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Alexander, feast of,

feaft of,

Alexandria fired,


mourning muse of,

Alfred the great,

father of the English name,

ode on Mafque of,

Allan is now, what Homer was before, All born to die,

All-chearing Health, goddefs rofy-fair, All-conquering Death, all victims to,

gold exerts its power,

Dry. 2: 214
Hughes 174
Rowe L. 457

$ Dry. 5: 26
Hughes 117
Cing. 5

Thom. 2: 105
Aken. 215

Mall. 192

Som. 219

A. Phil. 385
Mall. 170

Pope il. 2: 174

Gay 1: 33

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Almanfor's rage, the people's not the writer's fin, Lanf. 234

[blocks in formation]

Dry. 2: 56

Alms, vehicles of prayer,
Alpha mark of approbation,

and omega, first and last,

Alpheus, of rivers the pride,

deck'd with olives flows, mixes with Arethufa, unmixt, to his Sicilian river glides, feeks, with pace, the lov'd Sicilian Alfop never but like Horace jokes, Altar raised to disease,

to love of French romances built, Altis, facred grove of Olympic Jove,

Cow. I: 54
Prior 2: 124

A. Phil. 389
WA 136

Dry. 6: 33

Fop: 1: 296 hores, Hughes 29

Pope 1: 233

Garth 40

Pofe 1: 133

Weft 219

Alva, fiery duke, Philip's fcourge of vengeance rofe, Hughes 42 with flames of inquifition rofe from hell,


C 2

Lugbes 42

Drv. 4: 299


Amaryllis, tears for,

Amata infpired by Alecto oppofes Æneas,

diffuades Turnus from combat,

hangs herself,

Amazement chain'd the tongue,

Ambigue to compofe,

Ambiguities, the laft excellence of a wit,

Ambition, ever foaring high,

gigantic phantom of the brain,

[blocks in formation]

curs'd, awakes the world to war and ruin, Cong. 61

[blocks in formation]

found the vanity of column and bust, Pope 2:145

meannefs of,

mean, ignoble pride!

Cow. 2: 263

Young 3: 226


Ambition makes my little lefs,'

feeds on trath, and loaths a feast,

fires ambition,

charms, ev'n in age,

fhould teach folitude,

Young 2: 64

Young I: 103

Young 2: 96

A. Phil. 333

Cow. 2: 285

[blocks in formation]

envy, faction's viperous brood,

and revenge have certain fpeed, 's aims, how endless,

Ambitious man, a flave,

Ambrofe Philips is preferr'd for wit,

Amiel, character of,

Ammunition, to preach the faith with;

Amoret, Waller to,

careless with artful care,

Amorous old man,

Young 2: 137
Well 312

Prior 2: 18z

Swift 2: 195

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teazing ghoft of the departed man, Mall. 180

Amphiaraus, skill'd in fate, and dark futurity,

Pope 1: 306

[blocks in formation]

Amphion ftrikes the lyre, behold a Thebes afire, Pufe 1: 205

Amphitheatre defcribed,


Dyer 12


Amphitheatre, barbarous ufe of,

Dyer 12

Amphius and Adraftus come from Apaefus, Pope il. 1: 100 rush to war and perish'd on the plain, ib. 100

Amufe, innocently to, is doing fome fervice,

Amri, character of,

Amfanctus, a lake,

Amyntas, tears for,

Amyntor and Theodora,

Dry. 1: 194

Dry. 6: 183

Weft 129

Cong. 93

Mall. 235

recovered from drowning,

Anacreon, gay Anacreon, drunken priest,


choaked by a grape-ftone,

odes of,

on his lute,

on women,

on love,

ode 3, imitation of,


fmiles and fings,

elegy on,



Analogy, man's fureft guide below,

Analytic, skilled, in,

Anana, pride of vegetable life,

hora. See Repetition.

hy, headlong fteep of,

Mall. 245

Swift 2: 317

Cow. I: 151

Cow. 1: 153

Broome 162-176

A. Phil. 396

A. Phil. 396

A. Phil. 397

Hughes 56 Buck. 42 Prior 1: 83

Aken. 226

Cow. I: 150

Shen. 112 Parn. 16, 19

Som. 240

Cow. 1: 139

Young 2: 154


Thom. 1: 67

Dry. 1: 213


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