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Jonathan defeats the Philiftins,
Jones (Mrs.), epitaph on,

Cow: 2:194, 198

a neighbour's woe or welfare was her own,
Ionian waves truft rather than woman's rage,

Ionic fchool, founded by Thales,

divided into fects,


nature loft in art,

pleafed by ftrength of judgment,

Sav. 182

Sav. 182
-Smith 116
- Black. 10

Black. 19

Wall. 104

Collins 276

affected a monopoly of his learning,

fparing in his panegyric of Shakspeare,

debafed his plays with farce,

- art predominates in,

Jordan, death of,

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Jotham, character of,

Jothran, character of,

Jove, what theme more proper to be fung,

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give wealth and virtue, and indulge our prayers, Pitt-199

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the ftrong withers, and confounds the bold, Pope il 2: 143

at whose nod, empires rife or fall,

at whose command, empires rife or fall,

reffle Lord of all,

Pope il. 1: 266

Pope il. 1:72

-Pope il 1:72

Jove, whofe fway extends o'er fea and land,

Cæfar reign thy vicegerent,

guides the wanderer on his way,

fends the franger and the poor,

whom mercy's works delight,

bids to fet the ftranger on his way,

to whom the ftranger's caufe belongs,

fire of the diftrefs'd,


power above all powers,"

ever-wakeful eyes of,

Pitt 230

Pitt 231

Pope od. 3: 192

Pope od. 4:25

Pope od. 4: 33

Pope od. 3: 198
Broome 157

Pope il. 1: 248

Pope il. 1: 249

Pope od. 4:4

Pope il. 1:67

his teeming head brought Wit's fair goddess, Swift 2:132
for after-birth, a footer kin, the critic vermin, id. 2:132
all-wife difpofer of the fates of men, Pope il. 2: 83
cuts fhort the views of poor, defigning man, id. 182
guides each arrow, by what hand foever thrown, ib. 160
himfelf has on the paft no power,

tempers the fates of human race,

decrees alternate our good or ill,,

the fates reftrain,

alone endues the foul with worth,

fource of power and might,

Pope il. 2:43




Pope od.

3 : 116

Gay 1: 331

Pope il. 2: 222

Pope il. 2: 222

all human courage gives or takes away, Pope il. 2:222

has affign'd to wondrous few a wife, extenfive mind, ib.33-
alone the heart regards,

punishes what man rewards,

Gay 2:33

Gay 2:33

's counfels ever conftant, ever rule mankind, Pope il. 1:256

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Joy, none fhall laft, by fate's decree,
fweet-healing, fmarts of evils destroys,
innocent of thought,

the bubble, ftill laughs in Folly's cup,

latter end is woe,

--- unbottom'd in reflection, cannot ftand,

the daughter of Severity,

not for the future lofe the prefent,

till fought, can never be attain'd,
extatic trial,

by minutes, but by years we mourn,
----or curfe, not prefent good or ill,

but views of better or of worfe,

difcord and jars are,

to my heart, my wishes are my own,

Joyful to live, not unwilling to die,

yet not afraid to die,

Joys below how frail!

dazzling meteors, flath and fhow,

Gay 1: 304

A. Phil. 390

Pope 3: 197

Pope 2:52

Dry. 3:155

Young 2: 240

Young 2: 240
Hughes 243.

Prior 2: 102
Collins 273

Pom. 269

Pope 2:72

Pope 2:72
Tick. 171
Aken. 348

Prior 2: 214

Prior 1: 220

Som. 366

Som. 366

Lanf. 310

Pope od. 3:130

- prefent, fweeter for past pain,
ever young, unmix'd with pain or fear,
fill the wide circle of th' cternal year,
higher here, fmall cordials to fupport in pain,

there, beyond conception, as defert,

how fort a lace endure,

how great, how foon they fled,

how infincere ail,

in length of wifes loft,

fading bought with lafting woes,

of friendship, oetry, and love,


Pote od. 3: 130

Young 2:134

Pope 1:243

Prior 1: 26

Dry. 1:96

Pope 1: 300

Milt. 2: 69

Joys and woes from God's own hand defcend, Pope od. 4: 39

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Gray 362

Iron-fleet of arrowy shower,.

Irony, the meaning contrary to the words,

Irrefolution, what like,

Irus infults Ulyffes,

worfted by Ulyffes, .

Ifaac, facrifice of,

Ifabel, the-wolf, of France,

Ifabella, playing on the lute,

Haiah, chap. xxxiv.

paraphrased, c. xiv.

Pitt 366

Dry. 6: 196

Pope od. 4: 117

Pope od. 4: 121

Cows 2:114 Gray 354 Wall. 83.

Cor. 2:51

Fent. 218

Roave L. 65

Ifara winding through many a mead

Ifhban, character of,

Dry. I: 170

Ifis and her husband Tame,

Prior 1: 219

Ifmenus leaves Boeotia's plain,.

Ifraelites reject God's reign,

Iffachar, ears of the tribe of,

Italian, aptnefs and facility of, for notes,..

ns, authors of falfe glittering poetry,

Weft 223

Cow. 2: 192

Batl. I : 269

Hughes 112

Dry. 1:262

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Ithacians under Eupithes rife against Ulyffes, Pope od. 4: 252

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will read with the fpirit, the author writ, Pope 1: Ior

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Judgment, inconftancy of,

betwixt fenfe and nonfenfe changing,

giving law to fancy strong,

Parn. 227.

Rope il. 2: 114.

Pope 1: 108

Pope 1: 108

Young 3:224.

[blocks in formation]

Juggler, fleight of, less understood, more admired, Buli: 223

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