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Figulus exclaims, the stars are in confufion hurl'd, Rowe L. 78

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mind, incapable of grafping Nature's fyftem, Black. 84

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purge the blood-polluted rooms, ib. 4:214.

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of love, the more conceal'd, the fiercer rag'd, Hughes 58

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Flames, on guilty towns, exert Heaven's wrath,Pope il. 2: 255

and fire, the vain difguife of love,

Thom. 2: 188

or elfe a fleeting paffion prove, Thom. 2: 188

the frantic fury of the veins,

Flaminius proclaims liberty to Greece,

Flan lers, feat of war, poem on,

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Thon. 2 : 183

Thom. 2:66

Broome 47

Broome 47 Flanders,

Flanders, towers lie monuments of rage,

Flandria, by plenty, made the home of war,

long the field of destructive war,

Flatterer, an earwig grows,

Flatterers, to beware of,

Flattery, fmooth infinuating bane,

her fulfom arts footh our pride,

pleafing bane,

in perfumes it kills,

not eafily distinguished,

oft like friendship shows,

never seems abfurd,

Broome 47

Prior 1: 260

Hughes 17

Pope 2: 349

Dry. 3: 166
Fent. 315

Fent. 316

Broome 43

Broome 43

King 222

Den. 94

Gay 2:59

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Pope il. 2: 11

Pope il. 2: 110

Pope 3: 168

Pope 3:153

Prior 133, 35

the Smiles and Graces own his ftrain,

and Beaumont, like radiant twins,

an eclogue,

fairest fruit attract,

Flight, their worst death,


drunkards require fonorous lays,

Flints, feeds of latent fire from,

Flirt and Phil.

Watts 184

Dry. 2:138

Wall. 106
Den. 55

Collins 276

Fent. 235

Prior I: 202

Parn. 61

Swift 2:129

Thom. 2:63

Gay 1: 86

Gay 1: 86

Dry. 3: 181

Shen. 161

Floods bury towns beneath their tide,

Hughes 280 Eugbes 119 Fent. 207

Flora, goddess of the youthful year,

Florelio, a paftoral,

and grief of every British fwain, Fent. 208

-- the grace Floriana, a paftoral,

Flour, the ftrength of wheat,

Flower, verfes on,

Duke 107

Pope od. 3:75

the growth and strength of man,

Pope od. 4: 165

Broome 102

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of joy foon fall, foon seeds of hatred shoot, Prior 1 : 74

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Flying fowls and creeping things praife the Lord, Watts 93

Foe, drawn up and drilled,

he makes, who makes a jeft,

to God, was ne'er true friend to man,

to man, was never friend to God,

Fogs defcribed,

Follies men act, which poets toil to write,
----- are mifcall'd crimes of fate,
Folly, my fon, has a friend at court,

the proper quarry of Horace,
more extravagant, as it grows.old,
of prying into futurity,
vexatious to the wife,

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Thom. 1: 130, feq.

Dry. 2:282

Pope od. 3:40

Pope 3: 116

Dry. 7: 182 * Butl. I : 269 Cow. 2:48

: Coru. 2:



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