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Jew of Venice, epilogue to,

Jewels, condenfed flame,

Jews, character of,

Lanf. 216

Cow. 1:213

Dry 1: 126

➖➖➖➖➖➖ a murmuring generation,

who bow to fome myfterious name,

Ignoble fpirits by revenge are known,

Ignorance, characters of,

makes men admire,.

Dry. 1: 173

Rove L. III

Pom. 278

Butl. 2 : 322

Cong. 54

Butl. I: II3


devotion's dam,

Den. 106

Den. 106

overfpreads Europe,

where blifs, 'tis folly to be wife,

our comfort flows from,

and Vice in concert foul agree,

Jig, Dick could neatly dance,

[blocks in formation]

Jilts rul'd the ftate,

Pope 1: 113

Ilerda crown'd the fummit of a mountain,

Rowe L. 16r

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Prior 2:93

Pope od. 3:3

Pope od. 3: 18

Fick. 165 Broome 68

Broome 107

Pope il. 2: 221
Pope od. 4:32

King 275
Cong. I5

Aken. 193

Pope 2: 73

the gay fports with troubled hearts agree, Pope od. 3: 208


[blocks in formation]

Ills difcreetly yield to, and patiently endure,

--we wish for, when we with to live,

Prior I: 109

Som. 276

Young 3:15

[blocks in formation]

Ilva renowned for steel,

Ilyffus, a river running to the Eaft of Athens,

weeps her filent fchools,

'Images, that raise blushes, be flightly touch'd,

Prior 1: 71

Prior 2: 173

Pom. 281

SAV. 21

Lytt. 38

Milt. 3: 106

Hug bes 253

Dry. 6:278

Aken. 89

Dyer 12

Pitt 356

as Æneas and Dido may repair to the fame cave, ib. 356

[blocks in formation]

wit, fpirit, faculties, make it worfe, Pote 2:47

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

pleafures of depend on the difpofition, Akën. 37

[blocks in formation]

renders our present ftate intelligible, Young 2 : 180~

proved from man's paffions and powers, id. 2 : 165

[blocks in formation]

from the order of creation, Young 2: 172:

from the nature of ambition, id. 2: 174

from avarice,

Young 2: 178


Immortality proved from pleasure,

Impatience makes thy tongue offend,

makes our wishes earneft grow,

blames and loaths a tedious feast,

Impenitent alone excluded from mercy,
Imperfection call, what thou fancy'st such,
Impertinence, the feurvy of mankind,

-- more than enough, is but,..

round beauty swarms,

Impiety vexatious to the pious,

Impious, felf-judg'd, abandon'd,` overcome,

figh, a long eternity of pain,

Young 2:179
Pope il: 2:35

Pom. 280

Weft 200 Milt. 179

Pope 2:33 Swift 1:11 Pom. 219

Gay 2:41

Cow. 2:362

Hugbes 194

Hugbes 194

toft in an ocean of defire without a fhore,

id. 194

man whofe anger is his guide,

Pope il. 2:46

who glories in unutterable pride, Pope il. 2 : 46

[blocks in formation]

Impoftors, when known, are undone,
Impotence of faith doubt you the gods,
Impromptu, on a lady,
Impudence, with front of brass,

what no lawyer never lack'd,
-- a fair pretence to all things,

---- to all things has pretence,

Pope od. 4:172
Batlo i: 273

Pope od. 4: 163

Mall. 178

Savift 2: 75

Swift 1: 102
Butbox: 273

Butl. 2 : 319

Inanimate things, refemblance to properties of the, Aken. 71

iration of king William,

Ster fhall her brother wed,

Add. 69

Hughes 303

Low calm, when reafon bears the fway, Hughes 223


Inclination to learn without capacity, a drudgery, Butl: 2:269

[blocks in formation]

Index-learning holds the eel of science by the tail, Pope 3:113

Indian fig, embowering endless,

: Indian-muck to run at all,

Thom. 1:66

Dry. 2: 93

[blocks in formation]
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