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Folly broods o'er grief,

one ebb and flow of, all my life,

relentless fteels thy breast,

· obdurate to reject the stranger-guest,
of believing nothing or all,

fuffering more from, than from fate,

and pride, fifter-twins of floth,

Fond of the power, but fonder of the prize,

-man acquires wants, which nature never

prone to ambition, to example blind,

Prior 2: 159

Pope 2 : 201

Pope od. 3: 106.

Pope od. 3: 106 ·
Dry. 1: 129

Young 2:219

Fent. 318

Pope il. 1: 42

knew, Tick. 220

Fondness loft on woman's pride,

Fontinella to Florinda,

Fool, who meets, muft find conceit,
at forty, is a fool indeed,

- ! from thyself thou canst not fly,
-fource of all thy care,

lies hid in inconfiftencies,
of fate, thy manufacture, man,
or knave, that wears a title, lyes,
and knave, 'tis glorious to offend,

--- none fo bufy,

is naufeous, but a coward worse,

that loves and hates, more fool to own it,

none fmarts fo,

with fool, is barbarous civil war,

Foolish praise is satire on the fair,

Fools admire, but men of fenfe approve,

Tick. 220

King 296

Swift 1: 322

Gay 2:85

Young 1:96

Hughes 104

Hughes 104

Pope 2: 97

Pope od. 4: 169

Young 1:82

Young 1: 105

Dry. 1:215

Dry. 3: 143

Smith 97

Pope 2: 152

Pope 3: 188

Hughes 94

Pupe 1: 107

[blocks in formation]

Fools are the game, which knaves pursue,"

are vain, when fools admire,

are infolent and vain,

doubly fools, endeavouring to be wife,

make attempts beyond their skill,

Gay 2: 172

Gay 2: 63

Swift 1: 147

Dry. 2: 90

Cong. 71

Butdo I: 27

Rowe 24

known by looking wife,

whom love or verfe undo,

may our fcorn, not envy raise,

are ftubborn,

only choose wretches for their friends,

wicked at their own coft,

ftay to feel, and are wife too late,

Foot-ball defcribed,

Foot-man very arrogant,

Footmen Lords and Dukes can act,

Foot races,

Footstool earth, canopy the skies,

Fop, defcribed,

outweighs in female fcales,

can dance'and make a leg,

--- can fetch and carry, cringe and beg, Fopland, the greatest part of this isle, Tops, who,

fly, never fix'd, but fugitives in love, if once wrong, will needs be always fo, Forbid, that want fhould fink me to a lye, Force greater than command,

- to a generous mind unpleafing, is of brutes,

in the lion dwells,

Gay 2: 107

Butle 2 : 30

Rowe L. 353

Roch. 313

Pope il. 2: 138

Gay 1: 123

Gay 1:137

Swift 2: 149

·Dry. 6:86

Pope 2:34

*Gay 1: 113

Young 1: 131

Gay 1: 203

Gay 1: 203 Hal. 239

Dry. 1:114

Cong. 128

Pope 1: 114 Pope od. 3: 197

Butlo 2 : 118

Milt. 2: 179

Dry. 3: 124

Den. 99


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Force how vain! Love ne'er can be compell'd, Gay 2:211

first made conquest,

Pope 2:


— to prove, is only mine, the event is love's, Pope il. 2: 156

Forcers of conscience,

Ford, birth-day verfes on,

Forecaft fails against ill-luck,
Foreign countries, declining to vifit,
Forefight, to neceffitate the will by,
Foreskins, a dowry by David,

Forfeit pay of their haughty lord,

Forget what we bestow, befpeaks a noble mind,

Forgetfulness of death, furpaffing fault,

Form, joined with virtue, rare,

Formalifts, cold-hearted, frozen,

pronounce the witty mad,

Forms decay,

have their affigned time,

of matter, all diffolving, die,

Milt. 3: 168

Swift 1:276
A. Phil. 303
Shen. 37

Dry. 3:83

·Cow. 2: 165

Pope il. 2: 100

Cong, to5

Young 2: IFI

Dry. 7: 297

Young 2:83

Pitt 402

Dry. 3: 134

Dry. 3: 134

Rowe L. 325

Rowe L. 325

Pope 2: 55

Yal. 441

Watts 161

Lytt. 55

loft in Nature's blending bofom lie,
that perish, other forms fupply,

lovely, dignify the foul's abode,

Forfaken, yet hoping,

with Hammond's Elegies, Lytt. 55

Fortefcue, Mifs Lucy, verfes to,

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Author's compared with others' diftress,

fair, like all thy treacherous kind,

faithlefs ftill, and wavering as the wind, Pope 1 : 243

gives us birth,

entrust to powers above,

an unrelenting foe to love,

Shen. 30

Shen. 56

Pope 1: 243

Pope il. 2:222

Dry. 7: 299

Thom. 2: 187

[blocks in formation]

nor courted fmiles, nor funk beneath her frown,Yal.445

push not by ill means,

fmiles of never bleft the bad,

King 301

Young 2: 247

frowns of, never rob innocence of joys, Young 2: 247

all afk, and afk no more,

we most unjustly partial call,

and cowardice fucceed,

Gay 2: 50

Lanf. 184 Bitl. 1:45


[blocks in formation]

whose heart and,tongue benevolence infpires, Sav. 148

Fought, but fwore, they ne'er could hate,

Foundling, a nameless iffue,

Fountain, plan of,

of light, thou first and best,

Tick. 158

Dry. 7: 277

Prior 1: 198

Mall. 253

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