176
as my life, I prize,

Gay 2 : 122
is of man,

Dry: 3:124
made sincere,
man of striet, undaunted,
spark of celestial fire,
treasure of a generous breast,
fair, godlike acts inspires,

Hugbes 205
the more obstructed, stronger thines,


Cow. 1:55

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Mall. 192
Hal. 224
Hal. 225
Hal. 225

Sav. 29



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Honour on yourself depends,

Gay 2 :168

Rocb. 291 noble confidence, ye gods! or let me gain or give, Pope il. 2:181

Bt.1:2O3 like glasfy bubble,


!: 204 is but a word, is an airy bubble,

ljugibes 177 the hero's tyrant,

Garth 46

Garth 47 lives on air,

Cow. 2 : 100 an idle name,

Prior 1 :155 barter for estate,

Buil. 1:103 hurt, is wont to rage,

Garth 75 loft, it is a relief to die, is a lease for lives,

BMI: 138

Buil. 1:138 truckle-bed of, and thame from no condition, vise, Pope 2 : like a widow won,

Burl I : 46

Add. 291 is a sacred tie,

Add. 291 aids and strengthens virtue,

Add. 291 imitates her actions, where the is not,

Lun. 256 Honour's the noblest chace,

Buil. 1:183 temple, door through virtue, Honours make the face of virtue fair, moung 3 : 162

Say. 102 if true, from fects of merit grow, of the butt and laurel,


Coz. 1:59 foaring to, like Icarus fate,

Bil. 2:47 Hook or crook, to carry by,

Sben. 154 Hope,

Cow. 1:2744 agaiuft, for,


Lucka 19 oraingoain the last thing that in us dies, R4


: 76


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