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thyfelf to be obfcurely good,

to live, content to die, unknown,

*Contented Shepherd,

every thing charms,

Contentedly he flept, as cheaply as he din'd,

Contention, with fuperior fway, to wave,

fhun, fure fource of woe,


Dry. 3: 203

Young 3: 107
Young 3: 107

Parn. 60

Prior 2 103
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Cong. 74

Pope il. 2: 312

Pope il. 1: 276

Rowe 49

where not too little, or too much gives peace, ib. 49

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extent of,


is but carving,

Converse, by gay lively fense inspir'd,

when moral wisdom fhines,

Swift 2: 21

Thom. I:


Thom. I: 63

of the wife and good, as free, as joyous, Thom. 2: 171
breathing mix'd improvement with delight, id. 2 : 171

Converfion by fire and sword,

Convert, love of,

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Butl. 2 : 295

Parn. 253

furpaffes the lover and the parent, Parn. 254

a torch of love divine,

Conviction breathes conviction,

Cook, art of, whether natural or acquired,

must please by cleanliness,

Cookery, art of,

Cooks, Homer's heroes,

Parn. 254

Thom. 2: 169

King 221

King 224

King 203

Shen. 171

King 210

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[blocks in formation]

— nor human right, nor wrath divine revere, id. 4: 170

Corneille, with Lucan's fpirit fir'd,

with Shakespeare's force and fire,

Cornelia, paffion of, on the death of Pompey,

Collins 277

Lytt. 28

Rowe L. 373

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Cornwall, verfes on [by Mr. Duncombe],

fav'd his leader's life, but loft his own,

verfes to Lord,

Dry. 7: 346

Lytt. 88

Lytt. 89

Broome 56


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Cornwallis, great, without the vices of the great, Broome 56

Coromandel, coaft of,

Coronet, this commoner's head akes for,

Dyer 116

Dyer 116

Prior 1: 153

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her flaves be taught, that Vice was born to fear, ib.
dragg'd at length to her fate,

Coft on graves is merely thrown away,
Cotton, growth of every fultry clime,

Couch plain, and only rich his mind,

Aken. 333

Hughes 121

Pope 1: 265

Dyer 71

Cong. 74

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Counsels of Almighty mind, seek not to find, Pope il. 1: 60

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and fond, as is the love of womankind, ib. 260.

pleasure of,

view of,

dogs love nobler fport,

Milt. 2: 18

Sben. 59

Gay 1: 203.


happiness of,

praise of,

Countryman and Jupiter,


parfon, happy life of,

walk, how fair a face nature wears in,

work houfes propofed,

Courage length of life denies,

Pope 1: 354

Dyer 129

Dyer 89

Pope il. 1: 208

from hearts, and not from numbers grows, Dry. 1 : 73

and fcorn the pranks of dogs at court, Gay 1 : 203.

S Cow. 2:324.
Savift 1:219

SThom. I: 148

2.Dry. 2:144

Dry. 5:138.
Gay 2: 148.

Cow. 2:317.

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