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Henry VI. prologue to,

good than great,

Sav. 131

Sav. 131

Phil. 82

of Richmond removes deftructive difcord,

unites by wife alliance Fergus' line, Phil. 8z

VIII. fhook off papal yoke,

Thom. 2: III

Naffau alone can match his brother's deeds, Hughes 44

none fiercer did pursue the flying foe,

liv'd to compleat the great republic,

and Emma,

Heraclitus weeps the crimes of men,

Herald lark falutes the morn,

Heralds, minifters of Gods and men,

facred minifters of men and gods,

facred minifters of earth and heaven,

moons, all crefcents,

Herbs o'er all the deep-green earth spring,

Hughes 44

Hughes 45

Prior I: 218

Dry. 7:283

Milt. 2: 172
Tick. 176

Pope il: 1:51

Popeil. 1: 228

Butl. I : 176

Thom, FIT

beyond the power of Betaniffs to number, Thom. 1:11

their virtues who can declare!

Hercules, a babe, kills two ferpents,

death of,

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

apotheofis of


[blocks in formation]

now a fhadowy form,

a towering spectre of gigantic mould,

labours of,

no labours too hard for,

-- judgment of,

abides affociate with gods,

Fent. 271

Thom. 2:

of Farnefe,


Ford, encomium of,

women of,

Phil. 51, 52

Phil. 56


Hermaphroditus, ftory of,

Hermes, described,


in his attire,

conducts Priam to Achilles,

mediates between gods and men,

Add. 174

Dry. 6:47

Pope il. 2: 341

Pope il. 2: 345

Pope il. 2: 343

accoutred as the meffenger of the gods, Popeod. 3: 147

god of the golden wand,

the charming rod,

Pope ed. 3: 148

Pope od. 3:151

patron of industry and manual arts, Pope od. 4:58

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

refembling Venus in attractive state, Pope od. 3: 105

Hermetic powder for wounds,

Hermione, the fairest of her kind,

[blocks in formation]

Som. 165

mind, unchangeable and free,

how vain, without the merit, is the name, Pope il. 2 : 142

- felf-conquer'd, inured to quell his rage, Pope od. 4: 1CO

fcorns despair,

- fchool of morality of,

-'s headlefs trunk befmear'd with gore,

Herod, favage on a throne,

Heroes find a tafk to tame the monster vice,

fight for glory, not for prize,

from heroes rife,



Pope od. 4:74

Watts 198 Rowe L. 80

Broome 113
Hughes 48

Lanf. 146

Pope od. 3:71


Heroes like, they bore, but felt like men,

in heaven's peculiar mold are cast,

in fearch of fame, the world embroil,
made by flaughter,

of the nibbling race,

good-eating expedient for,

and kings now are but a name,

Heroic poem, utmost stretch of human fenfe,

but two produced,

forms the mind by example,

grave, majestic, and fublime,

poetry, why the greatest work,
antiquity of,

virtue, from Tyrtaeus,

Herring, dead as,

Herfilia, affumption of,

Pope il. 2: 348
Dry. I: 313
Lanf. 130
Butl. I:60
Parn. 39

Som. 125

Broome 129

Buck, 80

Buck. 80

Dry. 5:207

Dry. 5:208

Dry. 7: 134

Dry. 7:134

Hughes 124

Butl. I: 266

Garth 150

[blocks in formation]

Add. 206.

[ocr errors]

had more of the husbandman than poet,

defcriptions of, are nature in her fimplicity,

precepts of, clog his poem,


who cleanfed the temple,
lies fick, his death pronounc'd,
reftor'd to health, on his prayer,

Add. 207.

Add. 208.

Parn, 228

Parn. 228

Parn. 229

Parn. 230.


Hezekiah, his life extended to fifteen years,

Hiarba, flighted by Dido,

Hibernia, how foon thy arms regain'd,

Hiccius Doctius, to play,

Hierarchy, double tyrants,

Hiero of Syracuse victor in the Pythian games, by Pythian heralds were his praifes fung, plucks every virtue's faireft flower,

[blocks in formation]

Higden, Dryden to,


-----on Mrs.

High, exposed to storms,

Wall. 113

Wall. 201

Den. 15

blifs is only for a higher ftaté,

defert embraces fair renown,

ftations tumult, but not blifs create,

worth is elevated place,

Hill (Aaron), verfes to,

Thom. 2: 181

Young 3:153

Young 1: 85

Young 2:141

Sav. 130, 140

[blocks in formation]

Hippomolgians, fam'd for justice and longevity, Pope il. z : 3

from milk innoxious feek their food, ib. 2: 3

Hippothous and Pyleus from Larissa come,

R &

Pope il. I:


Smith gó

Smith 96

Smith 110


Hirelings! your venal conscience I despise,

Hiftorian's annals, acts of worthy men,

Hiftory, far-looking fage,

Hoadly, for a period of a mile,

Hobbes, Cowley to,

Atheistic opinions of,

Gay 2: 162
Gay 1: 206
Mall. 172

Pope 2: 273


Buck. 94

Black. 117

and his writings,

Hobbinol, a burlesque,

Som. 95

— on the pride and luxury of middling fort, Som. 94

[blocks in formation]

raise my voice, and in my numbers shine, id. 157

wars, fcenes of blood,

Home, the resort of joy, of peace, and plenty,

of a wife man, all countries,

Butl. 2 : 295

Thom. 1: 109

Bull. 2:63.


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