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Applaufe, not the ultimate end,

the cares of dress impart,

Apple-grafts in crab-tree fucceed well,

Apple-hufks to be laid at the roots of trees,

Dry. 7: 313 Pope od. 3 170 Phil. 43

Phil. 64

[blocks in formation]

April awakes the bloffoms and the breathing flowers, Hughes 247

[blocks in formation]

Arbuthnot knows his art, but not his trade,


Arcadia, kingdom of Shepherds,

now under tyranny,

Arcadian bands unite in fixty fail,

Architecture, orders of,

retic continent, view of,

Dry. 3: 169, feq.

Swift 149

Milt. 3 112

Dyer 48

Dyer 48

Pope il. 1: 91

Thom. 2: 43

Ma'l. 205, feq.


Artophylax, ancestor of Orfin,

Butl. I : 56
Watts 125

Ardalio, a player, become a Chriftian,

Arden, Waller,

Ardenna's groves fhall boaft an Addison,
Areïthous in battle bore an iron mace,
Areopagus, fupreme court of Judicature,
Arete, Alcinous' queen,

the public wonder and public love,

in virtue rich, in bleffing others, bleft,

Som. 176

Pope il. 1: 222
Thom. 2: 40

Pope od. 3: 187

Pope od. 3: 188

Pope od. 3: 188

Agives in fourfcore barks plow the watery way, Pope il, 1: 90

ftrip the heroes flain,

Argo, failing of,

poetic fhip,

Pope il. 2: 149
Weft 223

Cow. 1: 168

Argos, the fair, for warlike fteeds renown'd, Pope il. 1: 197

thinks on, and dies,

Argument none, like matter of fact,

Arguments force of, depend on conciseness,

in mood and figure,

Dry. 6: 307

Butl. I: 230

Pope 2: 26

Butl, i: 147

Argus, eyes of, transplanted to peacock's train, Dry. 3: 329

the dog, Ulyffes knew,

Pepe od. 4: 102

and dies with joy,

Pope od. 4: 104

Argyle, shakes alike the fenate and the field,

Pope 2: 209

[blocks in formation]


Ariofto without just design,

Dry. 7: 115

obferves no unity of action,

Dry. 7: 115

ftyle of, luxuriant,

Dry. 7: 115

adventures, without compafs of nature, Dry. 7: 115

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Armies and fleets alone ne'er won the day,

difarmed of aid from him, by whom the feeble ftand, ib.

Arms alone, the conqueror's due,

for love of arms, inclined to,

law of, bars venomed fhot,

repel all, who with arms invade,

by Vulcan are bestow'd,

worthy Achilles, fit to grace a God,

Butl, I: 221


Pope il. 2: 195

Pope il. 2: 195

of matchlefs art, confefs the hand divine, Pope il. 2: 196

- which the father of the fire bestow'd,
forg'd on th' eternal anvil of the gods,

my new-modelled,


Pope il. 2: 208

Pope il. 2: 208

Bull.r: zo8

[blocks in formation]

Array'd in flesh, he foon fhall fee that vestment fade, Weft 212

at last to earth, the end of all, returned,

Arranging an army and feast, equal skill requifite,

Arrogance, a crime,

Arfe, to hang,

Arfie-verfie fighting,

West 212
King 185
Broome 13

Butl. I: 127

Butl. I: I30

Rowe L. 458

Rowe L. 458

Arfinoe claims the throne of Egypt,

puts Achillas to death,

Art, rules of, unhappy to be tied up to,

Nature's hand-maid,

taught by Nature,

may err, but Nature cannot mifs,
none can equal Nature,
fubdues the ftrong,

fupplies, where ftrength may fail,
disguised, for Nature to appear,
aflifts, yet muft that Art be hid,

need of, why should your lovers know,
chief pride of, ftill to cover Art,

not diffembled, difgraces,

to fet off meanest things,

tir'd without fuccefs,

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reflected images to Art,

laft and greateft, that to blot,

is to please or inform,

Dry. 1: 304

Pope 2: 146

Pope 2: 228

Yal. 378

to make and keep man happy, not to admire, Pope 2: 203


Art fhall be theirs to varnish an offence,

Pope 1: 249

Pope 3: 263
Weft 175

after Art goes out, and all is night,

and make the feeds of genius quicker grow, ib.

and learning cultivate the mind,

[blocks in formation]

knights of, not of round, but gaming-table, Mall. 313

fling away time, health, fame,

Articles, which true? the old, or Burnet's new?

Artificers of death bleed by their own art,
Arts useful,

Mall. 313

Pom. 341
Dry. 1: 159

Black. 95

Thom. 2: 47

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Young 3: 251

the fecret fpoils of peace,

Dry. 2: 95

nurfed in Greece,

have their empires, their rife and fall,

Diy. 2: 127

Fent. 237


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