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Sav. 146

the focial manners, and the heart humane, Sav. 146

[blocks in formation]

knowledge of various life, of learning too, Sav. 146

-- an humble, though an elevated mind,

Sav. 146

who married his caft mistress,

Som. 246

Gentle fleep, in thy embrace all forrow dies,

Gay 1: 245

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Georgia, culture of filk in,

Georgic, what,

George-Nim-Dan-Dean, verses to and from, Swift 1: 224, feq.

Dyer 123

of Virgil, moft finished piece of antiquity, Add. 211

Add. 201, 202

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German prince, proud of pedigree, is poor of purfe, Pope 2: 207

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Giant-ills of earth are dwarf'd by grace,

Giants, origin of,

tower-like warriors,

rear an hundred arms,

Young 3: 136

Milt. 2: 108

Broome 143

Broome 143


[blocks in formation]

§ Fent. 258.

Dry. 3: 304
Milt. 3:48
Cow. 3:173

Watts 173

Cow. I: 201

Lanj. 209

Pope od. 3: 252Buck. 59

Dry. 7:325

Thom. I: III
Bath. I :I39

Burl. 2 :


Bud. 1: 149

Pope il. 1: 290

--- no fattening dews be on thy lawns diftill'd, -- no kindly fhowers refresh,

accurs'd by men, and hateful to the skies,

Girdle, on,

Dry. 2:54 Som. 204

Som. 204

Som. 204

Sem. 104

Wall. 87

[blocks in formation]

Glaucus and Scylla, ftory of,

new to the fea, and late receiv'd a god,

ends in a fish's wreathy tail below,

transformation of,

and Sarpedon lead the Lycians,

Globe, general profpect of,

Globes, their weight, felf-balanc'd, bear,

Glocefter, character of,

Glories of the dusty plain,

Glorious acts more glorious acts infpire,

morn is come,

fecond birth of heaven and earth,

Glory, what,

true, what,

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how obtained,

Milt. 2: 186

[blocks in formation]


Glover, liberty and virtue claim thy song,
Glumdalclitch, lamentation of,
Glutted market makes provifions cheap,
Gluttons in murder, wanton to destroy,
Gluttony, fure men are curfed for,
Gnomes, dæmons of earth mischievous,
Goat diftill'd her milk for Jupiter,

expires with feebler cries,
without a beard,

Goats, management of,

Goblet defcribed,

I drain, and then 'tis fweet to rave,

God demonftrated from the creation,

from final causes,

only known to himself,

facred One, almighty Three,


incomprehenfible and infinite,

perfections of, unfounded depth,

--- could not be, could we conceive him,

alone can comprehend a God,

unity of,

[blocks in formation]
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God, not a neceffary cause, but freely acting,

acts to one end, but by various laws,

not by partial, but by general laws,

by arbitrary laws,

Black. 157

Pope 2:55

Pope 2:34

Black. 193

frames creatures diftinguifh'd in perfection, Black. 103 whofe broad eye, future and paft joins to prefent, Young 3:75

[blocks in formation]



folemn thoughts of,

thade and light the fame to,

lead in the way that leads to thee,

guards my life, and fhields me from my foes,

fees and moves all, himfelf unmov'd, unfeen,
prefent, by providential care,

Broome 100

Young 3:121

-- fupreme, the regiflers of fate expanded lie to, Pope od. 4:164


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Watts 338

Pitt 248

Pitt 249

Pitt 250

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