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Indolence, that foul-enfeebling wizard,

Thom. 1:234

Thom. 1:225

Thom. I: 202

Thom. 1: 203

falfe enchanter,

addrefs to the world,

fteeps forrows in oblivion,

o'erflows the heart with milky blood,
unknits the joints, and finews melts,
caftle of,

nought around, but images of reft,
clogs the mind,

Indulgence is to human frailty due,

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ takes with a noble mind,

Industry, good effects of,

rough power,

Thom. 1: 204

Thom. 1 : 206
Thom. I: 199

Thom. I : 200

Gay 2: 177
Som. 219

King 288

Dyer 90, 92

Thom. I : 108

whom labour, fweat, and pain attend, Thom. I : 108


fupplies nature,

Butl. 2 : 202

fupports us all,

the various wants of man redreffes,

--------- instance of, in the Romans,

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬---- a full exertion of our powers, itfelf fubmits to death,

Inexorable death fhall level all,

Infallibility, where lodged,

Gay 2:155

Gay 2:155

Young 3: 243

Young 3: 243

Gay 1: 124

Pope 2:253

Dry. 2: 30

Infamy, dark as the grave, and fpacious as the sky, Aken. 342

the Dæmon o'er her vaffals reigns,

- of dead for benefit of living,

Infected feems, all that th' infected spy,

Infernal rivers defcribed,

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Inhabitants numerous and induftrious, fource of wealth, Dyer 99

[blocks in formation]

Innocence betray'd with vifar'd falfehood,
no fupport, in the court of Scandal,

adamantine armour,

no fenfe of danger can difturb,

a defence only for patience,

Innocent keep me, make others great,

within, is arm'd without,

en. 99

Swift 1: 320

Milt. 3: 146

Swift 2:47

Hughes 100

Hughes 100

But 2 : 327

Lanf. 188

Pope 2: 197

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

one of the plagues of Egypt,

Infects, the wandering nation of a fummer's day,

hofts of a day, or nations of an hour,

a feeble race, yet oft the fons of vengeance, Thom. 1:7

[blocks in formation]
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Hughes 20

Infheath'd the martial fword, he hung on high,

Infolence! indecently to rail without offence, Pape od. 4:117

[blocks in formation]

'twixt that and reafon, what a nice barrier, Pope 2 : 37

honeft, comes a volunteer,

fure never to o'erfhoot, but just to hit,

and reafon, how can we divide,

Infoferable wrong cries to the gods, fuits a prudent mind,

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Pope od. 3:63

Pope il. 2: 143


Intellect, that fovereign power,

Young 2: 145

which fense and fancy summon to the bar, id. 2: 145

[blocks in formation]

and as the turns, the colours fall or rife,
Internecine war,

Interrogations contribute much to fublime,
Intolerable woes the impious foul infeft,
Intuition, quick as, he fnatch'd the truth,
Invective, the underwood of Satire,
Invention, the firft virtue of an Epic poet,
diftinguifhes genius,

to increase, search the Greeks,

Inventions, owing moftly to chance,
-- at first mean,


Dry. 2:66

Dry. 3:233

Pope 3:253

Pope 3:253

But!. 1: 40

Lung 1:226
Weft 152

Thom. 2: 168

Dry. 7: 145.

Dry. 3:20

Pope il. I: I

Pitt 357

Buổi 2:349

Butin 2:262

Shen. 175
Cor. 1:326

But! 1:114

Prior 2: 4

Cow. I: 109

Invincible armada defeated,

Invious ways to prove,

Invitation extempore to Oxford,

Invitation to drink,

Inundation defcribed,

Inward man and outward, at odds,

Buth 1: 193

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Thom. 1: 118

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each youthful charm bloom'd on thy face, Som. 206

how wonderful his love!

Som, 206


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