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Hope, fond inmate of the human mind,

Weft 215
kindliest inmate of youthful breast,

Akers. 127
th' unhappy's last reserve,

Som. 65
fresh-blooming, daughter of the sky,

Pope 1 : 1930
revives my soul,

Parn. 225
conceived from despair,

Milt. I : 199
tempts belief,

Milt. 3:58
kind flatterer,

Sav. 100
the glad ray, glanc'd from eternal good, Tbom. 2 : 23
that life enlivens, and exalts its power,

Thom. 2:33
is but the dream of those that wake,

Prior 2: 169

Hugbes 171
like the moon and ocean smiling,

Hugbes 171
deferr'd has made me fick,
enchanted smild,

Tbom. 2 : 61
immortal, that sole anchor,

Young 2 : 221
travels through, nor quits us when we die,

Pope 2:52
suftains the human heart,

Mall. 276
loft in joy,
in darkness,
may fome boundless future bliss embrace, Hughes 195
but what, or when, or how, or where, mazes all, id. 195
enlarges the prospect,
relieves the miserable mind,

Rowe L, 82
how vain, and how vexatious thought,

Prior 2:183
were too long, with vain delufion fled, Pope od. 2:46
in love,

Lytt. 6

Parn. 199
Parn, 227
Collins 271

Prior 2:29
Waits 155

Wall. 67
Yal. 364

Cow. 1:59
Black. 219

Som. 107 Prior 2: 175

Rowe 14" Tick. 2104

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Cow. I:


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Hope, in that word, peace and transport are return’d, Lytt. 8

and jealousy in love, Hopes of an unknown state,

are vain, that, haughty mind imparts, Pope il. 2:37 frail air, joys are vain,

deceiv’d, from war's inconftant turns, -- of vengeance triumph'd over love, numbers loft by,

Buil. 3:336 and fears give conscience all her power, Young 2 : 202 and fears void of reason,

Dry. 7: 281
Hopton commended,
Horace, pedigree of and education,

Dry: 7:175 style of, adapted to his subject, Dry. 7:176 includes all the rules of morality, Dry: 7:181

and of converfation, Dry. 7:181 delicacy of his turns,

Dry 7:177 choice of words,

Dry. 7: 177 more general in his instructions, Dry. 7:181 smil'd reproof, and tickled with his fting, sportive caught the generous fire, Pope 2:16 improves satire,

Dry. 7:159 the beft master in laughing satire, Young 1 : : 73

Dry. 1:273 · laughed at follies,

Dry. 7: 318

Dry. 7: 182 salt of, insipid,

Dry. 7:183 in his Satires a philosopher and critic, Dry. 5: 81 Wanting in pointedness of thought, Dry. 7:105


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Fent. 307 Fent. 307

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Buck. 70 Prior 2:43

Horace, a court-satiristy

Dry. 7: 192 excells in the comical satire,

Dry. 7: 198 prom his the curious happiness of wit,

Mall. 164 best of masters and examples toon that curious speaker, writ as wild or sober maggots bity

Prior 2:45 talks us into sense,

Pope I : 118 judg’d with coolness, though he sung with fire, ib. 119 touched the Lelbian lyre,

Fent. 233 happy, tun'd th’ Aufonian lyre, Pope 1 : 211 prizes his liberty,

Cow. 2:272

Cow. 2 : 309 prefers his manor to a court, praise of a country life,

Cow. 2: 315 advice to,

King 418 and Virgil, wit and learning shine, Book i. Ode i.

Broome 38
Book i. Ode v.

Book i. Ode xii.
Book i. Ode ü.
Book i. Ode xix, paraphrased,

Co g... để
Book ii. Ode xiv. imitated,

Carg. 45 Book i. Ode ix. imitated,

Cong: 43 Book i. Ode xiv.

Swift 2:4 Book i. Ode xxii.

Hugbes 99Book ii. Ode xvi.

Hugbes 102 an allufion to, Book i. Ode xxii. Hugbes 213 Book ii. Ode i.

Swift 1 : 135 Book ii. Ode iii. paraphrased,

Pitt 263 Book iv. Ode iii.

Pitt 263 Book ü. Ode iv, imitated,


Pom. 215


Pitt 229 Pitt 231

Rosse 39°

[blocks in formation]

Horace, Book iii. Ode xxi. imitated,

Book iv. Ode ix.
Book iv. Ode ix. imitated,
Book ii. Ode iv.
Book ii. Ode viii.
Book iii. Ode ix.
Book üi. Ode ii.
Book iii. Ode iii.
Book iv. Ode i. to Venus,
Book i. Epiftle iv. imitated,
Book iv. Ode iv.
Book iv. Ode xix. imitated,
Epode vii.

ode, in imitation ofg.
translation from,
imitation of,
part of Book i. Sat. vi..
Epistle x. translated,
epistle of imitated,
Book i. Epistle iv. imitated,
Book i. Epistle iv. imitated,
Book i. Epistle v.
Book i. Epistle 7.
Book ii. Sat. vi.
Book i. Epistle x. imitated,
Book i. Epistle xviii. imitated,
Book ii. Epiftle xix. imitated,
imitation of,
imitations of,

Duke 125 Cow. I:123 Prior 1:49 Hughes 203

Yald. 394 Swift 2: 337

Som. 254

[blocks in formation]

Tick. 223 Tick, 223 Tick. 223

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Gartb 33

faints away,

Horace, imitations of,

Pope 2 : 309 translation from,

Add. 100 transations from,

Dry. 4: 323 Hori, riddle on,

Swift 1: 310 Horn-book, in praise of,

Tick. 221 perfect centre of concordancy, ancient book, most venerable code, learning's first cradle, in all tongues the same,

Tick. 222 Hornet vengeful, soul all o'er,

Pepe il. 158 bold son of air and heat,

Pope il. 2:

2:158 Horoscope, described, and consulted,

Garib 36 - reftored by Squirt,

Gartb 36 Horror, tyrant of the throbbing breast,

Gray 359 Horse described,

Young 1:219 snuffs the battle from afar,

Broome 28 demands the fight, and rushes on the foe,

Broome 29 that, nobly wild, neighs on the hills, fed on man's Heih,

Bull. 1 : 66 and the olive, Horses clad in mail,

Milt. 2: 195 like Parthians,

Gay 1: 121 breeding of,

Dry. 5:151 council of,

Gay 2 : 104 pride of man is our reproach,

Gay 2 : 104 we share the toil, and share the grain, Horselhoe, each threshold's guard,

Gay 2:70 Horse-vaulter,

Pope il. 2: 92 Horte (Josiah), verses to,

Watts 265

Smith 97

Park. 97

Gay 2 : 106

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