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Horace, a court-fatirist,

excells in the comical fatire,
his the curious happiness of wit,

·Dry. 7: 192

Dry. 7: 198 Mall. 164 Buck. 70

beft of mafters and examples too

that curious fpeaker,

Prior 2:43

writ as wild or fober maggots bit,

Prior 2:45

talks us into fenfe,"

Pope 1 : 118

judg'd with coolness, though he fung with fire, ib. 119.

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Book iii. Ode ii.

Book iii. Ode iii..

Book iv. Ode i. to Venus,

Book i. Epiftle iv. imitated, Book iv. Ode iv.

Book iv. Ode xix. imitated, Epode vii.


ode, in imitation of,

tranflation from,

imitation of,

part of Book i. Sat. vi..

Epiftle x. tranflated,

epiftle of imitated,

Book i. Epiftle iv. imitated, Book i. Epiftle iv. imitated,

Swift 1:152

Hughes 88
Rowe 45

Rowe 47

Lytt. 75

Swift 2:316
Duke 125

Cow. 1:123

Prior 1:49
Hughes 203
Tald. 394-

Swift 2:337
Som. 254

King 178

Pitt 392

Pope 2: 370

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fnuffs the battle from afar,

demands the fight, and rushes on the foe,

that, nobly wild, neighs on the hills,

fed on man's fleth,

and the olive,

Horfes clad in mail,

like Parthians,

breeding of,

council of,

Tick. 222

Pope il. 2:158

Pope it. 2: 158

Garth 33

Garth 36

Garth 36

Gray 359

Young 1:219

Broome 28

Broome 29

Smith 97

Butl. I : 66

Parn. 97

Milt. 2: 195

Gay 1: 121

Dry. 5:15г

Gay 2: 104

pride of man is our reproach,

Gay 2: 104

———-- we share the toil, and share the grain,

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- Hofanna,

Hofpitable gift beftow,

Watts 357

Pope od. 3:237

'tis what the happy to th' unhappy owe, id. ib. 3:237 'tis what the gods require,

Hoft, to count without,

Hottentots with guts and tripe deck them,


Hound, in fcent and fpeed unrival'd,

breathing death,

Pope il. 3:237

Butl. I : 101

Prior 2:63

Swift 1: 181

Som. 17

Som. 17

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Hour of death, in vain do mortals feek to know, A. Phil. 391

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